FEBRUARY 23, 2006

FEBRUARY 23, 2010
Approximately 1:15 am Porter Fire Department was dispatched to a house fire in the 12300 block of West Knox. This is one block west of US 59 and between Northpark and FM1314.
When they arrived they found a twenty-foot travel trailer in a mobile home community almost totally incinerated. In addition, three victims were found outside. All three suffered from serious burns.
Montgomery County Hospital District arrived and called for two helicopters to respond to the scene. Medics treated one man and one woman both in their late teens or early twenties. Both were severely burned.
The male was transported with the first Lifeflight Helicopter to Hermann in the medical center in critical condition. According to Montgomery County Assistant Fire Marshal Scott Burlin, the victim who was in his late fifties suffered second and third-degree burns over sixty percent of his body. The female was treated at the scene with the same type of injury and transported to Hermann Medical Center by ground ambulance. The other make was treated on the scene and transported by helicopter in serious condition.
According to Burlin the older man who is a painter was in the travel trailer cleaning his paint spray gun with paint thinner and smoking a cigarette. The water heater turned on and the pilot light reacting to the fumes created a violent explosion.
The Fire Marshals office will continue to investigate the incident.

FEBRUARY 23, 2010
According to the National Weather Service, the high in Conroe on Wednesday is expected to be 53 degrees, with a sunny afternoon and dropping down to 30 degrees tonight. But yesterday was much different, with snow flurries throughout Montgomery County and heavy snow in counties to the north.
Walker County, for example, reported 3 inches and 1.5 inches was reported in San Jacinto County.
Videographer Scott Engle captured some of the areas that were transformed by the rare weather that is so rare in southeast Texas.

FEBRUARY 23, 2011
Approximately 8:15 Wednesday evening Woodlands Fire Department was dispatched to a major accident at Gosling and Lake Woodlands. As they were pulling out of the station a black male ran up and jumped on the truck advising the crew of a possible murder scene at the PetsMart in Shenandoah on Interstate 45.

The crew continued their response and advised the male to wait at the station for one of the sheriff units. They advised dispatch who immediately dispatched patrol units to the PetsMart. Unable to locate anything one unit responded to meet the male at the fire station. When he arrived the reportee was gone.

As other units checked other PetsMarts in the area DPS arrived at the scene of the crash. There they learned the black male who reported the possible was in fact the driver of the Toyota involved in the crash and he had fled the scene on foot.

As EMS worked to stabilize the woman injured in the crash a search of the area started. It was believed there were two in the vehicle that fled.

Moments later Deputies spotted the suspect on a bicycle at the Shell station at Gosling and College Park. The bicycle was put on the patrol units bike rack and the suspect was returned to the scene.

The firefighters recognized the suspect as the one who reported the possible murder but they also recognized the bicycle on the patrol unit as the Medical Units bicycle from the fire station.

The suspect who admitted to deputies he was smoking Spice approximately thirty-minutes earlier was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in the Woodlands with a minor head injury.

DPS has not been able to confirm names as of yet on the victim who is believed to be from the Magnolia area.

The suspect has not been identified as of yet. He has in his possession an Indiana driver’s license. Toyota was registered in Illinois and documents in the vehicle indicated a Woodlands address. Also in the vehicle were several business cards from a pet trainer at Petsmart.

According to Trooper Labig, the Dodge was westbound on Lake Woodlands and entered the intersection of Gosling with a green light. The Toyota driven by the suspect was northbound on Gosling and ran the red light according to witnesses. He struck the Dodge and continued approximately one-hundred-fifty yards coming to rest in the trees.

FEBRUARY 23, 2015
A Montgomery teen recently died from a drug overdose, and two Montgomery High School students were rushed to the hospital last week after using what was believed to be synthetic LSD. The incidents raised concerns in the community and prompted law enforcement to take action Monday night. Montgomery ISD Police, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery Police Department met with area residents to discuss the problem and proactive steps to curb it.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon was on hand and spoke very frankly regarding one of the biggest factors contributing to the problem, which is parents who are relying on others to keep their children safe.

“I am always concerned about an abdication of a parents’ responsibilities, either to a school district or to law enforcement,” Ligon said.

Following the death of the first teen and the incident involving the other two students, Montgomery ISD took a proactive position and decided to have a roundtable discussion, albeit a roundtable with 1,000 people.

“Part of it was to educate parents as to what the school does,” Ligon said. “The other part was to try and make sure parents are reminded that they’re the ultimate stakeholders.”

Ligon said much of the advice given to parents was common sense, such as knowing their kids’ passwords on their cell phones and other devices, as well as monitoring their activities on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

The DA said he felt the meeting was a good start.

Lt. Philip Cash, who heads up the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division, also participated.

“Over last few weeks, there’ve been incidents with N-Bomb or 25I. It’s an LSD stamp, but it’s not really LSD, it’s going to be another chemical that mimics effects of LSD, but also has some other terrible effects, such as seizures, hives, fevers, and even deaths,” Cash said.  We started seeing it in Montgomery County in the last 18 months to two years.”

It started with young adults and has worked its way down to school-age kids, he said. The problem has been seen in East, Central, and South Montgomery County.

Cash explained that the stamps, which have cartoon characters and other things that appeal to younger people, can be ordered online. The stamps can then be dipped in the diluted chemicals, or the chemicals can be poured on them until they’re saturated. They cost $3 to $7 each.

Sheri Kennedy, a local parent, said she thought the forum was “great.”

“It just eases parents’ minds to know the school is being proactive on everything and not waiting until something happens to backtrack and let us know what’s going on,” Kennedy said.

Area resident Linda Porton was also pleased. She once taught in the Montgomery school district and was a single mother. Porton said her daughter did very well in junior high, but things “fell apart” once she reached high school. She then had to fight the battle alone, Porton said. There was no team effort and other parents did not cooperate, thinking she was being too strict.

“I wound up taking my daughter to a boarding school in Mexico where she stayed 15 months and successfully completed the program,” Porton said.

Her daughter now has a good life and a family and credits Porton with saving her life.

MISD Police Chief Brandon Torres showed parents slides depicting the dangerous stamps soaked in chemicals. He said the kids were focused on feeling good and being part of the crowd, not realizing the major problems the drugs could cause, or that it could happen as much as seven days later.

Torres said it was not only the synthetic LSD causing problems, but also prescription drugs like oxycontin and hydrocodone, which are often stolen from adults. Medicine prescribed for ADHD is also sold and abused.

“These are more appealing to youth because you can’t smell it,” Torres said.

Like the DA, Torres encouraged parents to watch what their children were doing and make sure they had access to check incoming and outgoing messages that might reveal drug activity.

“There should not be one child in the school that says mom or dad, respect my privacy,” Torres said.

The chief said, contrary to rumor, the two students taken to the hospital did not overdose. It was precautionary, he said because they admitted ingesting the drug 25I.

“There’s no telling what’s going to happen,” Torres said. “God forbid we leave that child in school and they fall out in a seizure or go into cardiac arrest.”

By all accounts, the forum was a very positive experience for everyone and everyone left feeling they had taken a step in the right direction.

FEBRUARY 23, 2016
Since first taking office in 2002 State Representative Debbie Riddle has pushed for border security. Since the United States Government didn’t seem like they wanted to help Texas decided to put Texas DPS Troopers on the border. Riddle was instrumental on funding the program and making sure there were plenty of Troopers on the border and they were equipped to do the job that needed to be done. Riddle has made several trips to the border to see first hand what Texas is paying for and making sure they are getting what they need. Tuesday night she invited the head of DPS, Colonel Steven McCraw to speak at her Town Hall Meeting on FM 1960. Riddle told the group with so many things DPS has done and are doing that it would be better for the man is overseeing it to address the citizens.

Colonel McCraw talked of his history in law enforcement, it included DPS, FBI and Homeland Security. He explained how the people coming across was not the only problem. The Cartel’s moving large amounts of Meth across the border. Human Trafficking and the crimes that go with it. McCraw said that when they first started the patrols Troopers and Texas Rangers would take fire from the other side of the border. At one point back then he was asked why when someone fired a shot, almost 200 shots were returned. McCraw said, “that’s all the bullets we had, but since then with the boats in the water not one shot has been fired at a boat”. The Colonel went into some detail on how the aircraft are used and how manned aircraft can actually do better than drones.

The video is his one- hour presentation and is very informative.

FEBRUARY 23, 2017
Just after 10:30 am Thursday 3 black males entered the Kroger Store at FM 1314 and I-69 in Porter. They immediately went to the teller window and cashiers and demanded money. One of the males fired a 9 mm pistol one time into the wall. They then fled the scene in a 4 door passenger vehicle. A Splendora unit which was in the area immediately caught up to the vehicle and called out locations as Montgomery County Precinct 4, MCSO, Woodbranch and DPS were able to catch up to the vehicle and a pursuit started. The vehicle went south on I-69 to BW8 and west to Greenspoint Drive. The vehicle then ran several back roads until they got to Ranchview Trail and Rankin. There the female driver bailed out and fled on foot along with the other suspects. They were quickly rounded up. As they were taking on into custody in a backyard several officers on an undeveloped side of the fence attempted to kick several boards out to gain entry to the yard. Other officers along with a DPS Trooper already had the suspect on the ground and were attempting to secure him. The K-9 was next to them. As one of the boards came out it hit the dog causing the dog to react. The Trooper and an HPD Sgt. were bitten. Both are currently at the hospital. HPD detectives, Montgomery County detectives and Montgomery County units remain on the scene at Kroger. All 4 are reported to be juveniles between 15 and 17-years-of0-age.

FEBRUARY 23, 2019
Atlas Air left Miami just after 10:30 am Houston Time, Saturday morning bound for Bush Airport in Houston. At approximately 12:53pm Houston Approach lost contact with the aircraft. The plane had 3 crew members on board. Several witnesses say they heard the engine surging as it came in nose first to Trinity Bay in Chambers County. There is very little fuel on the water surface and the plane is almost disintegrated. There was no fire. Debris, many small packages can be seen floating on the surface of the water. The Chambers County Sheriff said DPS dive teams are en route to the scene. In addition, the US Coast Guard was on the scene as is Texas Parks and Wildlife. Montgomery County Precinct 1 Dive Team was also put on standby. The Sheriff said recovery could be weeks as the water goes from nothing to five-feet and is mostly marsh popular with duck hunters.

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