Thursday, February 29, 2024


4 pm

The Lake Livingston Dam CONTINUES to release 68,200 cubic feet per second and the lake level is near 132 feet.

The Trinity River remains in flood stage at Liberty, holding at  29.5 and at Moss Bluff,  steady at 14.3.  Romayor is at 36.8

Biggest question today is how much rain are we expecting from the tropical system currently located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Latest forecast indicates that between 5 and 7 inches of rain could fall over areas of Southeast Texas, with showers starting later tonight.

Heaviest rainfall is expected to occur tomorrow morning and last through Wednesday.  Given the fact that the Trinity River remains above flood stage and many homes are surrounded by water, any additional rainfall will certainly aggravate the flooding in those areas.

Residents that have elected to stay in their homes are urged to decide now if they want to leave and come to the Red Cross shelter located at  318 San Jacinto Street in Liberty. There are no evacuation orders in place,but again with roads in most riverfront subdivisions under water, it is difficult for first responders to get in if you need help.

So, with all that being said,  staying at the shelter or going to stay with a friend or family member should be considered as the best course of action.

Whatever decision you make, please make movements during daylight hours. Call the Liberty County Sheriffs Department at 936-336-4500 ext 0 if you need assistance getting out of your home.

We are in communication with the Trinity River Authority regarding the release from the Livingston Dam and will update with any changes that may occur as a result of the expected heavy rains.

Please stay tuned to local news sources and be prepared for the threat of serious flooding over the next couple of days.

Sign up to receive text messages from the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management by texting your zip code to 888777.

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