IMG_1004[1]The search continues this afternoon for little Devon in the woods and swamps of Liberty County. After searching all night fresh dogs were brought in this morning and rested dogs returned. The ground and water search continues. Divers have entered the murky waters, at some points along the waterways raw sewage lines lead from home directly into the water. Current is swift in a number of places.Where the home is situated in in the horseshoe of a tributary off the Trinity River.

Last night as people searched on land in the heavy brush along the river other crews were in the water. A Needham firefighter who was in a wet suit finally came out of the water after wading almost 6 hours until it got to the point his legs were numb from the cold water. Under this water can only be felt by walking it. Drag hooks hang on roots of Cypress trees which are abundant in the area. Snakes could be seen slithering across the water and at one location Lt. Seals with Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables office had a set of alligator eyes break the water surface as he moved along the shore with his tracking dog. Close to three hundred yards away is a pond which is home to several large alligators.

MCPR will remain on the scene keeping readers updated throughout the day and once again into the night if it becomes necessary.

Captain Rex Evans, who has now been on the scene for close to 24-hours has kept things moving with no sleep just as other searchers have.

At this point is is much to dangerous for non-trained search and rescue personnel

Liberty County has not ruled out child abduction but until evidence can be found pointing that direction the ground search will continue.

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  1. slippedhalo

    His family must be frantic. I’m praying that they find him safe and sound. I am also praying for all of the folks that are out there searchin for the little guy.

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