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APRIL 3, 2006

APRIL 3, 2007

APRIL 3, 2007

PORTER — The Coast Guard rescued an east Montgomery County man with a helicopter Tuesday evening after he scaled a 60-foot pine tree to retrieve his beloved pet bird — Geronimo.
William Hart, 35, chased his $2,000 white cockatoo into the tree after it escaped its cage Tuesday. Before the Coast Guard helicopter finally retrieved him about 7:45 p.m., Hart could be seen standing on a limb holding the bird under his shirt and smoking a cigarette.
Rescuers communicated with Hart by bullhorn, giving him instructions on what to do once rescue crews were ready to pluck him from the branches.
Porter firefighters first responded to the scene at about 5 p.m. In all, about 30 to 40 Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies and firefighters from Porter and The Woodlands converged on the tree, but recent rains made the ground too wet to back a ladder truck close enough to reach Hart.
Authorities then called in Houston Police Department’s water rescue team, which tried to reach the man with a rope, but it was not long enough. As daylight began to fade, the decision was made to call in the Coast Guard from Galveston.
“In my 18 years as a firefighter, I’ve never seen anything like this,” Porter Fire Chief Jody Binnion said.
The helicopter took Hart to Williams Airport off Porter Lane, less than a mile from the site of the rescue. Apart from a few scratches and a bite on his finger where the frightened bird nipped him, Hart was unscathed and relieved to be back on solid ground.
Cradling the shaking bird in his arms, he said he was surprised by all the fuss, but had no regrets, explaining “He’s my baby. I’d do it again.”
A spokesman for the Coast Guard said it costs about $7,000 an hour for a helicopter rescue. Tuesday’s mission took about an hour and a half, said Petty Officer Mario Romero.
Romero said Hart will not be billed because it was an actual rescue. If it had been a hoax or a crank call, the person responsible would have to pay, he said.
Hart said he has owned Geronimo since the bird was 6 weeks old, “with two feathers on his head.”
He said his 14-year-old daughter apparently forgot to put the latch back on Geronimo’s cage after feeding him and the bird flew out the bedroom window. Hart happened to be outside talking with a friend who spotted the feathered fugitive. “Isn’t that your bird?” the friend asked. “No, my bird’s in the cage,” Hart responded. But when he looked up, he realized it was indeed Geronimo.
Hart chased the bird into a wooded area, where Geronimo flew into a tree and landed on a limb about 60 feet in the air. Hart climbed up a smaller pine tree until he was level with the bird. He then hopped over to the limb and called to Geronimo, who flew over to his arm.
With one arm occupied by the bird, Hart said he was too afraid to jump back over to the smaller tree and climb down. He yelled to his sister Dubbie Mizelle, who was helping him chase the bird, to call 911.
Awaiting rescue for several hours in the branches was more tranquil than scary, Hart said.
“It was a nice breeze,” he said. “It felt like heaven.”

APRIL 3, 2010
Details are still sketchy. However, according to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Investigators were called to a shooting approximately 815am Easter Sunday. The location was at the intersection of Gooseberry and Wisp in the Summer Hills Subdivision. Enroute deputies were advised of another location on Sorters Road just North of the Kingwood College Campus. At this location a wrecker driver Aubry LaBuff found a black Chevrolet Avalanche parked on the side of the road. He advised deputies that two or three Hispanic males fled the scene on foot into the woods.
Inside they found a Hispanic male who was dead on the scene of apparent gunshots and a female who was transported to BenTaub in critical condition with gunshots. They were identified as Jorge Alberto Chavana-Castillo, 55, the deceased and his wife Orfelia Chavana, who was struck twice in the upper torso. Both lived on Wisp Ct.
Based on eyewitness accounts, Bucks said it appeared that two, “possibly three” Hispanic males in a Mitsubishi Montero SUV approached the Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Chavana-Castillo and opened fire with at least one weapon.
“We believe two weapons were discharged, but we are not certain if both were used by the (assailants) or one was used by one of the victims,” Bucks said. From preliminary reports, an SUV and the Avalanche were near the intersection of Gooseberry and Wisp and shots were fired at the Avalanche. The other SUV somehow became disabled in the ditch.. The suspects then jumped into the Avalanche and fled. A flat tire then forced them to pull over on the Sorters Road location. Investigators from the Sheriff’s Department, Houston Police Department, and the Texas Rangers remained on both scenes most of the day as Sorters Road was closed. Early on Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Juan Chapa was called upon to assist law enforcement with translation. Judge James Metts ordered the body of the deceased to be transported to the Southeast Forensic Center by Clarence Lewis & Son Mortuary.

APRIL 3, 2014
Harris County Precinct 4 Constables responded to the Diamond Shamrock In and Out on Boudreaux Road and Sharon Parkway near Tomball about 9:30pm Thursday night.

Three armed black males wearing masks went into the store and forced a customer to the ground. Two of the suspects then jumped over the counter stealing cigarettes and cash.

During the robbery, Kristen Dowell, a girlfriend of on of the victims forced to the floor saw what was going on from the vehicle she was sitting in outside. She ran to the door and yelled at the gunmen, “let my boyfriend go, let my boyfriend go.” It was then that one gunman turned to her and opened fire. She was cut by flying glass but avoided being shot.

The three suspects then fled on foot across the street into the neighborhood.

Moments later Tomball Police were dispatched to the Texaco Station on FM 2920 at North Howard just west of FM 2978, There the same three robbed that business but no shots were fired.

Video is being processed at this time, there was no other descriptions except black males close to 19 or 20 years old.

Dowell, “I guess God didn’t want me to go today.”

APRIL 3, 2014
Tommy Lynn Sells, 49 was put to death Thursday night after the U.S, Supreme Court rejected demands to release information on the lethal drugs used in the execution. He was the first to be executed with the new supply of pentobarbital to replace the TDCJ expired supply.

Refusing to make the last statement the drugs began to flow. Sells took a few breaths, his eyes closed and he began to snore. In less than a minute he stopped moving and was pronounced dead at 6:27 pm just 13 minutes after the drugs began to flow.

A jury convicted Sells of capital murder in 2000 for the death of Kaylene Harris and slashing of her 10-year-old friend, Krystal Surles, who survived and helped police find Sells. The girls were attacked on New Year’s Eve 1999 as they slept in the home of Kaylene Harris’ family in Del Rio. The Harris family had befriended Sells at a community church.

Court records show Sells claimed to have committed as many as 70 killings across the U.S.In 2003, Sells was indicted but never tried for the slaying of 13-year-old Stephanie Mahaney in Missouri. He also pleaded guilty to capital murder in the 1999 death of 9-year-old Mary Bea Perez, who was strangled during “Fiesta” in San Antonio. She was last seen alive at Market Street Square on April 18, 1999. Prosecutors waived the death penalty in exchange for the plea. Among his other confessions was the slaying of an Illinois family in 1987. Those victims included Ruby Dardeen, who was eight months pregnant. Her fatal beating forced her to prematurely give birth. The newborn was killed along with her 3-year-old sibling.

Terry Harris, whose 13-year-old daughter, Kaylene Harris, was fatally stabbed by sells in 1999 in South Texas said the injection was way more gentle than what Sells gave out.. “Basically, the dude just took a nap,” he said,

The Supreme Court earlier in the day declined to halt the execution as Sells’ attorneys tried to obtain more information from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice about the supplier of the new drug stock. TDCJ officials argued that the pharmacy must be kept secret to protect it from threats of violence.

APRIL 3, 2019
More than 20 police and fire departments took part in the procession for Captain Daniel Laird, 41 of Yuba City, California. Laird, a Heli attack firefighter assigned to the Tahoe National Forest in California was killed last week when the helicopter he was in crashed in the Sam Houston National Forest. Laird had been assisting in prescribed burn operations of the Sam Houston NationalForest when the helicopter went down near FM 149 in Northwest Montgomery County. Firefighters have stood over Laird at the Eickenhorst Funeral Home since he was transported there from the Montgomery County Forensic Center. Today they left there and carried Laird to Bush Airport for his final flight home. Laird is survived by his wife and daughter.