May 25, 2022 11:44 pm



When San Jacinto County Sheriff Capers learned there was meth attempted to be smuggled into his jail he immediately ordered a full investigation. During the investigation, they learned that the drugs were being dropped on the outside and attempted to be smuggled in by trustees working the grounds around the courthouse and jail. Several were showing signs of impairment upon returning to the jail for the day. A urine test showed positive for meth. Surveillance was set up and a vehicle was seen that was involved. When the address was checked on the vehicle registration it came back to Lee Road in southeast San Jacinto County off FM 2025. It was also determined that another person residing at that home was currently in the San Jacinto County Jail. It was the same house on what is described as a multi-building compound.that had been under the eye of detectives already. Additional information was gathered. The Sheriff shut down the Trustee Program and put full efforts into the compound. They had information that besides drugs there was a large number of guns and ammunition. Sheriff Capers contacted Harris And Montgomery County Sheriff’s and asked for the help of their SWAT teams. Harris County responded along with Montgomery County and Montgomery County Hospital District. Harris County also sent their helicopter and SWAT vehicles. Montgomery County sent a SWAT vehicle. In all over 50 deputies moved into the compound at 4 am Wednesday morning, with a helicopter overhead they made entry and arrested Detectives say four adults were arrested: Monica Rodriguez-Tover, 43; Reymundo Casas, 17; Samantha Casas, 21; Jose Angel Maranon Sr., 57. Five children under the age of 12 were also removed from one of the houses and sent to stay with relatives in Houston. They believe they have ties to the Mexican drug cartel. Investigators say Rodriguez-Tovar, Reymundo and Samantha Casas and Maranon Sr., will be charged with manufacturing and giving meth to San Jacinto County inmates known as “trustees.” In one house, a loaded pistol was found in a dresser drawer next to a baby’s crib. It’s believed the five children slept together in that room. A loaded shotgun was on the floor in the room across the hall.”It’s sickening,” Kean said. “I don’t know how anybody could put a child through something like that. I really don’t.” Four malnourished dogs were found tied to trees. They were so emaciated, they could barely stand. As many as 80 roosters were on the property, likely part of a cockfighting ring. Many of them were tied to stakes by a leash.
A spokesperson for the SPCA said the organization plans to pick up the roosters and the dogs. Right now, they’re looking for a place to house all the birds. Authorities say the home had no electricity. People were using buckets for a bathroom.

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