1. I don’t know what your experience is with law enforcement, but I don’t break the law and I have no complaints or worries from them. I know what I speak because it is my experience. That’s all I can tell you. You don’t know my experience–only yours. I do know what I speak.

  2. “don’t break the law and you won’t be in trouble or have any complaints about getting tickets.”

    spk — you don’t know of what you speak !!

    jamie — You can say with a straight face, law enforcement officers don’t have qoutas? and they aren’t graded on same ??
    and they are REQUIRED to work extra jobs ? in my opinion , they chose that profession, same as a plumber or electrician..!!

  3. I appreciate the few times I get stopped for some minor infraction, as i know the main reason is to look for drunk drivers, smugglers and other assorted miscreants on the road…In most cases, the officer remembers me from my former business, and I’m on my way after a few minutes of chit-chat…I haven’t been written a ticket in over 30 years…

  4. Jaimie, thought you’d be able to recognize by now that an erratic skunk in the distance doesn’t get softer or smell better the closer you get so trying to soothe it by petting, cuddling or reasoning is a mission, though well intentioned, doomed to fail. You’d get better results from giving a lawn mower to a fish.

  5. Jamie Nash–
    Great post! Reason, logic, and facts help. Thank you. I might add, “don’t break the law and you won’t be in trouble or have any complaints about getting tickets.”

  6. Why didn’t they start building on that road before the Renaissance began, why did they wait for the traffic to build up and then begin work? I believe they did it because they knew some people would get fed up with waiting and try to pass in that no-passing lane and then get ticketed for it.

    This is how Cops make their money.

    Of Course the money doesn’t go to the cop, first it goes to the state, and the state sends them their paycheck. More money to the State, more Bonuses for the Cop. Tell me the Cops don’t make money on this. Where did those Dodge Chargers with Thermal Imagers and License Plate Scanning Cars come from, somebody paid money for that.

    1. So, you think cops get a commission on their stops, or how exactly is it you think they profit from writing citations and arresting people, besides a paycheck that still requires most to work multiple extra jobs to support their families?

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