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JUNE 13, 2009
EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY- Crews scrambled to get to the Chaparral LP gas facility on Stowe Road off of FM 1314 in Porter on Saturday, after area residents reported a strong smell of gas.
Chief Clayton Brown of the Bennett Volunteer Fire Department said firefighters arrived to find heavy gas hanging close to the ground. It was leaking from one of the facility’s pumps, he said.
Firefighters used the emergency shutoff to quickly stop the flow of gas, but had to wait for what was already released to dissipate before clearing the scene and allowing automobiles in the area, Brown said. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area to keep anyone from attempting to pass through it. Residents of about 200 homes in the immediate vicinity were forced to shelter in place until the gas cleared.

JUNE 13, 2009
CONROE- One woman was killed and three others were injured in a one-vehicle rollover crash that occurred around 9:30 p.m. Saturday night on South Loop 336 near Interstate 45.

A 1929 Ford Roadster went out of control for unknown reasons and flipped into the grassy median, ejecting the passengers, according to Conroe Police.

Daredeth Perry Ward, 45, of Willis was pronounced dead on arrival at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center, Houston.

Daredeth Ward was the driver. Passenger Amy Ward, 33, was also transported to Hermann Hospital in Houston with “serious” injuries, and her 15-year-old daughter was transported to the same facility with “critical” injuries. It was not immediately clear how Daredeth and Amy Ward were related, since their age difference was only 12 years.

The fourth occupant was a 16-year-old family friend who was transported to Conroe Regional Medical Center with minor injuries. She was treated and released.

William Mayo and his fiancé witnessed the crash from the parking lot of the China Buffet, where he said the car left westbound moments before the crash. Mayo did not see the Roadster make a u-turn back toward the freeway, but he noticed the headlights as the car began to turn sideways, he said.

“It hit the curb, went up in the air and it just flipped,” Mayo said. “That’s when I came running over.”

Three of the four occupants were unresponsive. The fourth, an injured 15-year-old girl, was trying to get away from the car, he said.

The rear axle broke off and landed a few yards from the car, with two of the tires still attached.

Conroe Police Sgt. Bob Berry issued a press release Sunday afternoon that stated the initial investigation indicated the four women were not wearing seatbelts. Further investigation and witness interviews supported the explanation that the car accelerated rapidly, exceeding the 40 mph speed limit, losing traction and sliding sideways into the esplanade where it flipped about one-and-a-half times, ejecting the occupants.

Conroe Police Officers and members of the Community Oriented Response Team (CORT) began the investigation on-scene.

JUNE 13, 2010
Shortly after 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon a 911 call came in for an injury accident on FM 149 near Yell Cemetery. This location is south of Montgomery and a hilly straight roadway.
According to Trooper Balzekas a white Ford F-350 pickup was southbound on FM 149 at or close to the posted speed limit when the 47-year-old John Bakers left front tire blew out causing him to cross the centerline.
A motorcycle driven by Edgar Topete age 21 of Houston was northbound close to 80 or 90 MPH according to witnesses and was struck head-on. Topete was ejected from the motorcycle and was dead on the scene.
Baker of Magnolia or his passenger Angelia Tugwell age 38 were injured.
The road remained closed for several hours as troopers investigated the accident.

JUNE 13, 2010
Just after 5:00 p.m. as troopers worked a fatal motorcycle accident on FM 149 another fatal accident happened at FM 3083 near Exxon Road.
According to Trooper Hinojosa Carla Eubanks, age 51, of Pasadena was northbound on FM 3083 at the posted speed limit of 60MPH in her Ford Explorer.
Alan Tumlinson, age 41, of Conroe was heading southbound on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“As he came out of the curve he came back across the centerline and struck the SUV.”

Tumlinson was ejected from his motorcycle and thrown about50 feet.

He was pronounced dead on the scene by Judge Spikes who also ordered an autopsy.

Carla Eubanks was transported to Conroe Regional in stable condition.

JUNE 13, 2010
Just before 10:00 p.m., 911 received a call on Lake Conroe. The report came in that a 21-year-old man had jumped off a party barge in the lake and did not resurface.

Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Patrol responded with multiple boats and deputies. In addition, North Montgomery County Fire Department dispatched a fireboat as did Montgomery Fire Department.

After forty minutes of searching a call came in that the victim had been located at the Walden Marina and had jumped in a truck and left the scene.

Units responded to that location and it was determined that almost thirty people onboard the party barge needed to be interviewed in reference to the incident.

The barge arrived shortly after at the “Just For Fun” dock at the marina as deputies accounted for each person on board and interviewed them about the incident. Most appeared to be college age. The few that did appear intoxicated by constables were not allowed to drive from the scene but were found rides.

The male who jumped off was not injured and was found and also interviewed.

The barge, one of several rental boats owned by “Just for Fun” had been rented for the evening with a crew from Just for Fun onboard. Employees and management fully cooperated with authorities.

JUNE 13, 2013
Early this morning a car hauler flipped over at Crighton Road and Interstate 45 southbound. Several cars from the trailer were thrown onto the freeway. Traffic was backing up for the morning commute.
Marion Powell, 61, and his wife Sue were also southbound on their Goldwing motorcycle. They were pulling a memorial trailer behind them. Both were members of the Patriot Guard and going to Ellington Field to escort the body of SSGT Joe Nunez Rodriguez, the soldier who was killed in action.
As they topped the overpass at Gladsdell traffic was stopped due to the crash ahead. Powell slammed into the back of a Ford pickup truck driven by Nicholas Cheesman Jr. who was either stopped in the traffic or very close to being stopped. His motorcycle then went over the left rear fender of the truck flipping the motorcycle and trailer and ejecting both Powell and his wife.
At 7:13 a.m. MCHD was notified of the crash and sent two ambulances. PHI Air Medical and Life Flight were both dispatched but disregarded as the medic crew decided to transport both critical patients to Conroe Regional Hospital, one exit away.
Sue Powell was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Marion Powell remains in very critical condition.
The freeway was closed until almost noon as Conroe Police and the Montgomery County District Attorneys Office investigated the crash.
On October 5 of 2012, both Powell and his wife Sue were coming back from Corpus Christi on Interstate 45 when they were involved in another crash with the same motorcycle just north of FM 3083.
According to witnesses, a 2007 Kawasaki motorcycle entered the freeway at Loop 336, following another bike and headed north. Witnesses said the driver, later identified as 65-year-old Michael Lyles (of the same Willis address as the victim) veered into the barrier wall on the left side of the inside lane just after passing under the FM 3083 overpass, for no obvious reason, causing the bike to strike the barrier wall several times, ejecting Horton. Lyles and the bike he was following kept going.
The same witnesses said they saw Horton sit up, appearing dazed. They were stopped and attempting to block traffic and try to reach Horton, but before they were able to do so, a three-wheeled Goldwing motorcycle approached. The bike continued at the posted speed, not knowing why the cars were stopped and tried to pass them on the left. Witnesses said Horton saw the bike coming toward her and raised her arms in front of her in a defensive motion. The Goldwing’s driver, Marion Powell of Willis, did not see Horton on the unlit freeway and ran over her. Witnesses reached her and found her unresponsive. Authorities believe she was dying or already dead.
Conroe Police say a witness then did something that should be noted and discouraged. The witness found Horton’s cell phone and took it upon themselves to use it to find and notify her family of her death. As a result, Horton’s mother showed up on the scene of the accident and had to identify her deceased daughter that way and now must live with that memory.
Powell fought to keep his bike from rolling over. His wife, Sue Powell, was riding on the rear of the bike and also fought to stay on. The force of her body broke off the rear right side arm rest. The couple was returning from a trip to Corpus Christi. Powell was able to safely stop his damaged bike a short distance down the road. The couple suffered only minor scrapes and bruises.

JUNE 13, 2015
Just after 3 pm Montgomery County Sheriff’’ s Office was dispatched to a traffic accident with a shooting on Forest Lane Circle in New Caney. When they arriver they found Guadalupe Wallace Cobian, age 29 injured after his Chevrolet pickup was t-boned. Also on the scene was a blue Tahoe that had a bullet hole through the windshield. Cobian was transported to Kingwood Hospital where he has since been released and placed in custody.

According to Montgomery County Detectives, Cobian and the driver of the Tahoe were at a gathering Friday night. That is when the driver of the Tahoe whose name has not yet been released had a pistol stolen.

Saturday afternoon the driver of the Tahoe confronted Cobian and a chase ensued. With the blue Tahoe chasing  Cobian down Forest Trail Circle. Cobian made a hard left turn into a private driveway and stopped. The Tahoe which was traveling at a high rate of speed was unable to stop and t-boned Cobian.

It was then that Cobian pulled the pistol and fired through the windshield of the Tahoe. That driver, who was not hit by the bullet jumped out of the truck and ran. Cobian then got out of his truck and into the Tahoe. Throwing it into reverse he slammed into another truck which was parked at a residence next to the scene. Cobian continued to back up and into the ditch as he planned to steal the truck and make his getaway. The Tahoe became stuck in the ditch, disabling it.

Deputies recovered the pistol from the drainage pipe under the driveway.

Cobian is being charged with aggravated assault. No other charges are being filed on the driver of the Tahoe at this time.

This is not the first time Cobian has been handled by Montgomery County.













JUNE 13, 2015

JUNE 13, 2015

JUNE 13, 2015

JUNE 13, 2018
Over 500 friends and family gathered Wednesday night for a candlelight vigil to remember Caney Creek High School Senior Dustin Gerke. Gerke and his girlfriend were traveling north on FM 1484 near Cedar Lane on Saturday night when he lost control and flipped his 2002 Frontier several times. Gerke was pronounced deceased on the scene, his girlfriend transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition. Tonight, friends reminisced about the memories over the years. His friend talked about when in baseball tryouts he went out for a line drive, told everyone he had it but the ball missed the glove and hit him in the mouth knocking out a tooth. He hurt and freaked out for a few minutes and went right back out to the field. The mother of a friend told of when Dustin would come to the house and clean the snacks out. On one occasion he left a note on the front door for her apologizing for eating them all. At dusk, all in attendance lit their candles and as they did the wind that had been blowing seemed to stop.

JUNE 13, 2018
Around midnight a DPS Trooper attempted to stop a driver with no lights and just flashers on near Glen Loch. A pursuit started, and the man ended up in a new subdivision, Fairway Farms, off Huffsmith Cemetery Road near FM 2978. He went to a model home and entered the garage near the intersection of Loblolly Court and Pinyon Hill Trail. It is not known where he acquired the automatic opener. As he exited the vehicle he showed a gun at which time shots were fired by Precinct 4 deputies and DPS. It was not known at the time if he was hit. Harris County Sheriff’s Department SWAT was activated as a perimeter was set around the home. A DPS helicopter watched the rear as it was too easy to end up in a crossfire if officers entered the backyard of the house. SWAT arrived and breached the front door with the ram on the Bearkat. A robot was then sent to the garage to gain access. Once the robot did, it broke the car windows and found the male unresponsive. However, just prior to that the suspect had been on the phone with negotiators several times. Gas was put into the garage and still no response. They then attempted to use rubber bullets which got his attention and gave up. He said he did not want to go back to jail as he had been jailed prior on family violence. As the scene unfolded family members were on the scene with deputies.

JUNE 13, 2019
Just before 5:30 pm Woodlands Fire Department was dispatched to a house fire on Palmer Crest in The Woodlands. As firefighters pulled out of the stations they were reporting heavy smoke in the sky. The first unit went on the scene with heavy smoke. By the time they got around the back of the home, they were met with heavy fire. Within seconds parts of the roof started to collapse causing it to go to defensive fire and fought from the outside of the home that is over 7400 square feet. A second alarm was pulled for manpower due to the heat of the day and a large amount of fire. Two what is reported to be contractors were transported to Houston Medical Center by MCHD with burns, however, they did not appear to be severe. The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office is on the scene waiting for the fire to be extinguished to start their investigation.

JUNE 13, 2020
Just after midnight Friday, a Splendora Officer stopped a vehicle for traffic on I-69 near FM 2090. The driver pulled into the new Kentucky Fried Chicken on the feeder. As the officer was getting his id he spotted a bag of marijuana on the center console. He asked the male to step out which he did. As he had him up against the vehicle and was cuffing him the suspect pushed away, spun, and took off running. The officer chased him on foot down the I-69 feeder where he crossed all the main lanes and started running south on the southbound feeder. As patrol units started arriving the male who was now in his stocking feet ran into the heavily wooded area. Additional units arrived and started searching the woods and nearby business properties. The Splendora Police Departments’ drone was also used to search. After about 2-hours the search was called off. Moments later an officer pulled up to the Circle K at Sh 242 and I-69. When he did the wanted suspect ran out and into the woods behind the business. Multiple units were on the scene within seconds. A perimeter was set and again the drone was launched. DPS also responded with their fixed-wing aircraft equipped with night vision and heat-sensing equipment. At one point an object was spotted in the heavy woods and Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables with K-9 “Kodiak” went on the hunt. It wasn’t long the object spotted exited the woods right in front of the Splendora Police Chief Wally Weight. If it had been deer season he would have owned the 8-point buck. The search continued for about another hour and was again terminated. As officers were going back to their vehicles a wrecker driver spotted the suspect hitchhiking on the southbound feeder of I-69 just south of SH 242. Again inits responded and several gave foot chase, running between the new hotel and the Texas Emergency Clinic buildings. K-9 Kodiak took the suspect down in the back parking lot of the Flying J truck stop. As Kodiak detained him the suspect started punching the dog and refused officers’ commands to cease. A taser was deployed stopping the suspect. The suspect, Richard Zuniga, 19, an illegal from Honduras. As officers searched the vehicle they discovered a pistol sitting just next to the center console. It was confirmed stolen from Pasadena. Also found were three sets of identification. One of those ids was a wanted suspect from the State of Michigan. The license plates which were also issued in Michigan were listed on a mini-van and not a passenger car. Zuniga, after transported to Conroe Regional to have the taser barbs removed and the dog bites patched was then booked into the Montgomery County Jail. He is charged with evading arrest and detention, unlawful carrying a weapon, and possession of marijuana. He was set at no bond with an ICE hold.

JUNE 13, 2021
A 911 emergency call to the Liberty County Sheriff’s dispatcher at approximately 10:pm last night sent the North Liberty #77 Fire Department to a burning pick-up truck on CR 2741 just north of Rye, Texas in the Big Thicket Estates area. According to Sheriff’s lead Investigator Sean Mitchell, an unidentified deceased white male was found behind his burned-out truck. Investigator Mitchell said leads in the early stage of the investigation are being followed up on to identify the victim and what may have caused his death and who may be responsible for his murder. Investigators spent more than 20-hours on the scene along with the Texas State Fire Marshal investigators, and Texas Ranger along with Liberty County Detectives, and the Liberty County District Attorneys Office. For several hundred yards prior to where the truck entered the woods a trail of blood could be seen. Justice of the Peace Pct. 3 Judge Cody Parrish conducted the inquest and ordered an autopsy. A second scene was not far away at a home in the 800 block of County Road 2737 where yellow police tape encompassed the area and a patrol unit sat guard. Investigator Mitchell is requesting anyone who may have any information on the circumstances of this murder case to call the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at (936) 336-4500 or the Multi-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP (7867) where a cash reward could be obtained for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for this murder. The identity of persons providing “tips” to Crime Stoppers will remain anonymous.
Liberty County Sheriff’s lead Investigator Sean Mitchell who is conducting the follow-up murder investigation with the assistance of the Texas Rangers arrested 37-year-old Robert Eugene Hoffpauir on Sunday evening charging him with the murder of 60-year-old Roman Rodriguez of Rye, Texas. According to Investigator Mitchell, evidence revealed at the scene of this murder and various statements made by Hoffpauir, which are still under investigation, Rodriguez arrived at the home of Timey Ann Cole and her son, Robert Hoffpauir, and a domestic disturbance occurred due to a former relationship between Rodriquez and Cole. During this physical altercation, Rodriguez was severely beaten into submission by Hoffpauir who then tied a tow strap around the waist of Rodriguez and attached the other end to the pick-up truck belonging to Rodriguez. According to evidence found it appears that Hoffpauir then dragged Rodriguez from the home for a lengthy distance down the road where the truck and Rodriguez were abandoned and then the truck was set on fire by Hoffpauir. Only the autopsy will reveal if Rodriguez was deceased before he was dragged by the truck or at some point later.
Investigator Mitchell along with the Texas Rangers are continuing the investigation due to conflicting statements and to determine if additional charges will be filed. Robert Eugene Hoffpauir was placed in the Liberty County jail and charged with murder. His bond has been set at one million dollars