Thursday, February 29, 2024


LIBERTY COUNTY: The Liberty County Sheriff Department’s Narcotics Division working with the Ft. Bend County Drug Task Force were able to put a major dent in the narcotic traffic in the county yesterday when a two story house located on CR2145, in the North portion of the county, was searched and approximately one million dollars of marijuana was confiscated from an “in door grow” operation. This is the largest “in door” marijuana set up in recent memory of the Sheriff’s Department,

The case began when the Sheriff’s Department was contacted by the Ft. Bend Task Force who advised that from an investigation conducted in their jurisdiction it was determined that a location in Liberty County had an extensive marijuana growing operation in progress. Ironically, this location had already been under surveillance by the Sheriff’s department’s narcotics division.

A search warrant was obtained and agents from several other agencies along with Sheriff’s departments personnel entered the property at approximately 2:pm on Wednesday, April 16th. Upon entry into the two story house, it was found to have every room, both down stairs and upstairs, completely filled with marijuana plants along with an elaborate lighting and irrigation system. There was a rather large barn at the rear of this house which measure roughly 20’ X 100’ and entry was also made into this structure.

Immediately upon entry, agents arrested Ha Van Nguyen an Asian male 31 years of age. The entire building was also fully equipped with an elaborate lighting and irrigation system that was still under construction but not quite operational at this point. Had it of been in full operation, agents stated it would have been the largest “in-door grow” operation they would have ever seen.

The value of the 310 marijuana plants recovered from the two story house is estimated at one million dollars and over $12,000 worth of new and in some cases still in the box, very expensive lighting fixtures. In addition, a little over $2,000 in cash was recovered.

Ha Van Nguyen was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana on state charges with other possible federal charges pending. He is presently in the county jail and as of this time, no bond set.

SECOND DRUG INVESTIGATION: A second drug operation was broken up at approximately the same time of day as the above case was being worked and occurred at a home on CR 1335. In this incident, a Sheriff’s unit responded to a “shots fired” complaint and disturbance call at approximately 4:am yesterday morning. While in the house, Deputies observed, in open view, an amount of methamphetamine.

Deputies arrested Angela Allen, age 34 and charged her with “Possession of a controlled Substance”.

Later, after obtaining a search warrant, Sheriff Bobby Rader along with other department personnel, conducted a complete search of the residence. During the search an additional quarter ounce of meth, several tabs of LSD, cocaine along with a vile of unknown liquid was recovered and tagged for analysis. Indications were that the facility had been a much larger operation at some earlier date.

Angela Allen later posted a $50,000 bond and has since been released from the county jail.

Investigation(s) are continuing on both of the above drug operations.

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