December 5, 2022 6:37 pm

Posted: 19.6.2011 11:26

the cash is counted from fridays nights seizure

When DPS stopped stopped an 18-wheeler on US 59 at FM 2025 in Cleveland Friday night the trooper never thought he would spend the night writing reports and helping count money.

DPS has seized $1,501,252.00 cash that was found in the sleeper. In addition they have seized a 2005 International truck-tractor and the 1997 trailer attached  to it.

In addition they have arrested Eduardo Rodriguez Hernandez,27 of Laredo. He has been placed in the Liberty County Jail.

The trooper originally stopped the vehicle for failure to drive in a single marked lane and a obstructed license plate. While talking with the driver he stated he advised he had left Dallas and was enroute to Laredo. 

Once consent to search was granted 43 bundles of cash were found in a void in the wall panels between the driver and the sleeper.

Cleveland Police, Liberty County Precinct 5 and Liberty County Sheriff’s Office also assisted in this case.