Close to 11p.m. on Friday Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to a reported robbery at at Glen Eagles and SH 242. Deputies were able to review security tapes and determine who the actors were that used a handgun when they demanded the money and left.

At 9:20 p.m. on Saturday. October 15 Isaac Leonardo Zugarazo-Albiter, 18 of  11732 Friendship in Conroe and a frequent customer of the Quick Serve at 27238 Woodson in Oak Ridge North. Zugarazo-Albiter walked into the store and displaying a silver hand gun demanded money. He then left walking east of the location.

Not long after Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle call on SH 242 at Needham. The vehicle, a Honda Civic with no hood was occupied by three males. Edgar Escobar, 17 of 11692 Old Oaks in Conroe and Brandon Thomas Proctor, 17 of 1516 Ashland in Conroe.

All three were tied to both robberies and arrested for Aggravated Robbery. In addition deputies recovered significant property from the Zugarazo-Albiter home which were determined to be from several burglaries.

Oak Ridge Police assisted in identifying the suspects from their robbery.








  1. If they came to US illegal I hope they get DEPARTED. I hate when illegal aliens come to the US and do these types of things. There are some who come to the US to make a better life for themselves with honest work!!! These teens were on drugs and I hope they get the maximum punishment because putting a gun in an innocent person’s face who is doing their job should be punished. Who knows if they come back out with no correct supervision they would do the same thing again but next time pulling the trigger!!!!!

  2. Poor young boys.
    I’ll be praying for you guys and the future that God has for you three.
    God bless Ya’ll.
    May nothing bad happen to you in jail.
    God will never turn his back in you three.

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