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Thank You, From Montgomery County Police Reporter

In October of 2008 Jamie Nash and Scott Engle started Montgomery County Police Reporter after seeing that most of the work of law enforcement, firefighters and medics went unnoticed. In addition, with Montgomery County growing so fast, the citizens had little knowledge of what was actually going on in their neighborhood, on their street and even their next door neighbors.

Jamie had been a reporter for many years with local newspapers covering the “Police Beat”.

Scott, a videographer (not a writer) has worked with all the Houston television stations and with CNN, Animal Planet, BBC and Nash Entertainment which specializes in shows such as “Most Daring”, “World’s Most Amazing Videos”, “The World’s Most Daring Rescue’s”. 

Many scenes that were shot in Montgomery County never made the Houston news, but were important to the people of Montgomery County. After hundreds of tapes went unpublished we decided to incorporate the video with the site.

In April the web site had it’s first 1 million visitors. However, many people did not have computers. Some had no knowledge of computers and were missing the stories.  On April 6, 2011 The Montgomery County Police Reporter published our first newspaper. Starting with only 8 pages it has grown to 16 in just 36weeks.

Tonight the website hit 3 million visitors.

The Facebook page was added to better inform the public, and allow the readers to respond to stories or just inquire of happenings they see or hear about. It is mainly designed for information purposes and not to attack one another, as has been happening lately. If you do not like a comment posted by someone, please message them directly and not on the main page. Many have their phones and computers set to activate when a story is responded to for more information. With the senseless comments, many have had to disable this feature.

We try to keep up with the news with just the two of us. Many times we do not make scenes but are able to gather information through our many sources to publish the story. Many people like information as soon as possible, but in some cases that I not possible. An example is a fatal accident – sometimes it takes up to 5 hours to investigate, photograph, skid tests, measurements before law enforcement officials are able to make an accurate statement.

In the past few months we have seen many readers commenting from surrounding counties. Liberty, and Walker Counties are now included as much as possible with current stories.

In the next few months the look of the site will be changing, making it more user friendly.

Included in each issue are some of the stories seen on the site, some that are not. A complete list of all the arrests for the week in the county and what the charges were is included, along with mug shots of persons arrested for DWI, drugs or crimes against property. Precinct 4 has a most wanted page with almost 20 mugs of some of the people with multiple warrants. There are over 30,000 open warrants in the county at this time for minor offenses, traffic, etc. Montgomery County Crime Stoppers publishes the 10 most wanted for felony warrants.

Montgomery County Police Reporter is available at local news stands or by mail subscriptions. Through December, we are offering the paper delivered to your mailbox for $32 a year. The Montgomery County Police Reporter comes out every Friday.


To order by mail, send a check or money order to:


P.O. BOX 8116

GRANGERLAND, TX. 77302-8116

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