Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Traffic Hazard – FM 1097

Overturned dump truck blocking FM 1097 near Bentwater since around 1 p.m.
Cleanup still in progress

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  1. Wow! Vo1 we agree!!! I’m in shock and I 2nd your notion. And you idiots who voted against the road bond and continue to leave me sitting in traffic: you listen to what ever the idiots say. The state was giving us the money. Giving us the money. Giving us the money. So why would we not want it to fix the crap roads and congestive traffic? Giving $$$$$$. Your local politicians made $0.00, some of you are so anti government your just screwing yourselves.

    • The fault rests solely on the Woodlands Tea Bagger group. They and their king Bunch were the leaders of the fear mongering. I hope they all get hemmoroids.

  2. Voice of one, you are a fool. To wish harm to people’s property which ultimately could hurt them is sad, then to imply God is paying them back is disgusting! You should be ashamed of yourself…. With that said and moving on to the bond. The careless politicians dangle a shady deal in front of your nose and you cant jump on it fast enough…wake up and look at the big picture! Do not sacrifice our future and our childrens future for short term bandaid fixes. Make these guys do a quality job for us or find someone who can. Do we need roads? Absolutely, but not at a price tag that we cant afford.

  3. I see that King Gordy’s minions are posting here. It had everything to do with the high falluting Woodlandites and their better than thou mentality. That is the ONLY thing that it was about. They wanted their way and they got it like a bunch of little spoiled babies. I now take great joy in seeing storms blow through and knocking over their trees and damaging their precious little BMWs and McMansions. Kind of like God getting them back for their very thinly veiled hatred don’t you think?

  4. It had nothing to do with what kind of car you drive or where you live. The bond did not pass because it was shady and irresponsible. Ever wonder why our country is going broke? Guess what, you people pass dumb a$$ road bonds that put us in long term debt on top of the debt we already have….PS the state is already expanding 1097 where the wreck happened… No bond needed…

  5. Yeah and also they keep re-doing the guard rails and shutting down lanes to do so. If we had an expansion (road bond pass) people wouldn’t be sitting in traffic for 30 mins to get through a 5 minute strip of road. Just sayin’. Seriously just because The Woodlands didn’t WANT it doesn’t mean the rest of the county didn’t NEED it.

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