October 1, 2022 7:15 pm

Posted: 22.3.2011 3:58


Angie Granger, age 43 of Livingston was the driver of the Cavalier that was struck by, Nina Flynn, who was driving the pickup westbound on FM 3083 when she crossed the center line striking Granger and her passenger, David Parker, age 40 of Livingston.

Angie Granger has a broken jaw, broken leg, and internal bleeding. The serious neck injury has caused hemorrhaging and doctors are trying to find the source. She did not suffer from a complete spinal break as first thought but has little feeling in the lower portions of her body.

David Parker came out of surgery and doing well except for the loss of his dog who they are attempting to find to give it a proper burial as the dog was like a child to him.

The driver of the Nina Flynn, age 60 is reported to be doing fine but does not remember the accident.