AUGUST 15, 2007

DPS has just cleared the scene of a fatal accident on Lee Turner Road just north of SH 105.  It appears it could possibly be a medical-related accident but that will be determined after an autopsy. Family members had been looking for the 79-year-old man since he left his home in Trails End Subdivision in San Jacinto County Friday morning at about 10 am. This afternoon his daughter and grand-daughter had stopped at the sales office for Trails End to make some Missing Person posters. As they left the grand-daughter saw something shining in the woods. As they turned around they found the vehicle with their family member, Raymond Boyd Mills Sr. inside. He was deceased.

Judge Metts ordered Metcalf Funeral Directors to transport the body to Dallas for autopsy.

AUGUST 15, 2012
Just after 1:30 p.m. Wednesday Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office along with MCHD and Splendora Fire Department were dispatched to the 26000 block of Pecan Grove near Fosters Bend for a reported auto-pedestrian accident with a child trapped under the vehicle. When Splendora Fire Department arrived on the scene the child had already been removed from under the vehicle.

MCHD requested PHI Air Medical to the scene due to the nature of the injury.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the 8-year-old girl was about to leave with her 17-year-old sister and her 18-year-old sister in a Highlander SUV. The two sisters, who thought the child had already gotten into the back seat put the SUV in gear and started to drive off. The child who had not yet gotten into the vehicle was run over with the back tire. They reported the SUV had actually left a tire track from her lower body across the shoulder area.

The child was talking with paramedics as she was being prepared to be flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is continuing their investigation.

AUGUST 15, 2012
A bizarre string of events landed two belligerent women in jail and made for a Tuesday night a mother, several deputies and other bystanders will never forget. There were some tense moments for Anita Beskoon, who was eastbound on Rayford Road with four small children in her mini-van, approaching Riley Fuzzel Road when she saw a driver in her rearview mirror that was swerving in and out of lanes and honking her horn. The aggressive driver approached Beskoon, riding too close to Beskoon’s rear bumper and blowing her horn. Just before the intersection, it happened. The Mitsubishi, with two females inside, rear-ended Beskoon’s van. It was a minor hit, but appeared intentional.

Beskoon exited her van and walked to the rear of it, where she confronted one of the women about the accident. The woman began cursing at her, and calling her names. The outbursts continued until Beskoon displayed her cellphone and told said she was calling the police. The suspects quickly retreated to their vehicle and drove away, but the issue was far from settled.

As Beskoon approached Creekside Village Subdivision, she saw the same car swiftly approaching from the rear, disregarding a stop sign and passing a car to do so. The Mitsubishi then passed Beskoon’s van and turned into Creekside Village. But shortly thereafter, when Beskoon approached the intersection of Guadalupe River and Brazos River, she spotted the Mitsubishi again – waiting for her.

As Beskoon passed, the suspects drove up beside her and began cursing and making obscene hand gestures. The suspects had no idea an off-duty Harris County Deputy, in his personal vehicle with his family, saw most of what was happening. The deputy sprang into action, approaching the two suspects and identifying himself as a police officer by holding up his badge.

Realizing a police officer witnessed such outrageous behavior might have snapped some people back to reality, but not Robin Scott. First, she ran into his vehicle, and then Scott ran into the deputy, running over his foot in the process.

When the deputy then removed Scott from the vehicle at gunpoint, a scuffle ensued. As the deputy tried to take control of the situation, Scott’s passenger, Renee Williams, jumped out with her camera phone and began recording the incident, trying to get close shots of the deputy’s badge. The loyal sidekick then hopped into the car’s driver seat and fled into the subdivision, leaving Scott behind with the deputy.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies then responded. One of the first units to arrive was the MCSO/DWI Taxi, half of which is painted like a taxi, and half matching the other MCSO patrol vehicles. The deputies quickly took Scott into custody. Montgomery County Hospital District medics responded to treat the Harris County deputy whose foot was injured when Scott ran over it.

The other responding deputies began searching the subdivision for the Mitsubishi and the passenger turned driver. Several blocks away from the scene, they found the car abandoned in the middle of the road. Witnesses told them Williams was in a nearby house.

Deputies entered the house but were told by a woman on the location that Williams had left with a male companion in a Scion. As deputies spoke with her, it was learned she had Harris County warrants and they also spotted a small amount of marijuana. She was arrested for possession.

Deputies at the entrance of the subdivision spotted the Scion leaving and were able to stop it and detain Williams.

Many people in the park just before sunset got a special insight into what a deputy’s job entails and watched deputies administering standard field sobriety tests to Williams and Scott.

When Scott failed her test and was handcuffed, she began to fight deputies. It took at least four of them to place her in the patrol car’s back seat as she kicked, screamed, and cursed at them. Williams also failed the SFST and was placed in the backseat of another patrol car.

As deputies were completing witness statements, Scott began kicking and screaming again. Then, almost as if to taunt deputies with a final insult, Scott urinated in the back of the patrol car, near enough to the closed door that the urine leaked out the bottom.

Renee Rose Williams, 23, of 549 Sandra Court in Conroe was transported to the Montgomery County Jail, charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Evading Arrest/Detention. Her bond was set at $2,500.

Robin Alyse Scott, 21, of 1807 West Welsford in Spring was transported to the Montgomery County Jail, charged with Assaulting a Peace Officer, Driving While Intoxicated, and Criminal Mischief. Her bond is set at $5,600

The as yet unidentified female at the residence where Williams fled is charged with Possession of Marijuana.

The male who transported Williams away from the scene was released after it was determined he had no knowledge of the incident.

Perhaps, the most ironic part of the entire incident was Scott’s personalized license plate which reads, “YAY ME.”

AUGUST 15, 2014
Terry and Jennifer Porter are the owners of Magnolia Hunting Supply, they also have a sister who has gained some popularity in the past two months. Shontelle Porter who owns For Pet’s Sake Grooming Services in Porter wanted something for a pick me up several months ago. Since she works with dogs on a daily basis and has one of her own she decided on a monkey.

After making some calls she was on the way to McAllen, Texas to pick her new friend. Omar Villarreal has a large $1 million facility when the primates are raised. It is all in a natural tropical habitat. It is a licensed USDA facility that is inspected often. Villarreal owns over 300 primates of twenty –six species. The cost of monkeys varies from $1,800 to $8,000.

When Shontelle returned home to Porter with her Racsus monkey which she names “Bubbles” she started a Facebook page for her friends to keep up with Bubbles. Since then Bubble’s has been known around the world. with almost 8,000 followers she posts new videos and photos daily. Responses on Facebook are tremendous. One mother wrote her 9-year-old gets up every morning and wants to watch Bubble’s new video as he eats breakfast.

The 1st Calvary, 11th Division, Blackjack Company in Afghanistan are followers of Bubbles. She gets many letters and emails daily from families of childhood cancer patients who also love to watch the daily postings of the videos.

When Shontelle posted she was going to Magnolia parents suddenly appeared at Magnolia Hunting with their children who begged their parents to see Bubbles. Bubbles made herself right at home visiting with the children, stealing phone messages attached to the computer monitor and even found an interest in the front page of the Montgomery County Police Reporter on the counter.

Several weeks ago Shontelle walked into a local CVS where a small child recognized her and ran through the store yelling to her mother, “Bubble’s mother is here”.

Bubble’s who is now 2-months-old will grow to about two feet with a maximum weight of fifteen pounds. Her species live to become 30 to forty years old.

You can follow Bubble’s daily on her Facebook.


AUGUST 15, 2015
Just before  7pmSaturday,  Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Patrol received a call for a possible drowning near Seven Coves. They along with North Montgomery County Fire Department responded with boats to the area. According to Montgomery County Precinct 1 Captain Rusty Fincher, a male approximately 30-years-old had come to the lake with his family and rented a boat. The group was near the Seven Coves area when the victim went down. According to investigators, the victim was being pulled behind the rented boat on a tube when he fell off. He went under and never resurfaced. An autopsy will determine if he was injured, or panicked when he went under and took a breath, inhaling water or just was unable to swim. He was not wearing a life vest.

With Lake patrol using sonar to attempt to locate the victim, North Montgomery County Fire Department divers are in the water to check any possible signal the sonar should pick up.

At approximately 9:30 pm sonar did pick p an object and divers recovered the body of the victim.

Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

AUGUST 15, 2015
Just after 830pm, Saturday Harris County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to an auto-pedestrian crash on Spears Road near Walters Road in North Harris County. Units arriving on the scene found a Hispanic male lying on the right side of the road deceased. The driver of the vehicle that struck him was uninjured,n however his vehicle sustained front end damage. According to investigators, the Hispanic male was walking along the side of the poorly lit road with no crosswalks when he crossed the road. One vehicle swerved to miss him however he was struck by the second vehicle. Two other spots within 100 feet of the crash mark spots where others have died.

At this point, he has not been identified but appears to be a middle-aged male.

He was taken to the Harris County Forensic Center for autopsy.

AUGUST 15, 2015

AUGUST 15, 2015
Houston police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man at 6771 Westbranch about 7:25 p.m. on Saturday (August 15).

The victim, Christopher Henry, 34, was pronounced dead at the scene.

HPD Homicide Division Officers D. Crowder and A. Vinogradov reported:

Mr. Henry was in the parking lot of a convenience store at the above address when the suspect walked up to him. The two got into an argument and the suspect then shot Henry one time. The suspect, described only as a black male with a bandana and baseball cap, fled the scene.

Anyone with information, in this case, is urged to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

AUGUST 15, 2017
On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, at approximately 10:28 am, Conroe Police Officers responded to a report of a possible stolen vehicle located in the Lowes parking lot (1920 Westview Blvd).
Officers arrived and two suspects in the occupied stolen vehicle attempted to flee in the vehicle. The suspect intentionally rammed four parked citizen vehicles, one that was occupied, while trying to flee from the officer. A Conroe Police officer fired his handgun to protect himself and others present. An off-duty retired Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy came forward to assist this officer and fired one round striking the suspect driver; resulting in a non-life-threatening injury. The suspects fled this location and were pursued by officers south on IH45 for several miles until the disabled suspect vehicle could not continue. Both suspects fled on foot and were apprehended after an extended foot pursuit.

The suspect driver was determined to be a juvenile who was wanted on multiple charges. This juvenile was treated and released at Conroe ER before being transported to Montgomery County Juvenile Detention to face additional charges. The passenger, identified as Noah Dennis, 17, from Corpus Christi, was arrested for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (UUMV) and Evading on Foot. Dennis was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office responded and is assisting in the investigation. The Conroe Police Officer will be placed on administrative leave as standard practice until the investigation is completed.

No other information or comment to be released at this time.

AUGUST 15, 2017
Earlier this week an Amber alert from Hidalgo County was issued when a 13-year-old female was taken by her uncle. Tuesday morning the silver pick-up wanted in the Amber Alert was spotted at SH 242 and US 59 at the Flying J Truck Stop by a U.S. Marshal. The suspect rammed a US Marshal. A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy who had been close assisted and a pursuit started with several Montgomery County units. The chase of the silver dually pickup continued north at speeds of over 80mph. Liberty County, Cleveland PD, and Cleveland ISD Police and DPS then got involved. It continued into San Jacinto County where San Jacinto County units and additional DPS units got involved. A DPS Trooper attempted to spike the fleeing truck on the north side of Shepherd. The truck tried to swerve from the spikes, lost control, and slammed into the DPS Tahoe. The contents of the trooper’s vehicle were spilled onto the highway as his rear hatch was open. Officers approached the truck and took the male into custody. They also detained a female passenger who at first appeared to be an adult. That young woman was the girl that a statewide amber alert was issued for. She is unharmed. US 59 was closed for close to an hour and then one lane was opened as DPS continued the investigation. The suspect was returned to the Montgomery County Jail. His truck was taken to the Montgomery County Crime Lab and Impound. The total length of the pursuit was 25-miles.

AUGUST 15,2017
Just after 9 am Tuesday a young male and female were traveling south on US 59, just south of FM 2090 when the driver lost control. Their vehicle ran under an 18-wheeler loaded with chicken. The driver saw what was happening and hit his brakes dragging the vehicle several hundred yards before he was able to stop. The occupants of the vehicle suffered minor injuries. The truck driver was not injured. The trailer suffered damage and the load had to be transferred to another truck.

AUGUST 15.2017
Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constable David Hill celebrates 50 years in law enforcement this month. We sat down with Constable Hill and talked about those 50 years. From his graduating high school and going to work for TDCJ at almost $400 a month. He talked about the changes he saw in TDCJ from back then until now. He then applied for DPS and was accepted. After the short academy, His first and only duty station was Montgomery County. Enough bullets were issued to fit on your gun belt. The patrol car had one red spotlight which was used to pull people over. At one-point, DPS attempted to start a motorcycle division. That flopped a short time later as all six motorcycles which had developed a high-speed wobble had been wrecked. With only 4 troopers in the county and how much different DWI arrests were and all arrests for that matter. Having no cell phones and radios that ran on tubes where if the car was turned off, on the third time you keyed up you would need a wrecker to jump you off. The jail was on the top floor of the Montgomery County Courthouse and at times you would have to call Conroe PD on the radio to have them call over and wake the jailer up. If you were arrested for DWI your fine was $125 and you had to spend 4 hours in jail. Key Maps were not around yet and Hill still has a map book which he got from the telephone company which was used for maps. With officers far and few between, Hill said many times you would depend on wrecker drivers to back you up. They also had radios in which they could talk. ” There were times you didn’t worry about homeowners with guns and it wasn’t unusual to make a traffic stop in front of a home and see the homeowner walk out with a shotgun, sit down on his porch and watch. Then as you released the driver from the traffic stop, the homeowner would just go back inside. You never gave it any thought.” Pursuits took place and with the large engines, it wasn’t unusual to get well over 100 miles per hour. EMS was another weakness back then. Most ambulance people had a Red Cross Basic First Aid Card. It wasn’t unusual to see an ambulance at a gas station filling up in the middle of a response. Crash investigations amounted to more or less writing a report, In the beginning, scenes weren’t even measured. Photographs were taken by members of the media for DPS. On a fatal accident scene, with no cell phones, it wasn’t unusual for a member of the media to get a call from Ms. Loretta or K.B. Hallmark in the middle of the night asking them to respond to the scene. There were only about two or three persons around that they could count on. Many times, also it wasn’t unusual for another trooper to show up at a photographer’s home or stop them on the highway and escort them to the scene. In the north area Lloyd Overcash, Richard Searls, and Scott Engle were the ones usually called on. It was in the mid-’80s before troopers started to carry cameras. When Hill left DPS there was an opening in the county for a new precinct. Hill was hoping Commissioners would give him the Justice of the Peace position that was open, but instead, he was appointed Constable until the next election. which has won every one of them since. Hill said Magnolia was very small back then, the RenFest brought a lot of traffic through town in the mid-’70s and people started to take note of Magnolia and move out that direction. Then the rumor started that Disney was going to build a theme park and land started selling. Not once but several times the rumor came up over 20-years. Hill started with one man and himself. The primary job was handling civil papers. He is now up to 24 officers and split into civil, patrol, and schools. His officers are responsible for all the security of Magnolia ISD schools. Areas like Hazy Hollow which the past several years have had many, many drug-related arrests started out in the ’70s. Back then there were officers, game wardens, and even judges living in what Hill calls the Hollow. “There are many good people still there but a lot of drug arrests have been made”. Hill said after this term he is going to retire. He and his wife have visited 40 of the 50 states and Hill wants to make it a goal to see all 50. He also wants to do a lot more fishing and hunting. This Friday at 5:30 pm there will be a 50th-year celebration dinner at the West Montgomery County Community Center, 31355 Friendship Drive in Magnolia. Dinner, drinks, and cake will be served. For more information contact Angie Kula 713-806-7747.

AUGUST 15, 2018
Just after 1 a.m., a Montgomery County Deputy was at the Shell station at SH 242 and I-45 on a traffic stop when he heard a crash on the other side of the trees. He went to investigate and found an 18-wheeler owned by La Lebra of Houston on its side with a lost load of steel rebar. He found the driver still inside the cab standing up and appeared ok. Woodlands and Needham Fire responded and were able to extricate the driver who has minor injuries. He was not transported to the hospital. Milstead Heavy Duty arrived on the scene to right the truck along with Hazmat International to clean the oil that spilled on the roadway from a broken oil pan. DPS is investigating the crash. Early reports are the driver of the truck was westbound on SH 242. As he approached I-45 he turned northbound. That is when the truck rolled and traveled across 3 lanes of traffic before coming to rest. I-45 northbound feeder remains closed at 3 am as crews attempt to clear the truck, oil, and steel from the roadway.

AUGUST 15, 2018
Just after 11:30 a.m. an elderly man was traveling north on Dobbin Huffsmith at Ascott in a minivan when he abruptly crossed the southbound lane and crashed into a tree. Magnolia Fire and MCHD responded. The driver was pronounced deceased at the scene. Montgomery County Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace Matt Masden responded to the scene and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.. The road was closed close to 2 hours as DPS conducted the investigation.

AUGUST 15, 2019
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed two children have drowned in a pond on Wigginsville Road in Grangerland. Another child was transported in stable condition to Texas Children’s Hospital. Detectives, District Attorney and Justice of the Peace are en route to the scene. Please keep the family and the first responders who worked over 30 minutes trying to save the children once one of the paramedics found them and retrieved them from the water.

AUGUST 15, 2019
Just after noon on Thursday Magnolia Fire was dispatched to a three-vehicle crash at Woodtrace and SH 249 in Pinehurst. The first truck on the scene requested additional medics and reported a male driver trapped in a vehicle with powerlines on top of it. It was then the upholstery in the vehicle roof ignited with power lines on top. Firefighters at an extensive distance were able to extinguish the blaze. Centerpoint was contacted and responded almost an hour later to shut down to high voltage overhead lines. It was then confirmed the 54-year-old male driver of the gold Toyota pickup was deceased. According to DPS, in the early stages of the investigation, it appears the gold pickup was westbound on Woodtrace and failed to yield to the southbound SH 249 traffic. A Ford F-250 pulling a trailer with plumbing supplies and machine struck the truck broadside first. As it pushed it south and from the center lane to the right lane a Ford F-250 pulling a landscape trailer also struck it. The pickup was then pushed into the utility pole. It pushed the pole to a 45-degree angle and dropped the power and phone lines. Montgomery County Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace Matt Masden responded to the scene and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy. The road reopened after 6pm. According to TXDOT the traffic lights now are in place. They are currently working with Centerpoint to get a meter hooked up. TxDOT estimates that could take 2 to 10 weeks depending if there is a transformer.

AUGUST 15, 2019
May 14, of this year, Gagandeep Singh was finally captured in Salt Lake City, Utah. This after he failed to return to Montgomery County Judge Stovalls 221st District Court on February 2007 to face multiple charges including two counts each of aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, Due to the nature and severity of his crime his bond had been set at $100,00 which he had posted. After his arrest in Utah for the Montgomery County warrant, he fought extradition back to Texas. The current District Judge in the 221st District Court Lisa Michalk had to request a Governor’s warrant on May 28, 2019, for his return to Texas. On August 8, 2019, he was placed in the Montgomery County Jail.
On August 15, 2006, Singh, then 18-years-old along with six others, James Earl Curley, Brad Aaron Gould, Shawn Damon Henry, George Travis Morris, Steven David Ramos, and Brian Jacob Wingerter held two Spring women at gunpoint and sexually assaulted and robbed them. They were all indicted. According to the indictment after leaving one of the suspect’s homes they all traveled to the Main Event in Shenandoah. The men saw two women walking out of the Main Event at about 1 am on August 15, 2006, and followed the girl’s vehicle. The two females went to Lazy Lane in Spring where they were going to spend the night with a friend. As they exited their vehicle the seven males approached them with guns. One woman stated she was dragged by the hair and told to lay face down on the ground by one of the males holding a gun to her head. The second woman stated that two men told her to gt on the ground with one holding a gun to her head. They tried to force both of them into performing sexual acts. About 5 minutes into the incident a wrecker approached the area causing the 7 to flee. They stole their purses and alcohol that was in the vehicle. Not long after, ten purchases totaling $700 were made on one of the victims’ credit cards at a convenience store near Tomball. Video proved one of the suspects to be George Morris. His fingerprints were also found on the women’s vehicle. Two weeks later Morris was arrested and Detectives were able to get him to identify the remaining suspects. Over the course of the next year, all the men faced the judge. Curley received 5-years for robbery, Gould received 25-years for robbery, Henry received 5 years for robbery, Morris received 10-years for robbery, Ramos was sentenced to 18-years for aggravated sexual assault and Wingerter was sentenced to 5-years for robbery. The only one not convicted was Signh. Signh, who is now under a $750,000 bond and a no bond for the bond forfeiture appeared in front of Judge Michalk on Thursday. Rob Freter, of the Montgomery County District Attorneys Office, is the Chief Prosecutor for the 221st District Court. He expects this to work its way to the courtroom by year-end. Of the group, Gould is currently serving his sentence at the TDCJ Neal Unit. He was denied parole on March 4, 2019. The board felt due to the violence involved in the incident that he was still a threat to the public. Steven David Ramos, 30, remains at the TDCJ McConnell Unit in Beeville, Texas. He was eligible for parole in 2015. He to was denied due to the seriousness of the offense and his history of excessive drug use, He will once again come up for review in November of 2020. The others have since been released. Henry was released from prison but was again arrested in Montgomery County in 2011 for indecent exposure and sentenced to 10-days in the Montgomery County Jail. Then in January 2016, he was arrested in Harris County for failure to identify and sentenced to 2-days in the county jail.

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