JANUARY 24, 2010

JANUARY 24, 2014
Huntsville has had an accumulation of snow since 2am. At this time the freeway is open but is difficult to see the lanes as it is covered. Snow is still falling.

In Splendora US 59 at East River, the bridge is freezing over.

Conroe Mike Meador at the Loop is the bridge is icing over

Decker Prairie Rosehill at the county line bridge iced over

TXDOT crews have been out all night trying to put sand and salt on the bridges.

JANUARY 24, 2014
EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY— The first “Biggest Buck Contest” ended this week and the winner was bow hunter from Splendora. The contest’s sponsors, Precinct 4’s Judge James Metts and Constable Rowdy Hayden, Ricky Overall, of Overall Taxidermy in New Caney, and Wayne and Faye Sitton, of Sitton’s Quick Stop in Splendora met with the top-scoring hunter, Larry Jackson, on Tuesday at the East Montgomery Courthouse in New Caney.

Jackson said the prize-winning rack was his first kill worth mounting in his 34 years as a bowhunter. According to the Boone and Crockett scoring system, Jackson’s overall score was 157 4/8. Ricky Overall, who accepted the entries at his taxidermy shop, said there were quite a few, but Jackson was the only deer killed with a bow.

Jackson received a $750 check from the Judge and Constable to go toward a rifle; 40 sacks of deer corn from Sitton’s; and a free shoulder mount by Overall’s Taxidermy.

While Jackson was thrilled with the prizes he received, he already knew he was a winner. Mr. Jackson is a two-time cancer survivor and received a stem cell transplant two years ago during a bout with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Looking at Jackson today, it is hard to imagine he has cheated death twice, and he gives God all the credit. Jackson and his wife, Jenny, founded “Hope Cancer Retreat,” a non-profit organization that provides a comfortable, free-of-charge place for MD Anderson cancer patients to stay when they are away from home for treatment.

The Jacksons say they felt led by God to create the retreat after meeting so many other patients during Larry Jackson’s treatment and realizing those patients did not have a serene place to escape during their treatment, but were stuck in motels and wherever they could find and afford. In the midst of their tribulation, they found a reason to feel fortunate. They could leave MD Anderson and drive about 40 minutes to their peaceful home in East Montgomery County.

“We met so many people from out of town and out of the country, and we realized all these people had to find a place to stay for months at a time, in addition to what they’re dealing with,” Larry Jackson said. “You’re wiped out financially, emotionally and not knowing whether you’re going to live or die.”

Jackson knows that feeling well because, in October of 2002, he was given 12 weeks to live. The Jacksons believe he was spared so they could help give hope to others, which is why they named their facility “Hope Cancer Retreat.”

The retreat was founded in 2005 and is located in Splendora. It consists of four differently themed cottages with all the comforts of home. Each cottage has a refrigerator, microwave, stove, linens, two televisions, DVD players, Wi-Fi, and a pair of rocking chairs on the porch. They also have a laundry facility for guests. Additionally, the Jacksons and volunteers provide meals and even celebrate holidays with their guests who are away from their families. Some have come from as far away as an island, far outside the continental United States.

JNUARY 24, 2014
A suspected carjacker was behind bars this morning after making a dash for freedom and being taken down by a police dog.

Authorities say the suspect stole a car from a woman who was using a Red Box outside a Walgreens on Kingwood Drive around 8:30pm.

Police soon spotted the stolen car on FM 1960. A high-speed chase ensued, lasting until the driver pulled over at Lee Road.

The suspect then took off on foot, running into a subdivision and jumping a fence.

Officers called in a helicopter and K-9 unit. The dog managed to catch him.

Police say he may be linked to a ring of carjackers targeting drivers in Kingwood.

JANUARY 24, 2015
Just before 4 am a head-on crash closed Old Houston Road just south of FM 3083. A pickup that was southbound crossed into the northbound lane and hit a PT Cruiser head-on. The driver of the PT Cruiser was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital with a possible broken leg. His two passengers were also injured and transported. The driver of the pickup was transported to Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands in stable condition. DPS is continuing the investigation into the possibility of impairment.
Old Houston reopened just before 5 am.
Old Houston and FM 3083 are currently under construction as Smith Construction prepares to widen the intersection for left-turn lanes but explain the contract does not include removing the hump in the intersection which has put several vehicles airborne, some accidental, some not on accident. Some of the Caney Creek students leaving school lately have been photographed keeping a distance from the intersection and as the light changes speed through the intersection allowing their vehicle to leave the round.
A home just north of the intersection has been struck at least twice after northbound vehicles hitting the intersection at a high rate of speed have gone airborne and lost control.

JANUARY 24, 2105
Saturday afternoon the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the discovery of a dead body on SH 105 Bypass, just east of US 59. The deceased was female.

MCSO Lt. Dan Zientek said members of his agency met Saturday morning with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Liberty County District Attorney’s Office, and Texas Rangers regarding a possible gravesite at that location, which is in Liberty County.

“Utilizing the resources of all the departments together today, we were able to recover a body that was on the property,” Zientek said.

The deceased was transported to Montgomery County Forensic Services in Conroe for Autopsy and positive identification, he said.

The lieutenant did not say what led them to the gravesite, nor did he reveal any other information regarding the presumed identity of the deceased or any criminal case that might be connected with the death.

“It’s too early in the investigation to relate this to other crimes,” Zientek said.

JANUARY 24, 2015
Just after 4 p.m. Saturday, Heather Wenzel, 19. of Plantersville was northbound on FM 1774 at County Road 302 when she attempted to make a left turn in her 2006 PT Cruiser. As she turned, 17-year-old Josh McHugh who was driving a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe slammed into the rear of Wenzel’s car. Harley Mullenix. 20, a Plantersville Junior firefighter since she was 15, died at the scene. Ashley Nicole who was sitting in the passenger seat of the PT Cruiser suffered a broken jaw. Both Nicole and Wenzel, who were pregnant, were transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition. Hospital Officials say their unborn children should be fine.

According to DPS Trooper Balzekas, the driver of the Tahoe never applied his brakes. They are still investigating the crash, and the possibility the Tahoe driver was distracted. Alcohol and drugs or did not appear to be factors.

Fellow firefighters are devastated. They’re paying tribute with a sign displaying her badge number and the flag is flying at half staff at her fire station.

The family arrived at the scene upon learning what happened.

JANUARY 24, 2015
Just before 9pm Saturday Willis Police were dispatched to an auto-pedestrian crash on Cargill at Highway 75 North. North Montgomery County Fire Department arrived on the scene to find the pedestrian in traumatic arrest. He was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in very critical condition.
According to Willis Police, Edwar Romero, 21, of Conroe was northbound with his cousin on the way to a church service. He was not able to see the pedestrian who was quite close to the edge of the road in a very dark area of Highway 75, just inside the Willis city limits. He struck the pedestrian with his Dodge pickup. The 16-year-old Willis High School student was also walking northbound.
Romero was tested on the scene for any signs of impairment. After being unable to find any he volunteered to give a blood sample for testing. He also did not appear to have been distracted according to police.
Andrew James with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office responded to the scene and stated he did not believe any charges would be filed.
Willis Police were assisted in the investigation by Trooper Reece and deputies of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.
The name has not yet been released by law enforcement officials.

JANUARY 24, 2016
Just after 2am Nassau Bay Fire Department and Houston Fire Department were dispatched to a major accident at NASA 1 near Space Center. A Ford pickup which was westbound at a high rate of speed left the roadway, struck a palm tree in the median and came to rest. A male and female were transported by EMS. The 25-year-old male driver died at the scene. Harris County Precinct 8 Constables Office worked the crash.

JANUARY 24, 2016
Just after 1030pm Houston Fire Department was dispatched to a double shooting in the Willowbrook Mall parking lot. They arrived to find two black males shot, one in the shoulder, the other in the leg. According to witnesses, there was a group of men in the parking lot near the otter mall ring close to sears. A black Monte Carlo pulled up and opened fire. The witness said the driver was white or Hispanic. As the vehicle fled, one of the witnesses followed until they lost it in the Cypress Station area of FM 1960 near I-45. The two males who were shot were taken to Been Taub Hospital in stable condition. Their black Mustang had several bullet holes in the roof and left rear side. Anyone with any information is asked to call Houston Police.

JANUARY 24, 2017
Police have a real mystery on their hands after three children were dropped off at a Houston fire station overnight.
A woman showed up with the children at Fire Station 69 off the West Sam Houston Parkway around 1 am.
Houston police said the woman found the three kids abandoned inside an apartment unit on Lakeside Estates Drive.
Investigators said the woman found the three children, ages 2, 4 and 6, all alone. The identity of their parents is not known right now.
The woman who found the children called child protective services and was told to take the children to the fire station, according to HPD.
For almost an hour Houston Firefighters cared for the children, played with them and even fixed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for them.
They were then taken to the hospital to be checked out.
The children are said to be in good condition and are now resting in the care of CPS.

JANUARY 24, 2017
At 1:11 pm a Chevrolet pickup was traveling south on FM 1485 in front of Caney Creek High School. Behind that truck was a flatbed truck and behind the flatbed a motorcycle. The driver of the white truck made a u-turn. When he did the flatbed truck stopped. The driver of the motorcycle, a 60-year-old male drove into the center lane, passing the flatbed and slammed into the side of the Chevrolet pickup as it was in the middle of its turn. The driver of the motorcycle died at the scene. FM 1485 was closed during the student release causing several headaches for CISD officers having to move all traffic south on FM 1485. The crash cleared at 4 pm.

George “Pancake” Adams, 75, served in the United States Army from 1968 to 1972. In 1973 he went to work for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy. Three years later he married his wife Candy. Adam’s worked first in the District 1 area of Harris County which back then covered from W. Little York to I-45 and north to Spring Creek then west to Jones Road. It was handled easily by close to 15 deputies per shift. Almost every night deputies would meet for breakfast on FM 1960. One place was a pancake house. The only other choices were Sambo’s near Kuykendahl or Jim’s at I-45. Most of the guys ordered pancakes. Adams, however, did not like pancakes. Somehow in that period, he picked up the name “Pancake”. Nobody can quite remember why but Sgt. Leo Horn at the time always seemed to have a name for someone. It is believed he was the one responsible for the name that stuck with Adam until his death.
Adams continued through the ranks of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to the rank of Captain. There he was tasked with running the Harris County Jail which was not half the size it is today. His office was in 701 jail. A cold storage warehouse built in the 1920s that was purchased by the county in 1989 and turned into one of the largest jails in the United States. In 2002 it was designated as the second largest in the United States with 4,144 beds with 600 deputies working there. Los Angeles Men’s Facility was the largest.
Adams retired in 1996 but a short time after was asked to work as a consultant for yet another jail that was needed. In just 7 years Harris County was once again bursting at the seams. A new facility was started which would eventually house the Administrative Offices of the Sheriff’s Office along with just over 4100 beds for inmates and an additional for medical and mental health. It also housed women’s facilities, medical, dental and classrooms along with a 100,000-square-foot parking garage. It opened in January 2003 manned by just over 400 deputies.
Adam’s lived just outside Cleveland, he loved animals as did his daughter Amy and his son. When he got bored he would go to the Cleveland Wal-Mart. hop a scooter and ride the store. His wife Candy said he never brought anything home he just rode. Rumor had it that he was actually watching for shoplifters.
On the night of January 5, 2017, as he returned home from Cleveland he was rear-ended by another vehicle. At the time his wife Candy stood in the window of their home watching the commotion on the freeway with the flashing lights, Life Flight landing, and traffic at a stop. It was normal almost to see this on US 59. A short time later is when she learned it was her husband of 40 years.
Adam was transported to Memorial Hermann in Houston on life support. He passed away with his family at his side.
Adam’s will be missed by many. He was an easy person to remember and was always friendly.
Tuesday afternoon Adam’s was laid to rest at National Cemetery in Houston.

JANUARY 24, 2018
Day 3 of the trial ended today in Judge Grant’s 9th District Court with Weldon Richards, CSI for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office testifying about his part of the investigation of the fatal crash of Patton Village Sgt. Baumgartner. Heidi Christianson with South West Forensic Institute testified that when Nee’s blood was taken several hours later that it was at .161, over twice the legal limit. She started to get to that point, using his admission to drinking Bud light, it would have taken 10 to 12 of them. Before him several dashcam images were played showing the suspect Garret Nee in the back of an MCSO patrol car after he kicked out the back window of a Roman Forest patrol after being arrested at the scene of the Father’s Day 2016 crash. In the audio you can hear him telling the officers he was scared and fled as he had 2 prior DUI’s and didn’t want to go to jail. He told then that he had gone through the light before it changed to red at close to 100 mph. He looked in his mirror and saw all the smoke and. He said a short distance down the road he realized that Baumgartner still had his driver’s license and he was wondering if the officer was ok. He returned to the scene passing emergency vehicles including almost hitting a DPS unit. As he ran to the crashed patrol car he was taken into custody. The trial continues. Thursday.

JANUARY 24, 2018
Just after 8 pm Wednesday Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Dillard’s Loss Prevention of a theft that had just occurred. Several units responded and spotted the Toyota pickup truck described leaving the area. When they attempted a traffic stop the vehicle fled. The pursuit went down I-45 to SH 99 then to Hardy Toll Road. South on Hardy at speeds of close to 100 mph. The driver then exited FM 1960 and re-entered the northbound lanes of Hardy Toll Road. The chase continued to Louetta then west to Kuykendahl. It was just east of the intersection the truck side-swiped a red Toyota. The truck continued through the intersection striking a median and blowing a tire. As the truck came to rest in the Starbucks parking lot at Kuykendahl and Louetta the driver was taken into custody. Deputies recovered a large number of stolen electronics. This included Nest Cameras, drones, doorbell cameras, and other assorted equipment. The male was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

JANUARY 24, 2019
Just before 1 pm, an explosion was reported at a coatings company on Jefferson Chemical Road in Conroe. Fire units arrived on the scene and quickly extinguished the blaze. According to the Montgomery County Fire Marshal, several electricians were working in a 480-volt electrical panel when something happened to cause an explosion. The damage is minimal, there was no chemical release. At this time Jefferson Chemical Road is closed. Two workers were transported to Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center with burns. The employees were able to go back into the Ageion Plant close to 3 pm when it was cleared by the Fire Marshal.

JANUARY 24, 2020
Just before noon Friday a DPS Trooper was traveling on the South Loop Eastbound near SH 105 East when he spotted a Suzuki 750 also eastbound. As he attempted to read the paper tag the motorcycle turned around on him. The Trooper also turned on him and followed him for FM 3083. At FM 3083 the motorcycle accelerated at a high rate of speed through the amber light in the intersection and accelerated to over 90 mph. The Trooper activated his lights and attempted to stop him. As the motorcycle went around the curve in front of Carl Barton Park the driver went down on the bike. The bike and rider slid into the guardrail at the east end of the Caney Creek bridge. When the motorcycle made contact with the rail it disintegrated into multiple pieces. The male in his late 30’s who was not wearing a helmet was transported to Conroe Regional Medical Center in critical condition. His right foot was amputated at the boot-top line and his leg was shattered. Loop 336 was closed for close to 2-hours as DPS investigated the crash. Conroe Police assisted with traffic control.

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