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FEBRUARY 26, 2006

FEBRUARY 26, 2014
About 4:30 pm a New Caney ISD bus was traveling east on East Martin in Porter transporting twenty –six children from the New Caney Sixth Grade Campus. According to DPS one student would not sit down and get unruly, the bus driver, distracted looking back at the student drove off the road into the ditch. The bus rolled onto its side. There were only five minor injuries, of which most were transported to Memorial Northeast Hospital in Humble by MCHD units.
Porter Fire Department assisted in removing the students from the bus.
Some of the parents responded to the scene to pick their children up, while others were put onto a second bus.
The bus suffered moderate damage.

FEBRUARY 26, 2015
By: Jamie Nash

The Conroe Police Department held its Class 14-5 Police Academy Graduation Ceremony Thursday evening, where eight cadets received their badges and were recognized as police officers for the first time. 

Deputy Chief Russell Reynolds emceed the event, which began with a slideshow of the class during various parts of their training. 

Training Sgt. Bradford presented class before CPD Chaplain Dr. Charles Walton led everyone in prayer, thanking God for the privilege of service, and the opportunity to share it with one another. 

“Help us to remember that all that we do is so important to our community, to our world,” Dr. Walton prayed. 

Conroe Police Chief Phillip Dupuis then thanked all those present, recognizing officials, including District Attorney Brett Ligon. 

He also thanked academy staff and the range staff. Class 14-5 saw 100 percent of cadets pass everything on their attempt. They were only the fifth class to do so.

Conroe Mayor Webb Melder praised and encouraged the cadets, who he said have a special calling.

“We support you,” Melder said. “We want you to know when you go to the streets tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after, we support you.”

“We would ask that the Lord put his hand on you individually, guide you and protect you, that your service would be all that you thought it would be, and that you go home safe, every day or every night,” he said. “Thank you for being part of this fifth class. I wish you all the best.”

Class 14-5 was not made up solely of future Conroe Police Officers, but also had cadets from the Sam Houston State University Police Department and the City of Bryan Police Department.

SHSU Police Chief Kevin Morris was given the floor and congratulated all, telling his agency’s newest addition, Officer Cowl, that he was extremely proud of him. Cowl was the first SHSUPD officer to train in Conroe’s academy. 

“We’re all really proud of you,” Morris said. 

He also thanked the academy, the chief and the staff. Morris said one of his mentors was Chief Dupuis, who taught him the value of making friends inside and outside of his department, and he encouraged the new officers to do the same. 

Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske praised CPD and the academy as well, saying “Your standards are high, as they should be in this profession. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you.”

Buske told the graduates they still had a lot to learn. 

“Pick up all the knowledge that you can,” he said. “Develop your skillset; use what works for you; have your own style, but always police with integrity and with the best interest of the community you serve in your heart.”

Buske then encouraged them to always hang on to the enthusiasm and excitement they were feeling that night. Three of the graduates are now officially City of Bryan police officers. 

CPD Chief Dupuis told cadets the District Attorney would like it if they know their bookwork and the department would like for them to know their tactics. He also said to remember the importance of going home each night, and of being honest and ethical. 

One by one, the cadets had their badges pinned on by whoever they chose to do it. Four are now Conroe Police Officers – Officer Hughes, Officer Mercado, Officer Valentine and Officer Walker.

Three cadets are now Bryan Police Officers – Officer Jones, Officer Meckel, and Officer Yoder.

One cadet is now a Sam Houston State University Police Officer – Officer Cowl. 

Sgt. Bradford with training facility presented class awards, but began by noting that not everyone who began the journey with the eight graduates completed that journey. 

The “Top Physical Fitness” award went to Officer Jones, BPD. He scored 366 of a possible 400 on the final physical fitness test.

The “Top Gun” award was presented to Officer Yoder, BPD. He scored highest in firearms training.

The “Top Academic Recruit” award was presented to Officer Cowl, SHSUPD. He finished the class with a 98.05 GPA. 

The “Top Over-all Recruit” was Officer Yoder, BPD. The award is voted on by the class and by the academy staff for overall outstanding performance throughout the academy. It was the first time the vote was unanimous, except for the winner’s vote. Like a true winner, he did not vote for himself. 

The class leader is chosen by the recruits of each class at the beginning of the academy. It was CPD Officer Mercado, who was the only graduate to speak.

Mercado thanked everyone who helped them on their road to becoming officers and for their instructors’ guidance to help them become “assets rather than statistics.”

“We’ve been given a strong foundation to build our careers upon, and how you choose to do it is entirely in your hands,” Mercado said. “Stay safe and when necessary, be lethal.”

Class coins were presented to the additional instructors who played lesser, but vital, roles than those at the academy each day and to the chiefs of each agency involved. 

Mayor Melder again spoke, revealing that he has served as Director of the 100 Club for 15 years. The organization is about 62 years old, he said, with over 30,000 members serving 31 counties, having paid out over $42 million in assistance to law enforcement and their families over the years. He told the new officers when they “hit the streets” they should know the 100 Club is there for them and their families. Mayor Melder then asked God to place his hand of protection on each of them. 

Congratulations, Conroe Police Academy Class 14-5!

FEBRUARY 26, 2015
In small-town police normally know which vehicles belong and which don’t. About 2 am Thursday morning this was the case in Magnolia when officers spotted an old Chevrolet Suburban which was painted primer gray. As units turned around to check the vehicle out the vehicle sped off. Using emergency lights officers attempted to stop the vehicle but it continued through the back roads of Magnolia and toward Tomball. A Montgomery County Sheriffs’ unit was able to spike the vehicle. With a tire going down the vehicle continued to flee. As he reached the intersection of Decker Prairie and Decker Prairie Rosehill the vehicle attempted to make the turn but with a flat tire ran into the ditch. The driver jumped out of the vehicle and jumped a fence into the woods. The Magnolia Officer pursued him into the woods at which time the suspect doubled back and jumped into the patrol unit and fled.

Due to the extensive electronics and electrical draw on emergency vehicles, they are normally left running. Units are normally outfitted with a device that does not allow the vehicle to be put into gear unless a hidden switch which could be on the officer or in the vehicle is depressed. It is believed for some reason this device failed.

Other units were able to pursue him at a distance but lost sight of him. It was then another unit using the GPS tracking was able to find the patrol vehicle on Hardin Store and Old Hardin Store Road. A train was going across Hardin Store at the time and it is believed the suspect fled the vehicle to avoid the train but may have then jumped onto the slow-moving freight.  A Montgomery County Sheriff’s K-9 was called to the scene as was a DPS helicopter. The helicopter was unable to locate the suspect. The dog was able to get a track from the stolen patrol unit to the railroad tracks where the dog lost the scent.

Inside the suspects, the vehicle was a stolen pistol, meth, and marijuana along with several cell phones. The vehicle was registered to a person known to law enforcement in New Caney. The driver faces multiple felony charges.

The vehicle was registered in New Caney, however, the owner no longer lives the residence. Magnolia Police would like the public to help in locating the driver of the vehicle or if anyone knows where the owner may reside.

FEBRUARY 26, 2016

FEBRUARY 26, 2016
This morning February 26, 2016, at 5:20 am, deputies assigned to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office north patrol district were called to a residence in the 4400 block of Spring Stuebner in north Harris County.
Spring Fire Department and Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services, responded to a 911 call of a 20-year-old female now identified as Lauren Fox (09/29/1995), stuck in the chimney of the home. The female called and told dispatchers she was trying to get down the chimney to get in the house out of the cold when she became stuck. Her cell phone died just after rescue workers arrived.
Firefighter and rescue personnel from Spring Fire Department and The Woodlands Fire Department dismantled the chimney on the inside to free her.  to free her.
She now has been charged with criminal trespass of a habitation.

Spring Fire Chief Wiseman said due to tot he fact the homeowner is not in that part of the house much at all and the fact had she not had a phone that it may have been months before she was found.

FEBRUARY 26, 2016
Friday night Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Al Rosen along with Precinct 2 and 4 moved in and took over several game rooms in the South Houston area with close to 70 officers. Several arrests were made of the managers of the establishments. In all over $200,000 was seized. Signs in the game rooms stated prizes only would be awarded, no cash. Yet, undercover officers have been paid over the past few weeks in cash. One of the prizes displayed was a big-screen television. After further inspection, the box contained bricks and had several months of dust that had settled on top of it. Constable Rosen said these establishments prey mostly on the elderly and the machines are rigged. If they weren’t rigged they wouldn’t have found so much cash. The players would have had some cash. He said crime also tends to grow in the area of the game rooms. Gambling on the machines is illegal in Texas. Unlike Louisiana, where it is legal but highly regulated by the Louisiana Gaming Commission.

FEBRUARY 26, 2016
Early Friday morning two Harris County Precinct 4 Deputies were out on a traffic stop on the Sam Houston Toll Road westbound at North Gessner. As they were talking with a motorist a female driving a Nissan Juke apparently fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into one of the Police Tahoes. That Tahoe was pushed forward into the Tahoe in front of it. Both suffered heavy damage. The female was transported to the hospital in stable condition. It was unknown at the time as if she was also impaired.

FEBRUARY 26, 2017
Just before noon, Sunday two employees got into an altercation at the Holiday Inn Club Vacations/Piney Shores Resort on Lake Conroe. One male shot the other males several times. MCHD arrived to find the 23-year-old male with multiple gunshot wounds, he was deceased. Conroe Police responded to the scene and are working on the investigation. Several guests who were in the activity center in another part of the property were locked down as a precaution for a short time. The shooter is in custody. Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack was called to the scene and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center.