thieves run off with gunfire

At approximately 4:15 A.M. this morning,  February 22, 2012,  two male suspects driving a black over tan Ford Explorer stopped at a residence on Highway 321 near County Road 2274.  Both suspects exited the vehicle and attempted to steal a welding machine from the property owner. 

Said property owner observed the suspects committing this Felony Theft, at nighttime hours.  The property owner exited the residence armed with a shotgun and discharged said weapon at the suspects and their vehicle.  At this time it is unknown if either or both suspects were struck by gunfire, however, the rear window and body of their vehicle was struck by gunfire from the complainant.

Both suspects got back into the black over tan Ford Explorer (license plate unknown) and fled south bound on Highway 321 from C.R. 2274.  At this time there is no further information available about this incident.  Anyone with information as to the location of the suspect vehicle or the identity and or the location of the suspects are urged to contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at (936) 336-4500 or at ( ) – Crime Stoppers Tab.  Either way, your identity shall remain anonymous.

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    I have lived in Montgomery County my whole life, and it seems that within the last 10 years the crime rate has just been going up & up. We have been robbed 4 times, yes, 4 times. The first time it was guns & jewelry, second time was what they didn’t get the first time of guns & jewelry, third time was our saddles and then the forth time was a brand new welder mounted on a trailer. Maybe if they find the guys you were shooting at they might find other stolen property, or would that be an invasion of their privacy. Well this story just fired me up, because if we had been home during any of our four robberies we would have done the same thing. We have yet to be contacted by a detective or any follow up. When the report was being filed the first thing we were asked was “Do you have insurance?”, well yes we did, and that is where it was left. So, all of that was to say, Good luck! hope that your home the next time they come back.

  2. splendoraskeeper

    To bad he didn’t get both of them confirmed. Liberty county theft is getting way out of hand and most of it is our youth the late teens early twenties

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