APRIL 14, 2007

APRIL 14, 2007

APRIL 14, 2013
Just after 1 a.m. Conroe Police were on routine patrol and watching hotels and shopping centers for two suspects who already burglarized several vehicles up and down the I-45 corridor this past week. As they rolled through Spring Hill Suites which is just north of Walmart on Interstate 45 and SH 242 police spotted the suspects. afoot chase turned into them jump into a Dodge Mangum and sped off to the freeway feeder. When they reached SH 242 at Interstate 45 the suspects ran the red light and entered the freeway.

Several Conroe officers were initially in the pursuit which soon was joined by other agencies including the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, DPS, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and the Houston Police Department.

The chase continued into Harris County at speeds up to 120 mph.

When they reached FM 1960 the suspects abruptly exited the freeway. With a Conroe patrol unit directly behind it. The Conroe unit hit gravel that had built up on the exit and spun out of control. The Conroe unit after spinning at least five times then struck the curb and an embankment next to the freeway. Although the officer was uninjured the car did sustain some damage.

The suspect re-entered the freeway and continued to Beltway 8 where they traveled eastbound to US 59. At 59 they traveled south to Hopper Road into a neighborhood.

Hadley Street was the next street they turned east on which came to a dead end. Just before the end of the street, they struck an SUV. The female in that vehicle was transported with minor injuries. Officers from Conroe, Harris County, DPS, and HPD swarmed the vehicles taking a male and female into custody.

The female had open warrants for robbery from Harris County. The male had no open warrants but had a prior history of evading and burglary of a motor vehicle.

APRIL 14, 2013
At 6:41a.m. Sunday morning MCHD received a report of a single-vehicle crash on Mt. Zion Road at North Clark. A nurse on the scene reported she was unable to get to the patients due to the damage of the vehicle.

When EMS and the North Montgomery County Fire Department arrived on the scene they found a Pontiac Grand Am upside down against a tree. Both the driver and the passenger were entrapped and they were able to determine there was no sign of life.

DPS Troopers on the scene report the vehicle driven by Jerry Hamm, 38 of New Waverly was driving east on Mt. Zion and failed to negotiate the curve. When Hamm overcorrected the vehicle slid sideways down North Clark Road almost two-hundred-fifty feet before hitting several trees, breaking them off. The vehicle then rolled upside down against a large tree which almost split the vehicle in two.

The passenger in the vehicle was identified as James Sumrall, 23, also of New Waverly.

Both men were within one mile of their home.

A cook-off team had returned from the Montgomery County Fair Sunday morning at approximately 12:30 a.m. and did not see the vehicle at that time. As they left Sunday morning at 6:40 a.m. is when they spotted the vehicle.

Another neighbor reported hearing a loud bang close to 2:30 a.m. but thought it was a tree falling as the area was hit hard by the drought and there are many dead trees in the area.

Judge Moriarti ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport Sumrall and Ham to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

Texan Towing removed the vehicle from the scene.

APRIL 14, 2015
Just after 7 pm Needham Fire Department and MCHD were dispatched to a home in the 2400 block of Ripplewood Circle in the Carriage Hills Subdivision. A medic unit was in the intersection of Carriage Hills and FM 1488 when the call dispatched. They were there within minutes and learned a man was on the first floor just inside the door. Heavy smoke was coming out of the upper areas of the home but smoke had not yet settled on the first floor. They were able to get the man out of the home. As they were coming out the front door Assistant Montgomery County Fire Marshal Troy Baxter who had just finished putting an arsonist in jail was on his way home when he heard the call and like the medics were just down the street pulled up and assisted. It was then it was discovered the man had a bullet wound. MCHD transported the 81-year –old male to Memorial Herrmann Hospital in The Woodlands where he remains critical. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Detectives say a family member received a call earlier this evening from the elderly male stating he was going to end his life. They believe the bullet wound was indeed self inflicted.

Assisting Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office detectives are a team from the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office. Even though it is early in the investigation, Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams said gasoline was found spread in the home.

When Needham Firefighters arrived fire broke through the roof of the two-story structure. Even though the fire was not on the first floor yet they were met by extremely intense fire on the second floor.
There were no firefighter injuries.

APRIL 14, 2019
Early Saturday afternoon at least three tornados ripped through East Texas. Houston County suffered heavy damage and one death when a woman whose home was destroyed was found in a wooded area, deceased with her poodle at her side still alive. The area across from her property looked as it had been clear cut by the tornado. Just east of there and across the river was Mounds State Historic site. With a Native American Cultural Event taking place close to 100 were attending when the tornado went right through the event center. Dozens were injured, at least eight people were flown out with critical injuries. One of those died Sunday morning of her injuries. Another man suffers a broken back. Many others were treated for various injuries. The vehicle in the parking lot was scattered like toys. A Stephen F. Austin College passenger van was picked up and deposited across the road. Then in Angelina County, two children who were family members of a Cherokee County Deputy were riding with their parents near the town of Pollok when a tree fell on the vehicle. The parents were in the front seat, the children ages 3 and 8 were in the back seat. The Sheriff said the car was crushed like a pancake. Many homes in Alto itself were destroyed or damaged. Blue tarps on many, others gone or almost gone. The Alto Police Chief estimates at least 150 homes in the town of 1200 were badly damaged. At least 25 in town were completely destroyed. All the schools in Alto are in one area. The High School had the roof lifted from it and put back down. The Elementry has structural damage as did the gymnasium where a wall collapsed. The baseball field suffered major damage. Many churches were without power on Palm Sunday. Services were held outdoors. Several churches were turned into shelters. According to the Alto mayor residents just started recovering from the severe hail storm just 7-days before the tornado.