APRIL 13, 2006

APRIL 13, 2006

APRIL 13, 2006

APRIL 13, 2006

APRIL 13, 2007

APRIL 13, 2007

APRIL 13, 2007

APRIL 13, 2014
Just after 8 p.m. high winds and heavy storms moved through the community of Lovelady, Texas. A town off Highway 19 in Houston County between Huntsville and Crockett. It is also the home of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Eastham Unit.

Those storms did extensive da,age to several mobile homes and damaged many other buildings including the Lovelady High School. One 70-year-old woman was injured when a tree came crashing into her mobile home. Another mobile home ripped its tie-down anchors out of the ground flipping the trailer upside down.

A mobile home next door suffered roof damage and one across the street had windows broken and siding stripped off.

One hallway of the High School suffered roof and ceiling damage but not enough to halt classes today.

The National Weather Service has not yet confirmed if it was a tornado or strong winds. An official will make a site visit today to determine that.

The trees that were uprooted were all oaks and at least 100-years-old, they were uprooted but there was no stripping of leaves from the limbs as is normally seen in a tornado.

APRIL 13, 2015
Monday morning Shirley White and her son appeared once again in front of Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack for a show cause hearing. They were both held in contempt of court for ignoring an earlier order to turn their two mix dogs over to Montgomery County Animal Control.

In 2013 the dogs are seen on video attacking a neighbors cat. As they attack it another cat walks up to them and it is chased. Candace Carter who lives in Walden said her cat came up missing and she started walking the neighborhood looking for it when she heard a horrible noise down the street. She went to investigate thinking it was her cat. She discovered two dogs mauling a cat which wasn’t hers. As the cat got free she picked up the cat and the dogs charged her. Carters husband who was close by chased the dogs off. The neighbors cat did die from a broken back. Carter said in the summer of 2014 the dogs were running loose again and she followed them. That is when she witnessed them go under a partially open garage door and attack and kill a 17-year-old cat.

Carter said the community of Walden then got together to see what they could do about the dogs and contacted animal control.

In October 2014 a hearing was held in Judge Mack’s court and testimony was heard in which it was learned the dogs were responsible for killing several cats and chasing pedestrians. The Whites who had no fence, erected a fence around the yard to contain the dogs, Manny and Missy. Then in March while the Whites had friends over the dogs slipped through the front door and killed the cat in which Carter witnessed. Animal Control was called again and deemed the dogs dangerous. It was then Judge Mack ordered the dogs turned over to Animal Control and a ten day hearing be held to determine the fate of the dogs.

Shirley White testified Monday that the dogs were her babies and she was scared they would be put down if Animal Control took them. She fled out of state with the dogs. This defying a court order and causing the hearing on Monday.

During Monday’s hearing Judge Mack stated if the dogs were not turned over by 5 pm on Monday, he would incarcerate White for contempt of court until such time the dogs were turned over. White agreed to allow Animal Control to go to her son’s home off SH 105 and take the dogs into custody.

Mack set April 27 as a hearing date to determine what would then be done with the dogs.

Judge Mack said the statute is not very clear. “In my opinion is not a very well-written statute”, on what can be done on a dangerous dog. His options could go as far as ordering the dogs put down. However, he said the whites will have the opportunity to prove that they have corrected the problem of the dogs getting out and preventing future incidents. If that is not provided he can order the dogs put down as dangerous dogs. Judge Mack’s concern was if a child had been holding that cat, would the child have been attacked also.

Shirley White said in August 2010 her neighbor was jogging in Walden when Missy caught up to her and followed her home. Shirley tried to find her owner but was not successful so kept her. A few years later she had ten black puppies and Shirley White kept one naming it Manny. She said according to the vet they Manny is a mix of Pitt and Beagle. Missy is also a Pitt mix.

She said when they were out the abundance of cats in Walden see them then run. Missy, who loves to play, thinks it’s a game and chases after them. She said the dogs have never hurt a human and have been brought up around children from infants to teens. Her nephew who was three at the time the dogs came into Whites life. He would hang on the dog almost choking it but was never attacked or bitten. Both normally sleep in the same bed as White does every night.

After Judge Mack’s ruling Monday Animal Control met the Whites at Nathan Whites home. Nathan walked the dogs out to the Animal Control truck. It was quite an emotional scene causing Shirley White to shed many tears as she talked with her dogs. At one point after the Animal Control Officer had loaded the dogs she reached back into the cage. Both Manny and Missy came to her and started licking her. During the time they were picked up there was never a sign of aggression. White sent her blanket with her scent hoping it would keep the dogs calm for their ten day stay at the shelter.

APRIL 13, 2015
Monday night residents came together to voice their opinion on the Montgomery County Road Bond issue. With the election coming up on May 9 more and more are becoming involved and trying to determine how to vote. The 90 minute question and answer session opened up the minds of many people both for and against.

Here is the complete unedited video:

APRIL 13, 2016
About 4am Wednesday a Chevrolet was northbound on I-45 over Richey Road on wet roads when the driver slammed into the rear of a Dr. Pepper 18-wheeler. A Jaguar, which was following to close for conditions then slammed into the Chevrolet. Both vehicles suffered extensive damage. The driver of the truck was uninjured. Three others were transported to the hospital.

APRIL 13, 2016
-0745AM-Deputy Alden Clopton was shot six times at the 3000 block of Alabama Street near Ennis. He’s been in surgery since 1 AM. Doctors are working to address several injuries, including two bullets lodged in his abdomen, and another near his heart..

Investigators say around 11:20 pm, Deputy Clopton and a reserve deputy were wrapping up a traffic stop on Alabama Street when someone opened fire on them. Deputy Clopton was standing beside the reserve deputy’s patrol car when several bullets struck.

The shots came from across Alabama where there is a bike path. The reserve deputy then got out of her car and shot back in the direction of the gunfire.

“She heard multiple gunshots and saw that her partner had been struck. She got out of her patrol vehicle and fearing for her partner’s safety and her own saw a suspect across the street, she returned fire one time unknown if the suspect is struck, the suspect then fled,” said Kese Smith with HPD. We do not have a description of the suspect and at this point, the suspect is still on the loose. One person matching a suspect’s description was taken into custody at a nearby fire station.

Deputy Clopton is an 11-year veteran of the Constable’s Office. Deputies say his wife works for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and that his family is at the hospital.

“His family is obviously in shock,” says Holland Jones, spokesman for the Constable’s Office. “Hopefully his family’s prayers will be answered.”
Because this is an officer-involved shooting, the district attorney’s office will send an investigator.

APRIL 13, 2019
Late Saturday morning radar indicated a lot of circulation in the storm around Hearn, Texas off Highway 6. As it was watched it moved very quickly across toward Calvert and the Franklin. The residents had virtually no warning as it built and moved so quickly. Over the Franklin area, you were able to see debris in the radar images a, a good indication of a touchdown.  As I drove up I-45 the radar showed it moving toward the  Madisonville and Centerville area. Just as I approached I-45 and
OSR the leading edge of what hit Franklin was moving through, torrential rain, intense wind, and large hail.  Behind it, virtually nothing almost clearing skies. Franklin has extensive damage. Homes destroyed, a new church which held its first service last week destroyed. There were 12 minor injuries and no fatalities. I will be uploading additional videos and photos shortly.

APRIL 13, 2019
woman rescues herself after being trapped by tornado
Cecil Miles who is 85 lives with his wife Frances in Houston County on SH 21 just a few miles from Alto, Texas. Saturday afternoon Cecil who is a ham radio operator was planning on increasing his tower height at his home with some friends. His wife was just down the road at the Mounds for an event. Without warning, Cecil said a freight train sounded like it was coming through the house. That is when the tornado struck. The only warning was on television about a tornado warning. Cecil has somewhat of a museum in a shop next to his home. Antiques of every kind from old gas station fuel pumps, to old toys, to a 1902 Sear Catalog. But his prized collection are his cars, one of which he got the day before the storm. The collection includes a 1923 Model-T race car, 1949 Buick Coupe Convertible, 1957 hardtop, and a 1965 Baracuda. His truck was damaged by the storm as was his car. However, the damage to the car was nothing compared to what it could have been as his wife was inside it at the time driving down Highway 21. His wife Frances who is still in a state of shock told us that she had lived in Houston and rode out multiple hurricanes and floods. However, Saturday was a total eye-opener as far as Mother Nature. Frances was traveling west on SH 21 from the Mounds which later she learned was destroyed with multiple injuries and a fatality. She had just passed the Neches River which is the county line between Cherokee County and Houston County. The storm moved in and she saw a tree start to fall across the highway so she stopped so she wouldn’t hit it. When she stopped the remainder f the trees fell on her car with her in it. Frances said she felt blessed as she was in the driver’s seat and the trees made an “X” above her on the vehicle. That’s when the tornado came through. She felt the car shaking as the tornado tried to lift it but the trees she believes helped weigh it down. Frances said,” Lord if it’s my time I commend my spirit to your loving hands”. Frances said, “you don’t see a flash of your life before you, and you don’t see panic, everything is slow motion, like a quiet zone.” She stayed in the car until the storm passed and then tried to exit. All her car doors were blocked by trees except for the passenger side rear door. It was open. She was able to get the passenger seat in the reclining position and crawl over it. But first, she had to clear the back seat of the glass from the blown-out rear window. She was then able to crawl into the back seat. But now faced the problem of the reclined passenger seat blocking the rear door. With her wits about her, she took the seatbelt, formed a loop and hooked it around the seat recline release. She was able to put the front passenger seatback to the upright position and crawl out. Once she was out she started hiking back home. Crawling over and under downed trees. She dodged trees until she found a big open pasture and after walking through a ditch was able to get to it and start walking an unobstructed route. Just before she got to the house a Storm Chaser stopped and picked her up and delivered her to her home. She called the Storm Chaser her Guardian Angel. Frances said she was worried about her husband Cecil who was home alone and said, “the Good Lord helped both of us.” Frances who is 81-year-old said the cell phones were out and could not dial 911 so knew she had to do it on her own. “You just make up your mind to do it and go for it, that’s my philosophy,” she said. Her 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis was totaled. She said she could never see the tornado, just the rain whipped wind, the trees and limbs crashing into the windshield. She did say she did a lot of praying. “There is no Athiest in a tornado,” she said. Sunday dozens of friends and fellow Ham Radio Operators descended on the Miles home to help start the cleanup process. The home suffered minimal damage and with a standby generator, the power lines down have not affected them. Once Cecil is up and going on his Ham Radio, say hello-KFYAIJ