AUGUST 14, 2006

AUGUST 14, 2006

AUGUST 14, 2006

AUGUST 14, 2007

Sam was awakened by screaming and banging on his door. There he found Dustin calling for help that the home was on fire and his mother and brother were still inside. He ran out to try to help as his wife called the fire department. The fire was coming from just about every window and he was not able to get in.

Splendora Fire Department had a remarkable nine-minute response from Splendora to Goode City Road which is at Highway 105 at the point the overpass goes over the railroad tracks.

Dylan may be released today. Depending on the doctors. Phyllis was told of the two lives lost at the hospital as she sat with Dustin. He received minor burns to his face and hands, smoke inhalation and lacerations to his eyes.

The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office returned to the scene Saturday morning but still not have made a determination as to the cause. Electrical had been an issue in the home according to family members and they are looking at that also.

There were no smoke detectors in the home. Tracey Tuttle, a cousin said if wiring had been fixed, or smoke detectors were installed the lives may have been saved. Then again there is an issue with money, do you pay a licensed electrician, get a book or get a friend to make repairs, he said. Serena was unemployed and had lost her husband to cancer last January, She was a single mother trying to care for two boys.

AUGUST 14, 2011
A couple and their three sons lost everything in a Sunday afternoon blaze. At 2:39 p.m., Caney Creek Fire Department, River Plantation, and New Caney Fire Departments responded to a house fire in the 17800 block of Springfield Drive where they found a single-story wood-frame house engulfed in flames. A shed on one side had already burned to the ground and spread to the house and woods. The wooded area was quickly contained, as other crews tried to stop the fire from advancing through the house. Most of the structure was lost.

The family, who rented the house and did not have renter’s insurance, was not home at the time of the fire. After talking with neighbors, it was learned lightning had struck a tree as a small shower passed through the area. That tree sits almost 100 feet from the house. With fire through the tree from bottom to top New Caney firefighter Shane Simpson turned his skills to the chain saw and dropped the huge burning tree exactly where he wanted it, despite embers from above dropping on him as he cut.

A neighbor who was sitting watching television with his daughter was shaken when the concussion of the lightning knocked all the family photos off the wall.

Things had begun looking up for the Ramirez family, with Mrs. Ramirez scheduled to begin a new job on Tuesday. Unfortunately, her joy was short-lived, since she and her husband are now scrambling to get their three sons ready for the start of school after losing everything with few resources to recover.

Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts and his staff are asking anyone who can help the Ramirez family with needed clothing items to bring them to the Judge’s Office, located at 22354 Justice Drive in New Caney.

The oldest Ramirez boy wears size 12 husky pants, size large shirts and size 5 shoes; The Ramirez’s middle son wears size 7 pants, size medium shirts, and size 1 shoes. Their youngest son wears 4T shirts and pants and child-size 9 shoes.

Mr. Ramirez wears 2XL shirts, 42W 30L pants and size 11 shoes. Mrs. Ramirez wears a size 18 or XL clothing and size 9 shoes.

Judge Metts said he has faith county residents will come to the aid of this family.

“This is a heartbreaking situation,” Judge Metts said. “For a family of five to lose everything and have no insurance to replace things is difficult enough, but when you add to the equation school is about to start and the mom is starting a new job, it makes it even harder for them to be without the basic essentials we all take for granted most of the time.”

“I’ve seen the compassion and support our community is capable of, and I’m asking everyone who can help to do so,” he said. “I’m confident that will happen because that’s the kind of goodhearted people we have in Montgomery County.”

Judge Metts’s office is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

AUGUST 14, 2012
A shooting in College Station has left a Brazos County Constable dead, the alleged shooter dead, and another civilian dead.

This happened shortly after noon Monday on Fidelity Street, southeast of George Bush Drive and east of Wellborn Road.

The constable who was killed was serving an eviction notice at a home on Fidelity Street when he was met with gunfire.

Two other officers and a civilian were injured.

News 3’s Clay Falls was one of the first reporters on the scene and was on the street before having to evacuate.

At 6 P.M. Monday it was still a very active crime scene with detectives, DPS Troopers, and investigators in a row walking through yards searching for evidence.

For the News 3 crew first, on the scene, the most sobering part of this story was hearing all of those gunshots as it was happening and now knowing the tragedy that followed.

It was a shocking scene speaking with folks as gunfire erupted just down the street.

Chaos in College Station as a gunman opens fire on a Brazos County Constable and others.

News 3 was just blocks away when we heard reports of an officer down.

Looking for the house on Fidelity Street suddenly we heard a gunshot and realized we were just a few houses away when police and firefighters warned to get further away.

“There’ s a guy inside the house shooting a shotgun at police officers that’s all about all I know,” said Loren Naylor, who was anxiously speaking with his mother who was trapped in her car two houses down with a firefight in progress.

“They are trying to apprehend the perpetrator inside the house. They are shooting,” he relayed while speaking with her on his cellphone.

News 3 heard at least half a dozen rounds while speaking with Ralph Trujillo.

“They are shooting at him. It’s unbelievable here having it in College Station,” said Trujillo, who was unable to return to his home at the time.

Cones were still keeping the public back Monday afternoon and we could see SWAT teams still monitoring the perimeter several hours after the shooting happened. Worried residents here were still wondering who the shooter was.

“They stormed the house. I think they’ve got him,” said Loren Naylor.

Thomas McNutt lives a few houses down and heard first hand what happened from a friend.

“They had a shootout across the street. Finally, they shot the shooter. Life is precious. Pretty crazy,” said McNutt.

AUGUST 14, 2013
Over 20 teens, mostly ROTC members of Cleveland High School participated in a mock disaster drill Wednesday morning on Loop 105 at SH 321, just east of Cleveland.
Cleveland I.S.D. Police Chief organized the drill to better prepare local emergency responders for a real event.
In this morning’s drill a school bus was rolled over and struck by two vehicles, Students were in both vehicles and the bus.
Emergency crews from Cleveland Fire Department, Atascocita Fire Department, Tarkington, and MCHD responded to the scene. DPS, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Liberty County Precinct 6 Constables assisted in traffic control.

AUGUST 14, 2014
At 11:40 p.m. Wednesday night, a Chevrolet Suburban driven by Larissa Fickel, 32, of Coldspring was traveling westbound on SH 242. As she approached the west end of the bridge she heard a boom and the vehicle pulled to the left. This movement took her into the eastbound lane of the bridge and she struck a 2013 Ford F-350 driven by George Phillip Clark of Lufkin who was traveling with his young son.

The force of the crash ripped off the left side of the pickup and tore the rear axle from its housing.

The pickup spun and ended up facing westbound in the westbound lane.

The suburban continued westbound with extensive front end damage. The left front wheel assembly was ripped from the vehicle and lie in the roadway. The suburban continued another three hundred feet and came to rest in a ditch west of the bridge.

Two Montgomery County Deputies were only a half-mile from the scene where they were writing citations for drivers not obeying the 50 miles per hour zone. They were first on the scene. Needham Fire Department responded and had to extricate Fickel from the vehicle. She was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in stable condition.

Clark and his young son were uninjured.

The roadway remained closed until almost 1 am as troopers investigated the crash.

AUGUST 14, 2014
Just before noon today a report of a head-on crash was received by 911 operators. For the second time in twelve hours, Needham Road Fire Department and MCHD responded. When they arrived they found a 1977 motorhome against the guardrail of the San Jacinto River bridge with extensive right front damage. A female passenger was entrapped with extensive trauma to her legs. Firefighters and medics worked to free her. She and the driver were transported.

Approximately two hundred feet east on the eastbound lanes was a Chevrolet sedan with heavy front end damage. The female driver of that vehicle was also transported but in stable condition.

Early investigation showed that the motor home was westbound on SH 242 when a mechanical issue, possibly a blown tire took it across the eastbound lanes striking and partially climbing the bridge railing. It then struck the Ford head-on and continued down SH 242 coming to rest on the westbound shoulder.

The bridge was once again closed and reopened at approximately 3 p.m.

AUGUST 14, 2014
At about 150 am on October 11, 2013, Doug Donnenfield was sitting in his vehicle at the 24 Hour Fitness Center at Six Pines and Lake Woodlands in The Woodlands. He was waiting for a news talk show to end so he could go in and work out. A red car pulled in next to him and within moments two gun muzzles were in his face as a Black male punched him in the neck. The two suspects reached across him and took his cell phone and billfold. They then began screaming at him, saying, “where’s the money”. Both then jumped in the red car and fled the scene.

Donnenfield looked hard at the license number then yelled for help from two men leaving the club. He borrowed a cell phone and dialed 911.

Montgomery County Dispatchers immediately broadcast the license number on what was thought to be a red Chevrolet. A unit on Interstate 45 who had been watching traffic spotted the vehicle and followed it. When the vehicle crossed FM 2920 it started to speed up and a pursuit was initiated. Montgomery County Deputies chased the vehicle at speeds of up to 115mph south on I-45 to Loop 610. They then traveled east on 610 to Interstate 10 where the suspects turned westbound and continued to US 59. They then went south on 59 to the Gulf Freeway and started south to Scott Street. It was there that the Houston Police Helicopter who had just joined the chase spotted them throw a gun out on the freeway.

The vehicle exited Scott and ran to McGowan where it crashed out and the suspects fled on foot. Both were taken into custody within fifteen minutes. A third suspect was also arrested after it was determined he was the driver of the car and the two other suspects. A Houston Police Sergeant then returned to the Gulf Freeway where he found the gun with a round still in the chamber.

Donnenfield had already had a near-death experience over twelve years ago when he suffered a massive heart attack as he jumped into a pool. He was recovered from the pool and transported to the hospital after Paramedics revived him from total cardiac arrest. After the incident this morning his wife has banned him from using the gym at night but has since allowed him time to workout prior to 9 p.m.

The vehicle, a Chevrolet Veio, which was driven by the suspects was also reported stolen in a robbery in Houston

AUGUST 14, 2015

U.S. Army CW4 Kevin Bone and his wife will receive the keys to their newly built, mortgage-free home at a special dedication ceremony. This will be the first time the couple sees the completed home!

The home was built for the injured veteran thanks to The Houston Texans, PulteGroup’s Built to Honor program and FMC Technologies in partnership with Operation FINALLY HOME. Representatives from each organization will be in attendance including former Offensive Lineman and Ambassador for the Houston Texans, Steve McKinney and Toro, the Houston Texans mascot


Friday, August 14, 11 a.m.   Please confirm attendance in advance


Wimbledon Falls by Pulte Homes – 9103 Running Eagle Falls Drive, Tomball, TX 77375

From I-45 North: Exit West on Spring Stuebner; Right on Kuykendahl Road. Entering Wimbledon Falls turn left on Hollywick; Right on Emerald Pool Falls Drive and follow the signs to home.


U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer Kevin A.N. Bone’s military career spanned from 1987 to 2014, when he retired after being honored with multiple awards including Meritorious Service, Army Commendation and Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary medals. He quickly advanced in rank, serving in a variety of capacities that kept him overseas on separate combat missions including tours to Panama, South America, Iraq and Afghanistan. The physical and emotional strain of war resulted in many months of medical appointments and surgeries.

During an assignment heading the Special Forces Warrant Officer Branch with Human Resources Command, Bone attended The National Defense University (NDU) at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C., where he became the first Warrant Officer to graduate from NDU’s College of International Security Affairs with a War College Diploma.  He currently lives in Houston with his wife, Carolina, and his parents. Bone has recently accepted an Adjunct Professor position in a new Department that concentrates on Criminology and Counter-Terrorism at The University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX.  They plan on establishing their careers locally, as well as caring for Carolina’s mother and her older brother, who is physically challenged.


Pulte Homes, the Houston Texans, FMC Technologies and dozens of local contractors, vendors and housing partners have donated the labor and materials for the new 2,426-square-foot home.  Bone was invited to a Houston Texans game in December where he and his wife were surprised with the news that they’d be the recipient of a new mortgage-free home. The veteran applied for the home donation with Operation FINALLY HOME, an organization focused on helping veterans and their families transition to the home front by addressing one of their most pressing needs – a home to call their own.

AUGUST 14, 2015
Conroe, TX: The City of Conroe Fire Department was notified of an explosion in the 4300 block of N
Loop 336 W near Highway 105 E at approximately 4:44 PM on August 14, 2015.
Conroe Fire units arrived at 4:46 and reported heavy fire from a largely commercial structure. Due to
several ongoing explosions, and the possible nature of the facility’s contents, it was several minutes
before firefighters could safely attack the fire directly.
Once it was determined that the fire could be safely attacked, firefighters quickly brought it under
control. The incident was officially declared under control at approximately 6:51 PM.
As a precautionary measure, a “shelter in place” order was issued for a two-mile radius during the
initial stages of the incident. Hazardous Material crews continuously monitored air quality and did not
detect any situation that could potentially be harmful. The order was reduced to one-half mile at
approximately 6:39 PM and was canceled altogether at approximately 7:40 PM. Representatives from
the TCEQ and EPA were on location helping to monitor any potential negative environmental effects in
the immediate and surrounding areas.
The Conroe Fire Department was assisted by the Cut N Shoot Fire Department, The Woodlands Fire
Department, Central Montgomery County Fire Department, South Montgomery County Fire
Department, Needham Fire Department, Atascocita Fire Department, the Montgomery County Fire
Marshal’s Office, and the Montgomery County Hospital District. In total, 2 ladder trucks, 10 engines, 6
battalion chiefs, and 2 hazardous materials units were utilized to bring the incident under control.
According to the ownership of the business, all employees had left work for the day by approximately
4:00 PM. Both gates to the facility were closed and locked upon arrival of fire units. There is no
indication at this time that the building was occupied at the time of the incident.
One firefighter was transported to Conroe Regional ER with heat-related injuries. He was kept
overnight for observation and is in stable condition.
The Conroe Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office has initiated an investigation into the origin and
cause of the fire. The investigation is in the early stages. Updates will be made when information
becomes available.

AUGUST 14, 2016
Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested in a fatal crash that occurred at 2700 South Gessner about 3 a.m. on Sunday (August 14).

The suspect, Orlando Alexis Fortoso (H/m, 25), is charged with intoxication manslaughter in the 182nd State District Court.

The female victim, 27, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her identity is pending verification by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

HPD Vehicular Crimes Division Sergeant I. Duplechain and Officer J. Baker reported:

The suspect, Fortoso, was driving a white Toyota Camry northbound on South Gessner as he approached Westheimer when he failed to maintain a single lane, drove onto the median, overcorrected, and struck a water main and a commercial sign on the opposite side of the roadway. The victim, one of two female passengers in the vehicle, was ejected from the backseat. Field sobriety tests determined Fortoso was intoxicated and he was subsequently arrested and charged. A witness who had been at Jack n Box ordering food heard the crash and ran to help. He stated there was a lot of gas leaking and the young woman had been ejected. He also stated the driver and female front seat passenger were still seated in the car uninjured but too intoxicated to exit the vehicle.

AUGUST 14, 2018
A parade was held Saturday morning to support the Splendora Little League T-Ball Team after winning the World Series.

AUGUST 14, 2020
Earlier this week marine deputies located what appeared to be a vehicle in 17 feet of water using side-scan sonar while doing training. The Pct. 1 dive team responded this morning where divers located the object, which turned out to be a boat. The boat was recovered transferred to the auto theft task force. Unfortunately, Scott’s Ridge has been a place where stolen vehicles have been recovered before and the Marine units scan the area often because of it. If you see any suspicious activity please contact dispatch at 936-760-5800.

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