Historians tell us that either Napoleon Bonaparte in 1812 or even earlier, Fredrick The Great, coined the phrase, “ An army marches on its stomach”. Those same historians are also quick to tell us that probably neither man actually muttered that historic phrase at least not in those specific words but rather it is a combination of their various other statements all rolled into one neat and inspirational passage that has endured through all these years. However, regardless of the origin of those words, it is probably just as appropriate today for any group or organization that strives to accomplish a specific goal or mission as it was back then and the importance of troops being well provisioned may be the difference between success and failure.

It was, perhaps, with that thought clearly in the minds of the two local City of Liberty Merchants when on Thursday afternoon, Melissa Leal of Big Franks Bar-B-Q, in Liberty, donated their treasured “Texan Smoking Gun” bar-b-q pit and a small freezer to Sheriff Bobby Rader and his personnel at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Then to compliment the bar-b-q pit, Mike Noble and Brian Asaro with Brookshire Brothers Grocery in Liberty provided 30 pounds of prime sausage to go into that freezer and later to the pit.

Sheriff Rader was hard-pressed to express his tremendous gratitude to these merchants for their most gracious gifts which can be pressed into service when his LCSO personnel is on around the clock duty during hurricanes, extended flooding conditions and are having to remain on duty at the Sheriff’s Office eating cold sandwiches and candy bars while sleeping in chairs and on the office floors. Having a hot meal straight off the bar-b-q pit will be a very welcome change of pace to what the deputies and civilian personnel have been using to in past emergencies.

Melissa Leal said “ We‘re excited about giving the “smoking gun” bar-b-q pit to the hard-working men and women of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office..” And in addition, the Solovacek Sausage Company will be donating sausage for the pit for the next year. Sheriff Rader went on to say he deeply appreciates the community support from these local merchants and the sincere concern they have shown for the Sheriff’s personnel because now when the next emergency hits our community, as in years past, all law enforcement agencies, fire departments and all first responders are more than welcome to drop by the Sheriff’s Office and partake of a hot meal while they serve the public fueled by warm and tasteful food. So, perhaps in retrospect history does, in fact, sometimes repeats itself.

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