December 5, 2022 7:13 pm

Posted: 20.7.2011 16:29

tragic day in liberty county

Today, Monday, July 20, 2011, Deputy Sheriff’s from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office responded to two separate self-inflicted gunshot scenes.  Both incidents  resulted in the death of each individual who was shot.  The first incident was located on the north side of Liberty County while the second, unrelated incident was located on the south side of Liberty County.  Each incident occurred during the morning hours before the noon hour. 

While miles apart, each incident sounds as a profound warning to everyone, please, take care of each other. Watch out for friends or family members who may be exhibiting any signs of serious depression, anxiety or expressing suicidal thoughts or tendencies.  Anyone who believes they know of another who may in trouble please seek help from Mental Health Authorities or your local              Law Enforcement Agency.

Deputy Sheriff’s with the LCSO respond to numerous calls for service from citizens throughout Liberty County every day.  Today, however, was an especially difficult and tragic day for all involved.  The loss of life, the loss of a loved one to a family and the traumatic effects on Deputies who respond to these calls are all evidence of the toll these incidents bring to bear.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office wants to remind citizens, when a major incident occurs, more especially, when multiple major incidents occur, please understand, the hold time on the telephone lines and the response time of a Deputy Sheriff to a non-emergency call can be extended to longer times than normal.  Members of the LCSO strive to respond to all calls as quickly as possible, however, with the resources, assets and personnel available some delays can be experienced and expected.

No information as to the location or persons involved in these two tragic incidents shall be released, citing notification to next of kin.