Today, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Vehicular Crimes Division, presented awards to law enforcement and others for their continuing efforts in 2013 to fight drunk driving in Montgomery County, Texas. Brett Ligon, the District Attorney, presented awards for DWI Officer of the Year, DWI Investigator of the Year, DWI Volunteer of the Year, and the Public Service Award. The awards ceremony was held at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe. These awards coincide with an all-day DWI training for law enforcement and prosecutors, hosted by The District and County Attorney’s Association (TDCAA) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The awards were presented to:




IMGA0136Officer of the Year: Trooper Brad Reece (Texas Department of Public Safety). Trooper Reece led all law enforcement officers in DWI arrests in 2013. Trooper Reece went above and beyond to make solid cases, often working around the clock to get the job done. Trooper Reece has been with DPS since 2010.



IMG_5471(2)Investigator of the Year: Deputy Brandon Bartoskewitz (Montgomery County Sherriff’s Office). Deputy Bartoskewitz made many DWI arrests in 2013 and is known for going the extra mile to obtain additional evidence in every case. During 2013, Bartoskewitz also completed the training to be a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), an accomplishment very few officers achieve. Bartoskewitz is currently getting his Bachelor’s Degree from Sam Houston State University.



IMG_5459Volunteer of the Year: Conroe Regional Medical Center. With the increase in obtaining blood evidence in DWI cases, the Conroe Regional Medical Center Administration and ER Staff have had to adjust their schedules and recourses to accommodate law enforcement requests. They have been very cooperative in finding the best approaches to assisting law enforcement while continuing with treatment of their patients. We thank them for all of the support in securing vital evidence in the DWI investigations and prosecutions.



scott awardPublic Service Award: Scott Engle, Montgomery County Police Reporter. Scott Engle goes out of his way to assist law enforcement with any and all investigations. In preparation for trials, Scott provides additional photos and videos to prosecutors and law enforcement on many of the vehicular crimes cases. Scott is also very active in assisting MADD, Shattered Lives and other groups such as “DWI Tracker” with their efforts in the County. Thanks Scott for your continued support in the fight against DWI.

  1. Thank all of you for working as a team to save lives and keep others from being injured and unable to work in today’s bad economy. You bring light and joy to our lives, which could be marred by the monsters who drink themselves silly and then get behind that huge weapon called a motor vehicle. The lives and pain–physical and mental– and monetary expense have been drastically cut because of your intensive efforts.

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