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This woman has dedicated her life to cats and the spay neuter program in the area to rid the streets of unwanted cats and kittens. She works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in trying to accomplish this feat. Her office and spay neuter clinic is at 150 Pruitt Road in the Woodlands area. This is off the southbound feeder of Interstate 45 just south of Rayford/Sawdust and behind the old Ronnies Truck Stop.

Her birthday is next week. For her birthday this crazy cat lady has decided that she wants wants to put on a free spay/neuter clinic this Sunday and is calling it “Fix a Feline Day”.

Texas Litter Control is providing free spay and neuter services for cats.  On Sunday, July 13, 2014, the “Fix a Feline for Free” Day will take place at the Texas Litter Control clinic.  50 cats will be altered for people who are on public assistance.  Cat owners who are on disability, Social Security, unemployment, or food stamps will be eligible to participate.  We cannot mention names, but our favorite crazy cat lady’s birthday is next week and she bought herself an awesome birthday present!

Pet owners who qualify simply need to call the Texas Litter Control clinic to book an appointment for Sunday, February 9th.  Cats must weigh at least 3 pounds.  Tame cats need to be in a carrier and feral (wild) cats need to come in traps.  Intake will be between 7:00am and 8:00am.  Pick up times will be assigned as cats are dropped off.  There is a limit of 2 cats per household and proof of public assistance must be provided at check in.

“What a cool birthday present!  The awesome woman donating this day for those in need does so much for the cats.  We need more people like her for sure,” comments Deana Sellens, Executive Director of Texas Litter Control.

Citizens who cannot participate or do not own a cat can still help by volunteering at the clinic as well as at offsite events for Texas Litter Control.   For more information on these organizations and what you can do, visit

Texas Litter Control is a not for profit, low cost spay/neuter and wellness clinic for cats and dogs.  TLC is open Monday through Saturday by appointment for surgery and wellness services.  The TLC clinic could not exist without the generosity of Petroleum Wholesale. Petroleum Wholesale provides the space for TLC clinic as a service to the community.  The clinic is located adjacent to Petroleum Wholesale’s Texaco station at the Rayford/Sawdust exit on the west side of Interstate 45 just south of the Woodlands at 150 Pruitt Road #H, Spring 77380.  Petroleum Wholesale has been supporting the rescue of dogs and other companion animals for nearly two decades.




Shandeall Crawford Infante's photo.

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