October 7, 2022 5:03 am

Posted: 26.3.2015 12:57


At approximately 0115-0200 hrs this morning, March 26, 2015 several persons wearing dark clothing, operating a dark colored SUV drove on Shell St. to Eastside Elementary School. Upon pulling towards the back side of this campus, these persons used unknown tools to remove approximately $30,000.00 worth of air/heating units. This Felony Theft disrupted nearly a half dozen classes throughout the day at this campus. School officials have moved numerous students around to ensure every child was able to complete the day of instruction and attendance.

CISD Police Officers are currently piecing together, frame by frame, the activities and movements of these suspects. Just as soon as we possibly can, I will forward all video we are able to obtain. Should ANY of your Stations be able to present this story, it (I) would be much appreciated.

The last night time Felony Theft, where suspects had stolen numerous School Bus batteries, led to the arrest of two suspects and the recovery of all stolen batteries within 24 hours of airing. Your assistance, your work, your time is vital and does work. Also, there is a REWARD being offered by the Cleveland ISD for anyone with information which leads to the identification, arrest and conviction of these suspects who, in the middle  of the night, stole a large amount of valuable equipment from our children.