Just before 10 am Tuesday morning Liberty County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported burglary with an aggravated assault on County Road 3705 just off East River Road. Montgomery County units also responded including Splendora, Patton Village, Precinct 4 and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. They located a female victim whose home was burglarized chased the suspects with her vehicle. When she caught up with them them they pinned her between her vehicle and theirs. The two males then fled the scene. MCHD responded to the scene to check the homeowner for injuries, she was a Veteran who one before suffered a leg injury and her husband feared the worst. She was found with no severe injuries to the legs. Units fanned out looking for the suspects. When they got to Southland Drive, Splendora officers spotted the vehicle at a home. A tap had been placed over the vehicle in an attempt to hide it. Two males were in the shed on the property unloading the goods they had stolen. When they saw police they fled into the woods. Both was captured by Splendora officers within minutes. They were then assisted by other officers. The two males are being transported to the Liberty County Jail. They are believed to be responsible for several burglaries in the area.