Heavy rain fell above the Livingston Dam area on Tuesday, which led to a slight increase in the discharge rate late yesterday evening.  Conditions have stabilized and it is not anticipated that there will be any additional increases in the outflow over the next several days.

Current release at the dam is 51,700 cubic feet per second, the Trinity River is currently at 28.94 feet in Liberty and 14.32 in Moss Bluff.

It appears  as though the river will remain stable over the next few days and we are optimistic that the release can be reduced soon,allowing for a reduction in river levels throughout Liberty County.

The only issue so far along the river has been water over the roads in some of the subdivisions and we have not received word of any water inside any of the homes located along the river.

FEMA officials have still not advised us as to whether or not Liberty County will receive federal assistance as a result of the October 31st flood that caused significant damage to some homes throughout portions of Liberty County.

We  continue to await their decision and will advise everyone as soon as we receive a response.