Sunday evening several people were swimming on the Trinity River at the SH 105 bridge. A 5-year-old child became distressed in the water. Her father, identified as Abel Castellanos went in along with many others to rescue her. She was pulled to safety. The father took on an extensive amount of water and was Lifeflighted to Memorial Hermann in Houston. After all the good samaritans who assisted came out they learned two male teens were missing. The search started last night but broke for darkness. This morning just before 9 am Cypress Lakes Fire Department located on the body along the 105 bridge piling in about 50-feet of water. A short time later Tarkington Fire Department located the second body near the piling, Both teens have been sent to Beaumont for autopsy. Captain DeFoor with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office described how dangerous the river is at this point. There have been many drownings. The surface looks smooth but currents under the water are a different story. DeFoor said when he dove a recovery mission as he went below the surface the river began to tumble him. Along with trash, debris, broken bottles, logs, and fishing lines and cable it is easy for anyone to get hung up. Along with that is the marine life. Several years ago a PHI Helicopter was being used to search for a victim. As the helicopter rounded the bend the pilot located the body but an alligator was approaching it. He used the helicopter rotor wash to scare it off until a rescue boat could approach. Large signs have been posted over the years but are torn down and used for firewood. The tens that perished are identified as Jaerson Alvarez, 18, and Wilmer Alexi Rodriguez, 17. Both were considered good samaritans who did not know the family.

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