AUGUST 2, 2005
On August 2, 2005 fire alarms started sounding at the Copperwood Apartments in the Woodlands. When firefighters arrived they were met with heavy fire from the 3-story assisted living center. Many residents were trapped on the balconies on the third floor with flames over their heads as firefighters using ladders performed multiple rescues.

AUGUST 2, 2007

AUGUST 2, 2014
On May 31, 2013 Houston Fire Department Captain Bill Dowling was dispatched with his crew at Houston Fire Station 68. Over the years that station has been known as the most aggressive firefighters. Battling blazes, rescuing victims and cutting fires off before they could advance any further. This fire would be different though and sadden both individuals and firefighters around the world. The call came in as a restaurant on Southwest Freeway. Captain Dowling, Firefighter Ann Sulivan, and Firefighter Robert Garner were the second unit on the scene. Bill and his crew entered the burning building. The heavy tile roof collapsed. Captain Dowling was trapped under the burning debris while his crew members perished. He hit his mayday button and the rescue team entered the fire in search of their fellow firefighters. Captain Dowling was located, rescued and transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center in Houston. The attending physician in the ambulance said that Captain Dowling, though severely injured, kept asking about the condition of his crew. He told the doctor, on the way to the hospital, to tell his wife and children that he would fight for them and that is what he continues to do.

In all four firefighters were killed in the blaze and thirteen injured.

Over the next several months he was hospitalized in critical condition with burns. He also suffered hypoxia which he suffered during treatment. He lost both his legs. He was released from the hospital the end of last November. A nurse now cares for him daily at his home. He has greatly improved over the months with physical therapy and treatments. He has gained close to forty pounds of his weight back.

Just 4 months ago donors came up with a charter jet and Dowling was able to fly to California with his wife Jackie to see his son Forrest graduate from the United States Marines Boot Camp.

One of the things over the months of recovery was his desire to visit Twin Peaks in Shenandoah. That wish came true Saturday evening when Twin Peaks offered him and fellow firefighters an evening of fun and relaxation. With the party going on the second-floor firefighters joined in to carry Dowling in his wheelchair up the stairs. Once there he was treated like royalty from Twin Peaks, besides food and drink they provided a picnic basket full of goodies.

Caney Creek Firefighters stopped by to say hello as did Needham Fire Department Firefighters.

Captain Dowling worked for the Houston Fire Department for thirteen years During his career he has been assigned to Houston Fire Stations 12, 19, 2​5, and 48. At the time of the accident, he was assigned to 68 and also worked part-time at Champions Volunteer Fire Department. Bill loves his God, his church, (Woods Edge in Tomball) and his pastor, Jeff Wells. Bill Loves his country and demonstrated it by serving in the USMC for four years during which time he saw combat in Somalia. Bill is a true family man that has been married to his wife, Jacki, for almost twenty years.. They have three children; Forrest, 19, Faith, 14, and Foster, 12.

Several events are scheduled in the next few months to raise funds for the Dowling family. These include an event at Gator Speedway on August 30 and a softball tournament in the south Houston area.

AUGUST 2, 2014
Another illegal immigration protest took place in Conroe Saturday afternoon, with protestors lining the Loop 336 overpass so that cars traveling the main lanes of I-45 could see their signs and banners. They also held American flags.
Among the protestors was Maria Espinoza, Director of The Remembrance Project, which is now in 21 states.
“We’re standing for American families, upholding current laws, and we want our public servants to enforce the borders,” Espinoza said. “We are memorializing Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens…”
Espinoza said she believes illegals should be stopped at the border, not after they are inside the country.
“The government should do all it takes to keep Texas and America safe and protect our borders,” she said. “We have over half a million American children who need our help.”
Espinoza says “Americans have to take care of America first,” and then America can help others. She also said many of the children crossed over with family members and should be fed, medicated and inoculated, but then turned over to their countries’ consulates.
“Have the consulate stand up and take responsibility for their citizenry,” she said, “And then be sure they use some of that US foreign aid we give to all these countries, millions of dollars, to repatriate them, the children the family members back to their country of origin.”
Espinoza said U.S. must also announce we will not be accepting people who cross over illegally.
“We have a process here and that’s what we should follow,” she said. “Then move into those countries and make sure they take responsibility. Right now, they’re encouraging them. If those countries want to be more like America we can teach them.”
“We can teach them to fish so they can stay in their country where they’re more happy, and where they know their culture,” Espinoza said. “These consulars know their cultures and are better suited to help them. We have to sand t for our American families first.”
She pointed to a banner, representing a quilt her organization is making, with names an photos of those murdered in the U.S. by illegal aliens.
“Tina Davila was murdered by an illegal alien who was brought here when he was 2 years old. She had 5 children,” Espinoza said. “Who is standing up for her children now?”
“We have millions of children who need our help and families who are suffering terribly now because of illegal immigration. Our public servants have to serve the people they represent, and that is Americans and American children.”
The illegal immigration protest was large, but a counter-protest still appeared on the overpass with a few signs of their own, portraying an opposing view to Espinoza’s.
Mizraim Reyes spoke for the counter-protestors, saying, “We’re out here to show that theres a diff side of the story that these protestors are presenting.”
“We want the county and the state of Texas to know the people of Montgomery County aren’t all hateful, and we want to show that these kids have rights as well,” Reyes said. “They have equal protections under the law, and they have due process of law that needs to be applied to them and they shouldn’t just be deported without a fair chance to speak for themselves.”
“There’s no clear easy solution in hand, and I don’t think I could provide a simple answer,” he said. “A step in the right direction, though, could be that congress needs to work together to help fund these programs that the President is trying to do.”
“I feel that the money the funding that he requested would’ve gone toward helping these kids go through their trials quicker, get them the attorneys that they need, the judge’s that they need to be speaking before so they can determine if they have a right to be here.”
“(Their) families back home, I imagine that they must be missing them very much dearly, although that is not to say that they didn’t want to send them here in the first place,” he said.
As for kids already here, Reyes said churches were providing shelter for them, including some abandoned schools.
“As for their families here, I think they’re waiting for their families to be reunited and I think that’s something I want to see,” he said. “I hate to see families torn apart and I think by deporting them – yeah you may be sending them back to one part of the family but you’re tearing them apart from another.”
“To send them back would be cruel,” Reyes said.

AUGUST 2, 2014
A woman was hospitalized after being struck in the head by a falling tree branch in her front yard Saturday morning in Spring, deputies said.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, it happened around 10 a.m. in the 200 block of Bickett Lane in the North Hill Estates subdivision.

The woman’s husband was cutting a tree while his wife watched from below that’s when the large limb fell and struck her in the head.

She was flown by Life Flight to the Houston Medical Center with serious head trauma.

AUGUST 2, 2015
The Houston Police Department says two officers killed a wrong way driver who went on a rampage all across southwest Houston. About 1230am police started getting calls for a driver driving down the wrong side of Southwest Freeway near Hill croft. Drivers reported the silver Toyota Tundra was also running into cars.
Officers pursued the man for about 30 minutes before the chase came to an end with a deadly confrontation in the 9000 block of Beechnut near the Beltway.
Police say he was intentionally hitting other drivers and when they tried to pull him over, he tried to ram their patrol cars. As he approached intersections he would just ram cars. He even aimed for several pedestrians as they crossed the road.
Police finally used their patrol cars to box him in a parking lot on Beechnut. There he started ramming the patrol cars in front of him. As multiple officers approached him from the rear, he put it in reverse and attempted to run them over. Two officers fired at his truck. He managed to drive through patrol cars and cross a median before crashing into a sign across the street at the corner of Beechnut and BW8..
HPD spokesman Victor Senties said, “The officers tell us when they gave him the verbal commands and approached he had a funny look in his eyes, almost like he was in a trance. Not entirely there, just completely ignoring commands and had a sort of wild look in his eyes.”
Police approached the truck and realized the driver had been shot. Police say the man was given first aid at the scene until EMS arrived and was then taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he later pronounced dead. The suspect was a 63-year-old white man. Police say a total of 30 to 40 vehicles were struck. Some police say they don’t have information on yet.

If you were a victim of last night’s pursuit and were struck, police say to call the Houston Police Department Vehicular Crimes Unit and file a report.

With temperatures of over 100 degrees, firefighters in Liberty County were up against the temperature and the heat from a 20-acre wildfire. The fire broke out close to 2 pm just south of Plum Grove. Within a short time, Plum Grove requested the help of Huffman, Cleveland, Plum Grove, New Caney, Splendora, and Tarkington Fire Departments. In addition, the Texas Forest Service responded with dozers. The area burning is a new development with several new homes and structures. As the fire spread embers ignited additional blazes as they were carried by high winds. Just before 6 pm, the fire was brought under control and crews started mopping up hot spots. In addition to smoke, fire and heat crews battled the heavy dust put out by the sugar sand on the roadways.

With burn bans coming into place in several counties including Houston, Walker, and Leon the KBI Index continues to increase.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams said he didn’t expect a burn ban in Montgomery County yet but are asking people to use caution or refrain from burning. Montgomery County firefighters also responded to several grass and woods fires this weekend.

Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI)
Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) is an index used to determining forest fire potential. The drought index is based on a daily water balance, where a drought factor is balanced with precipitation and soil moisture (assumed to have a maximum storage capacity of 8-inches) and is expressed in hundredths of an inch of soil moisture depletion.

The drought index ranges from 0 to 800, where a drought index of 0 represents no moisture depletion, and an index of 800 represents absolutely dry conditions. Presently, this index is derived from ground based estimates of temperature and precipitation derived from weather stations and interpolated manually by experts at the Texas Forest Service (TFS) for counties across the state. Researchers at Texas A&M University are working with the TFS to derive this index from AVHRR satellite data and NEXRAD radar rainfall within a GIS.

AUGUST 2, 2016
Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm as temperatures in Montgomery County approached 96 degrees, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Smith, Montgomery County Precinct 4 Sgt. Jim Slack and Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle crawled into a 4-door passenger the car was not running. For 15 long minutes, the deputies sweat it out. The goal was to show how dangerous heat is on the body and especially a child locked in a vehicle. For several minutes the sun hid behind the clouds bringing the temperature in the vehicle to 132 degrees. That soon ended and the temperature inside shot to over 160 degrees. At the 15-minute mark the deputies exited the vehicle and were immediately evaluated by MCHD Medics. All three had a body temperature rise as high as 102 degrees. Their heart rate also increased.

With grown men having vitals elevated, a child could be much more. Deputy Smith also said the air seemed thicker and how easy it was to almost start hyperventilating.

AUGUST 2, 2016
Just after midnight on Monday Stephen Clyde Garrett, 23, of Hempstead, was southbound on Cochran Street when, according to DPS Trooper Tompkins, Garrett went through the stop sign at Betka Road and traveled into the entrance of Jellystone Park. His 2014 Hyundai P4 then struck a tree and fenceline and burst into flames. Waller Fire Department responded to the scene and after extinguishing the blaze discovered the driver. Justice of the Peace Jackson responded to the scene and ordered Lewis Funeral Home to transport Garrett to the Harris County Medical Examiners Office for autopsy.

AUGUST 2, 2016
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying
persons of interest from a series of still photos. The individuals pictured in the still photos are
persons of interest involved in the thefts of several motor vehicles.
On Tuesday, August 2, 2016, at approximately 6:30 PM, Deputies with the Montgomery County
Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division were dispatched to a theft past call at a Volkswagen Dealership
located in the 16700 block of Interstate 45, in The Woodlands, Texas. It was reported that at
approximately 1:00 AM, two males entered onto the dealership property and obtained keys to
several vehicles from the wash bay area. The two males then moved several vehicles around
inside the dealership property before leaving. It is believed the same two individuals returned to
the property, sometime between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM, stealing two vehicles from the property,
with the car keys that were taken earlier.
The two vehicles that were stolen off of the property were a gray 2013 Toyota Camry four-door
passenger car and a white 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4. The 2013 Toyota Camry was recovered
in Wylie Texas. That vehicle was purchased, after the reported theft, off of craigslist for
$7000.00 cash. It is believed that the suspects may be attempting to sell the 2014 Dodge Ram
1500 4×4 pickup truck on craigslist.
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone one with information in reference to
the theft or identifying the individuals in the still photos to contact Montgomery County Auto
Theft Task Force Detective Neeley at (936)-538-7736 or Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.
Crime Stoppers will pay up to a $1000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest or
indictment of a felony crime. Call 800-392-STOP (7867). Anonymous tips can also be
made through the Montgomery County Crime

AUGUST 2, 2018
Just before midnight, Porter Fire Department was dispatched to the Porter High School on Sandy Lane in Porter for an alarm call. When they went on location they had smoke visible. A full box was then dispatched bringing Porter, East Montgomery County, Caney Creek, South Montgomery County and Crosby Fire Departments to the scene. The fire was quickly controlled, however smoke filled the entire school. Montgomery County Precinct 4 was dispatched with an airboat to assist in putting positive pressure in the building to drive out the smoke. In addition, Crosby Fire was dispatched with BIG BLOW, also a large fan mounted on a trailer to assist. At this time the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating. New Caney ISD officials are on the scene to determine the damage. We will update as we have additional details. Porter Fire Chief Carter Johnson said the fire was confined to the Cosmetology classroom by the sprinkler system. That classroom was damaged along with water and smoke damage in the school. Fire crews will remain on the scene until all the smoke has cleared. School Officials say although the school is closed today, some things that were planned will be delayed.

AUGUST 2, 2019
Yesterday Sugarland Police worked over 30 burglaries of motor vehicles and a stolen Toyota Tacoma truck. About 3 am Friday a Woodlands Resident getting ready for work went to his vehicle to see a black male burglarizing it. The black male ran and jumped into a Toyota Tacoma truck and fled. In doing so they hit a Dodge pickup on Eagle Rock Drive across from the resident. They then sped off. The resident on the phone with 911 gave chase and eventually slammed into the back of the Tacoma as MCSO and Shenandoah Police converged on the scene where it ended in Oak Ridge Subdivision. Two males were taken into custody. Deputies remain on Eagle Rock Drive where they have found several other cars broken into and many more they nothing was taken but center consoles were opened. After talking with Sugarland Police MCSo Deputies say they are the suspects from all the burglaries there. It is unknown if they were involved in several other burglaries including at least 3 at St. Lukes and 2 at a hotel on the I-45 corridor.

AUGUST 2, 2019
Just before 2 am Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a major accident in the 18700 block of FM 2090 in Conroe. Units arrived to find a Chevrolet pickup that had run off the road hitting a wooden fence. The top rail of the fence went through the windshield just next to the driver and continued for another at least 30-feet. Deputies found some small traces of blood in the vehicle but the driver was gone. A search was done of the area but nothing was found. One wrecker driver recognized the truck as being one that was towed when a driver was arrested in Splendora on July 18.

AUGUST 2, 2019
MCSO is on the scene of a shooting with a possible barricaded suspect on Laura Lane near Gail. After units arrived at the home fire used a saw to cut open the garage door. It is believed a female exited the home but they believe a male is still inside. SWAT responded to the scene and are still on the scene at 8 pm. As of yet, there has been no additional movement outside the home. Laura is closed to all traffic at Gail. Residents who live on the opposite side of the scene need to enter Oakley Addition off Mickey. We will update from the scene as things progress. Also, watch our Facebook link to the story for updates.

AUGUST 2, 2019

AUGUST 2, 2019
Just after 5 pm Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a reported shooting on Laura Lane in New Caney. As units were responding the female caller stated that there had been a disturbance and he had a weapon which she was able to get away from him. She said she shot him and hid in the garage. She did not know how bad he was. She also stated that he had placed explosives on doors and windows. Deputies arrived they notified the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office who responded with an explosives dog and a robot. Porter Fire Department cut the garage door open and was able to extract the female who was not injured. SWAT was dispatched to the scene. The robot was deployed in the home and found no explosives but did find the 47-year-old deceased male. Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Spencer stated there have been several calls for service in the past at this location. Homicide Detectives, the Montgomery County District Attorney, and Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack are on the scene. Laura is expected to be closed until close to midnight as the investigation continues.

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