June 29, 2022 3:09 pm



HOUSTON – Sheriff Adrian Garcia presented retirement badges this week to two of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office’ most beloved four-legged members.

K-9 deputies Kanau (ka-noo) and Elmo are calling it quits after an impressive career of five years each with the organization. Both were joined by their colleagues in a retirement reception at the HCSO’s District 5 patrol substation honoring their service.

Kanau and Elmo served the citizens of Harris County in locating missing persons, locating criminals, seizing monies, and intercepting illegal narcotics.

“Kanau was my first canine partner and I have enjoyed having worked with him throughout the years,” said Deputy Larry Graves, Kanau’s handler.  “I will truly miss the time we spent together at work.”

Deputy Graves reports that Kanau is retiring after five years of service due to health reasons and age. Elmo, whose partner Deputy Carl Kowis recently left the HCSO, has retired due to his age, too.

“It would have taken at least another year for Elmo to bond with another handler,” said Sgt. William Thomas of the HCSO’s K-9 unit. “By then he would have been just too old.”

Each K-9 deputy lives and works with its handler throughout his/her service and remains with them beyond retirement. “We as handlers have our partners live with us, where we love and care for them until they pass,” Deputy Graves explained. “He is a very large part of my family and will remain with me at my residence throughout his retirement years, where he will continue to be loved.”

Kanau’s track record includes 65 felony and 37 misdemeanors arrests; and seizures resulting in more than $630,000 in cash, 1,700 lbs of marijuana, 50 kilos of cocaine, and 2.6 lbs. of methamphetamine.

Elmo leaves with an impressive 82 suspect captures and seizures resulting in 12,000 lbs. of marijuana, 350 kilos of cocaine, 13.7 kilos of methamphetamine, 1 kilo of heroine, 5 vehicles, and a whopping $5.2 million in cash.

The HCSO’s K-9 unit currently consists of 21 dogs.


GRAVES AND KANAU                              ELMO