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DECEMBER 6, 2006

DECEMBER 6, 2006

DECEMBER 6, 2006

DECEMBER 6, 2012
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a residence in the 16900 block of West Hammon, just west of Conroe around 5:00 PM yesterday afternoon about a shooting.
Deputies arrived within minutes and found that 51 year-old Marcus “Dale” Fisher had been shot and killed by a neighbor. Deputies arrested Jaime Ryan Devita (DOB 4-23-1979) at the shooting scene for murder.
Witnesses told deputies that Devita’s wife and children had been seen just before the shooting but now could not be found. When deputies entered the Devita’s home they found the wife and children hiding. Inside the residence deputies discovered in-door marijuana grow operation and guns within easy reach of the 2 and 4 year-old children.
During the investigation Major Crime investigators determined that the victim arrived on his motorcycle at a near-by residence of Devita to visit friends. Fisher was confronted in the street by Devita and was shot during an argument with a shotgun one time in the chest killing him.
April Nicole Devita (DOB 5-8-1982) was arrested and taken to jail for endangering a child and the children were released to Children’s Protective Services.
The investigation continued into the night by crime scene, homicide, and narcotic investigators. Additional charges are possible.

DECEMBER 6, 2012
VIDEO BY: SCOTT J. ENGLE www.montgomerycountypolicereporter.com STORY BY: JAMIE B. NASH A man accused of selling fake concert tickets on Craig’s List was sentenced in the 9th District Court of Judge Fred Edwards on Thursday after reaching a plea agreement with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. Robert Charles Grusczynski, 40, of Battle Creek, MI was sentenced to eight years in prison after entering a guilty plea to five counts of second-degree felony Forgery of a Financial Instrument. In October, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies began an investigation after five separate victims came forward regarding fake tickets they purchased from Grusczynski. Although he used an alias, investigators were able to identify Grusczynski and the US Marshals arrested him in the Houston area on November 16. Assistant District Attorney Rob Freyer said Grusczynski’s fingerprint was found on one ticket and his vehicle was identified as the one used in all of the transactions. “He sold tickets on Craig’s List and would meet them in a parking lot near The Woodlands Mall where he would sell them tickets for seats, basically that didn’t exist, and he ripped off a lot of good people,” Freyer said. Judge Edwards had harsh words for Grusczynski as he stood before him for sentencing, scolding the conman for “destroying people’s dreams,” Freyer said he was satisfied with the agreed-upon sentence, although it carried up to 20 years. Freyer said he spoke with a number of the victims and they were happy with the result, as were the members of law enforcement involved in the case. “It’s not like you see on TV– not every case goes to trial,” Freyer said. “You avoid the inconvenience of people having to come down here miss work and testify.” But Freyer was by no means minimizing or trivializing the crime of selling the fake tickets. “Little kids look up to these stars as role models, and like the judge said, they saved their babysitting money or their grass-cutting money to be able to afford tickets that are extremely expensive,” he said. “They look forward to these events for months, and to have their dreams destroyed, like the judge said, by just a career criminal — that’s all the guy is.” “He’s been t federal prison on no fewer than two occasions, maybe three,” Freyer said. “He has an extensive criminal history all over central Florida for the same thing – check fraud, counterfeiting, theft -you name it- if it’s dishonest this guy’s done it.” “He is a career criminal — period — nothing else,” Freyer said. Furthermore, the seasoned prosecutor said he hoped Grusczynski got the message that he is not welcome in Texas and his crimes won’t be tolerated here. Freyer also said it was important for people to realize they need to make sure they are buying something legitimate and try to protect themselves from this sort of crime. The DA’s office has information that Grusczynski may have done the same thing in Dallas, so Grusczynski may face additional charges.

DECEMBER 6, 2013
Lea Croston got home from work about 6:30pm Friday night. When she arrived her son had already started a small fire in their fireplace. After a short time the fire had died down and they decided to go to dinner at Willy’s not to far from their home on Ashland Drive in the Huntington Subdivision off SH 242.

They had just finished dinner and were getting fuel at Wal-Mart when a neighbor called Croston to tell her she thought the house was on fire as smoke was seen coming from it. The fire department had also been called.

At 7:58pmthe alarm sounded at Needham Fire Department just down the road. Firefighters were out of the station within a minute and 5 minutes later arrived on the mobile home with flames out the roof and windows. A second alarm was sounded for additional engines and tankers bringing The Woodlands, Caney Creek, Central Montgomery County, Lake Conroe, Conroe and Magnolias Fire Departments.

Firefighters had a fierce battle on their hands as the wind was pushing the fire through the open attic. Moments later the roof collapsed on the 5-year-old mobile home.

The fire was finally brought under control close to 9 pm.

Lea Colston had everything she owned in the house. The most important she said was her Pitt Bull. When they arrived home her son started banging on the doors and windows trying to get the dog to respond, but nothing. She told firefighters the dog was scared of everything and even a knock at the door or lightening would result her running into Croston’s master bedroom and getting under the bed. Several firefighters entered the bedroom with the collapsed ceiling to recover the body of Croston’s dog.

Moments later as Croston sat in her car out in front of the home firefighters emerged from the front door with a tail wagging “Little Bit” a full size Pitt Bull.

Firefighters and medics quickly took little bitt across the street and applied a pet oxygen mask which is now carried on most fire trucks and medic units in Montgomery County. It was only minutes and “Little Bit”, cold and wet was panting and wagging her tail. Medics covered her with a blanket to attempt to dry her off and warm her up.

Croston said, “considering what had happened to that room, the Lord had to have had her in his arms.”

Chief Hosler with the Needham Fire Department said with the intensity and heat load on that room the dog should not have survived. He to was not believing his eyes when the firefighters exited with the dog yelling she is alive.

The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office responded to the scene. He said early indications lead him to believe the cause was the fireplace. He said it was possible for the metal have heated and the radiant heat started the fire in the void area between the wall and fireplace. In fact it was possible it could have been burning before the family even left for dinner.

The Fire Marshal’s Office warns not to leave a fireplace burn unattended or us it for a primary heat source.

Some metal type fire places fail at the steel pipe joints and yet others can put off enough radiant heat to ignite any combustible close by.

Hosler said when they arrived the roof had already opened up from the area around the fireplace. That is when the strong winds blew the fire through the open attic.

Croston’s son who lost his father a short time ago had all the memories of his father in a bedroom he had been using while staying with his mother. Most of those memories were intact as that room suffered little damage.

Croston said all she had were the clothes on her back, she fears she even lost a dress she had planned to wear to Ecuador later this month when she was to attend a wedding.

DECEMBER 6, 2014

DECEMBER 6, 2014

DECEMBER 6, 2014

DECEMBER 6. 2015

DECEMBER 6, 2015

DECEMBER 6, 2015

DECEMBER 6, 2016
Just before 1 pm a report came in that the Compass Bank in the 19800 block of SH 105 just outside the city limits of Montgomery was being robbed. The bank is situated in the same parking lot as Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Office is located. A description was put out to all agencies and search began. Several Montgomery Police Department units were going into Conroe and began searching coming from Conroe to Montgomery. Several units went through FM 2854 to McCaleb Road checking back roads. As they approached the intersection of McCaleb and SH 105 an officer spotted the vehicle in the driveway of a home approximately 200 feet from the intersection. As they approached two males exited the home and were immediately detained. They stated another male was inside. That male started to exit but saw officers and retreated into the house. Police and deputies made entry as the male went out the rear window into the woods. With a K-9 Deputy enroute several citizens started directing deputies to SH 105 where the male was seen running across from south to north. A Conroe Officer Roper who was monitoring saw the suspect run across SH 105 and gave chase he was able to take him into custody behind Giovanni’s prior to other units arrival. With multiple units at the scene of the home where the male ran from, units attempted to cross SH 105, motorists would not allow the multiple police vehicles with emergency lights to cross SH 105 to assist Roper. It has been determined the male that fled was the lone suspect. A large amount of cash was recovered in the residence. The suspect is identified as Marvin Eugene Bowden, 30, of 17 Merlin Spur in Huntsville, Tx. He has been arrested several times over the past few years in Montgomery County, mostly for traffic offenses.

DECEMBER 6, 2016

DECEMBER 6, 2018
In April 2004 Rookie Houston Firefighter Kevin Kulow lost his life while battling a ballroom fire in the Spring Branch area. Kulow had been a volunteer fireman with the Sealy Fire Department for 14 years prior to that. President Bush attended the funeral and Kevin Kulow’s father, Daniel Kulow remembers it. Daniel Kulow appeared in Magnolia Thursday to pay his last respects to President George Bush. He said he remembers the day of Kevin’s funeral, Bush attended. That evening George Bush took Kevin’s stepson Justin to the Astros game. Kevin’s other son, Kyle was only 4 years old at the time. His grandson Justin really enjoyed the time with Bush and had been all keyed up when he got home from all the popcorn and cokes, he had been given. The following day they all went to Bush’s Houston Office and were given