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Till We Meet Again…

We are supposed to be professional journalists, and that’s supposed to mean presenting just the cold hard facts without emotion or opinion. However, tonight, that’s impossible because our hearts are broken at the loss of Mike White, Montgomery County Precinct 2 Chief Deputy (retired).

Although everyone knew this dark day was coming, I’ll guarantee you scores of people are shedding tears tonight. The world has lost something rare – a genuinely kind and selfless man, who devoted his life to helping others. The ugliness he saw as a law enforcement officer, and the hatred directed at him for wearing a badge didn’t harden Mike’s heart. If anything, it made him more determined to show love to others.

I like to think Mike is with his dear friend, Will Wilkinson, tonight. Cancer took Will in 2008. Will loved the Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo. Like Mike, Will devoted many years to the Fair and Rodeo Association. Will knew he was terminal and had one last Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo. Although he was sick, and weak, and tired, Will kept going to work and there was no way he was going to miss the fair. Mike knew how much it meant to Will, and he knew how difficult it would be for someone in Will’s condition to walk the massive fairgrounds. Mike decorated a golfcart, with a sign bearing Will’s name and the title he so proudly held toward the end of his time here – Assistant Fire Chief, City of Conroe. Will was thrilled, and it delighted Mike to enable his friend to move around the fairgrounds, smiling and talking to everyone like he always had.

Will and Mike had a lot in common, from their servant hearts and kind nature to their love for Montgomery County and their reluctance to stop serving their community when almost anyone else would have under the circumstances. Cancer took both of them, and both stayed amazingly positive despite their troubles, more concerned with making those around them comfortable than with their own misfortune.

I know we took photos that night at the fair, but Scott nor I could find them tonight. Unfortunately, it was a little before Facebook became widely used, and we were all too old for MySpace, so the photos aren’t in our pieces of cyberspace. They’ll be forever etched in our memories, but we had hoped to share that night with everyone, because it was so happy and beautiful.

Will and Scott went one direction in Will’s golf cart, and I rode with Mike on his in the other direction. A little later, Mike made a game of hiding from them! He knew they were trying to find us and he managed to slip around a corner or behind a ride just in time for them to miss us.  I’m unsure how long our game of hide and seek lasted, but I know Mike laughed harder each time they called, and he pretended not to understand why they couldn’t see us. It was fairly obvious by the time we crossed paths that Will had realized what was happening, and he too was laughing. Anyone who knew them has no difficulty picturing them smiling and laughing!

I had hoped one of us would find the photos from that night, not just because we’d love to have them, but because I know seeing them in such a happy moment, frozen forever in time, would bring a smile to the hearts of so many who knew them, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a smile is what Mike and Will would want to give everyone who’s brokenhearted tonight.

One of Mike’s favorite scriptures says, “Blessed are the peacemakers…”  Matthew 5:9

If you were blessed to know Mike White, please honor him by showing kindness to someone who may not even deserve it – it’s what Mike would do.

Rest in peace, Mike. Thank you for your friendship. Our lives are better for having known you-

Jamie & Scott


Written at 11:30 p.m., 03/19/2023

We’ll post information regarding services soon.










SEPTEMBER 16, 2017
After this morning’s pursuit, Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables who are patrolling River Plantation Subdivision continued searching for the suspect. Captain Mike White who handled K-9s for years remembered a few things. As he searched near the water tower he spotted footprints in the dew on the golf course. After calling for backup he continued to follow them. The tracks led to a wooded area on River Plantation near Brandon Road on hole 7 of the golf course. Several Precinct 2 deputies entered the woods and found the 21-year-old, former Houston sanitation worker on the ground hiding. He was taken into custody without incident. MCHD was requested to check its condition. He was cleared but covered in mosquito bites. HPD is now en route to pick the suspect up. He has been determined to be the driver of the vehicle. The search continues for the third suspect.



Montgomery County Commissioners Court recognized Precinct 2 Captain Mike White as the November Montgomery County Employee of the month. Captain White has done much more for Montgomery County than just working for Constable Gene DeForest. He is also part of the Montgomery County Fair Association. Mike has also been responsible for putting together many of the escorts for many of the military funerals, and deployments and making sure our World War II Veterans arrived at Bush Airport safely and returned safely after their many trips to Washington D.C, which was sponsored by many of the students of Montgomery High School.





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  1. Hundreds of billions of dollars spent on Cancer and we can’t seem to find a cure. A deadly virus comes along and in 6 months they role out a cure.(not my words). The investigations should start at the cancer research centers that get a paycheck everyday and produce no results.
    I don’t know Mr. Wheat. Never heard of him, but he sounds like a normal, true American. Isn’t that what you want in life. Just be normal and do what is just. You don’t need fanfare. The best people are those who do good and don’t look for accolades. Somewhere in this paragraph, I think i was following scripture.
    Don’t toot your own horn. Your friends can do that.

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