June 30, 2022 9:08 am



A startling traffic alarm coming from the Splendora Police Department.

The small town north of Houston on I-69 is seeing a dramatic increase in traffic tickets for no insurance or drivers’ licenses.

In the first ten months of 2020, Splendora police have issued 1,276 citations to people who are driving without drivers’ licenses. More than 1,300 tickets have been issued to people driving without insurance, which is dangerous for the people sharing the roads, especially FM 2090.

“This news presents a clear and present danger to the folks living and driving through Splendora who deserve for their families to be safe on the roads,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The Splendora Police deserve credit for being the first line of defense. God forbid someone gets hurt or killed in a car accident out there with an uninsured driver. Everyone out there knows why this is happening.”

The police department compiled the data at the request of Dolcefino Consulting. The Houston-based investigative media firm has been examining the consequences of growth in Colony Ridge, a huge Liberty County housing development of more than 15,000 third and half-acre lots where buyers pay high-interest rates and then live without water or sewer services. A number of buyers have to pay those high-interest rates because they have no legal documents.

Dolcefino Consulting was hired by the City of Plum Grove to find out why Liberty County politicians are ignoring the consequences of the “Colonia” as it is called by neighbors. Roads in nearby Plum Grove are being destroyed, the volunteer fire department is overwhelmed with calls to Colony Ridge, where there are few fire hydrants and often dangerous living conditions. Plum Grove is also complaining about drainage from the neighborhood and repeated violations of state environmental laws.

The lawyer for Colony Ridge has banned Dolcefino Consulting from entering the neighborhood. The development was created by the politically powerful Harris family. The family has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican officeholders, including State Rep. Ernest Bailes and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

State Rep. Ernest Bailes refuses to call us back to discuss the problems in his legislative district,” Dolcefino said. “People should start calling his office to demand answers. The phone number in Shepherd, Texas is 936-628-6687.”