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texas forest service helps firefighters get early start on fire

Early Thursday afternoon a Texas Forest Service spotter plane advised her dispatchers that she had spotted a large area of smoke just north of the power plant on Long Street. She told Forest Service Dispatchers that it was was moving away from a subdivision and moving slow.


North Montgomery County firefighters were alerted by a firefighter who had been monitoring the air traffic and responded to the area to locate the blaze. About the time the firefighters arrived and located the blaze which had consumed almost 6 acres at the the time the call came from through dispatch from the Forest Service alerting them to the blaze.

It was quickly extinguished with only 8 of 1,500 acres burning.  It took a little over an hour to completely extinguish the blaze.

Approximately one hour later the same pilot spotted another fire in the National Forest in San Jacinto County. Alerting fire crews to get them an early start on te blaze which was not close to any road and may have gone hours to have been reported if not for the aircraft.

Moments ago the same aircraft is reporting a fire east of FM 1010 and south of Gulf Road. Texas Forest Service is alerting fire departments now.

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