NOVEMBER 25, 2006

NOVEMBER 25, 2006

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NOVEMBER 25, 2007

NOVEMBER 25, 2009
A firefighter was injured on Wednesday while trying to save a family’s home on the day before Thanksgiving.
At 12:25 p.m., the North Montgomery County Fire Department responded to the 10500 block of Northridge Dr. off of FM 1484 near Willis Waukegan Rd. where they found heavy fire coming from the attic of a brick home, according to Asst. Fire Chief Jason Oliphant.

Crews made a fast attack, and with assistance from Conroe and Cut and Shoot Fire Departments, they were able to prevent the home from becoming a total loss.

The family was home when the fire began and waited for firefighters at a neighbor’s house, Oliphant said.

Fire Chief Bob Robinson said crews were ventilating the roof when a firefighter fell from a ladder, landing on his side on the ground. An ambulance transported the firefighter to a local hospital where he was treated and released.

NOVEMBER 25, 2012
The Montgomery County Grand Jury has indicted Mikhail D. Drake,20 of Hockley, Justin R. Story, 20, of Hempstead and David J. Williams, 20 of Hockley on the charge of capital murder.

On November 25, 2012, just after 9 p.m. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 24100 block of Zahn Road in the Magnolia area in reference to a shooting. The victim had been taken by a neighbor in a private automobile seeking medical aid and stopped at the Rosehill Fire Station just a few miles away on FM 2920 in Harris County where the shooting victim died.

The victim, 37-year-old Alfredo “Freddy” Medina, appears to have been shot in the chest with a shotgun. Witnesses reported seeing a mid-2000 Blue Honda Civic and three suspects leaving the victim’s residence just after the shooting. The description of the suspects are vague but are believed to be Hispanic or white males.

Within two days the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office had the trio in custody with the assistance of the Texas Rangers.

NOVEMBER 25, 2014
Louis Lorch, 88-years-old and his wife of 67 years,  Hope were sound asleep in their April Sound home of twenty-seven years when close to 5a, they heard a noise. Then more noise and an alarm that   Hope Lorch first thought was an Amber Alert on her phone. It was then they started to hear the electronic voice of their smoke detector telling them to evacuate and there was a fire. They both rushed down the smoke-filled hallway to the living room. There they were met with a seven-foot wall of flames coming from their couch.

Louis threw several wet towels onto the burning couch as his wife was on the phone with 911. The 911 operators were frantically telling them to exit the home. Lorch finally realized they were not making progress and left the home.

Lake Conroe Fire Department arrived seven minutes after the initial call. As they arrived fire erupted out the front window over the front door and then immediately blew the rear windows out. The heat was so intense that it melted the blinds in the bedroom and melted the smoke alarms right off the ceiling.

Hope said she had been up reading and had heated a pack in the microwave for her back. it wasn’t electric but was a heat pack. She left it on the couch after she used it for a while reading. About 4 am she went to bed.

Kevin Bates with the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office spent the day digging the area around the origin of the fire looking for a cause. He doesn’t believe the hot pack was the culprit. His investigation will continue.

Bates did stress how the smoke alarms saved this couple. He said after three fire fatalities in the county this month where there were no smoke detectors, a home with detectors saved a family.

Lorch said he changes his batteries on a regular basis on the two smoke alarms in the house.

NOVEMBER 25, 2014
Tyler Dunman, Chief Prosecutor of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Vehicular Crimes Division, stood in front of a hearse Tuesday to emphasize the consequences of driving while intoxicated, as he and other officials announced the start of the 2014 holiday season’s “No Refusal” initiative.

Members of the District Attorney’s Office, 15 law enforcement agencies that patrol Montgomery County, and representatives of Mothers Against Drunk Driving presented a united front as they spoke with reporters standing in front of a local funeral home.

Dunman said the initiative begins Wednesday and continues until January 4, 2015.

“We’re entering a period of having no refusal, round the clock, and that means if a person is arrested for driving while intoxicated in Montgomery County and they refuse to give a sample of their breath or blood, we will seek the assistance of prosecutors who are working, nurses, and judges who are on call to get a search warrant for their blood,” he said. “Our goal is to have a blood sample in each case we work from now until early January.”

Dunman said a mobilized system would be in place for anyone arrested for driving while intoxicated and participating agencies will increase their patrols during the no refusal period.

“Their goal is simple,” he said, “to arrest and get off the streets any intoxicated driver they find, and they’re going to look for them.”

Dunman said officials want people to visit Montgomery County and enjoy all that is offered, but also take responsibility for their decisions and plan ahead so they don’t get on the streets and drive drunk. He said the well-known “BAT van” will be mobile at different times and the DA’s DART van will be out and about, complete with a nurse onboard for blood draws after search warrants are signed on location.

“We’re hoping people make a good decision,” Dunman said. “What we’ve learned here in Montgomery County is that 50 percent of fatal crashes involve an intoxicated driver, and in 50 percent of those, the intoxicated driver kills themselves.”

“The message is quite clear,” he said. “Frankly if you get arrested for driving while intoxicated in Montgomery County, you should consider yourself lucky, because the alternative to being arrested is to find yourself in this vehicle (gesturing toward the hearse).”

“You don’t want to be showing up at a funeral home like we are today, because someone you know is killed by a drunk driver, or someone you know killed themselves because they chose to make a poor decision,” Dunman said.

The veteran prosecutor said he was very grateful for all the agencies represented, who came from all over Montgomery County to show their solidarity, and said they were all sending a clear message.

“We’re going to be out looking for you if you decide to drive intoxicated,” Dunman said. “We’re going to get the evidence we need, despite your cooperation and we’re going to prosecute you to the fullest extent.”

DPS Trooper Richard Standifer said it was a pleasure to be invited to participate in the effort to curb the problem of drinking and driving.”

“One of most unsettling task we at DPS have to do is to advise a loved one that their significant other or family member was involved in a crash,” Standifer said. “To try and curb that, we are going to be participating full speed, zero tolerance, trying to arrest and seek out the intoxicated drivers of the upcoming holiday.”

Standifer said in 2013, DPS arrested 387 drunk drivers, wrote over 6,000 speeding tickets, over 700 tickets for those wearing no seatbelt, and over 800 to uninsured drivers.

“Also be mindful driving drowsy is just as bad as driving drunk, and driving distracted is just as bad as driving drunk as well,” he said. “We advocate first and foremost, don’t drink and drive, buckle up, and be safe; Try to slow down, especially in bad weather and during construction periods; Try to limit your distractions inside the vehicle, and if at all possible, pull over to the side of the road to make that phone call or answer that text. Don’t get fatigued to the point where you can’t drive.”

Sheriff Tommy Gage spoke briefly, saying, “As you can see, in Montgomery County we stand together in law enforcement against driving while intoxicated. Our message is real simple – if you drink, don’t drive. You not only will save the life of someone else, you’ll save your own.”

MADD volunteer Will Wamble said he was honored to be there and thanked the agencies for participating. He said the primary function of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is serve victims of intoxicated drivers.

“In 2014, 2,649 victims were served by MADD.” Wamble said. “Here’s the one thing MADD knows – Driving While Intoxicated does not discriminate. It doesn’t care what socioeconomic status you are. It doesn’t care if you’re black, white, purple or green, or what religion you are. It cuts across all boundaries.”

“As we enter into the holiday season, many families and friends are going to gather around the table to take time and reflect,” he said. “MADD is proud to stand with District Attorney’s Office and all the law enforcement agencies you see here today, to make sure that no chair around that table is empty as a result of the effects of driving while intoxicated.”

NOVEMBER 25, 2017
At 8:30 Saturday morning, a driver was east bound on FM 1488 at what witnesses say was about 50 mph. A male in his 30’s who was on his way to work was riding eastbound on the shoulder. According to witnesses, the male on the bicycle glanced over his shoulder then started to cross FM 1488 to the westbound side. The bicyclist was struck in the middle of the second lane and thrown from the bicycle. CPR was performed at the scene by a paramedic who was just behind the crash. CPR was continued as MCHD transported the bicyclist to Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands. He was pronounced deceased there. The driver of the pickup was not injured but was visibly shaken. He showed no signs of impairment but was taken to the hospital by DPS for a mandatory blood draw. The identity of the victim has not yet been released. With eastbound lanes closed during the investigation, the westbound lanes were limited to one lane. As DPS worked the crash a male driver in a Honda was looking at the scene and not paying attention to his surroundings. A bicycle rider on the shoulder who was westbound was almost struck by him.

NOVEMBER 25, 2019
Just after midnight, the driver of a motorcycle was southbound on the feeder of US 59 south of SH 242. As he approached the entrance ramp to the freeway he struck the highway sign. The driver was transported to Memorial Hermann in the Woodlands in critical condition. DPS is investigating the crash. Saddle Creek Towing removed the motorcycle from the scene.

NOVEMBER 25, 2019
At 11 am an 18-wheeler loaded with iron ore was traveling northbound onI-45 at Shepherd Hill. The driver said there was a malfunction on his dump bed causing it to raise up. The bed struck the Shepherd Hill overpass cracking the beam completely through. TXDOT has closed the Shepherd Hill overpass. Iron ore spilled across the freeway along with hydraulic fluids. All main lanes of I-45 north are closed. The left shoulder is open however traffic is backed from into Conroe. It is expected to get worse as the afternoon commute begins. The alternate which is Highway 75 is bumper to bumper from inside the Willis City Limits. Willis Police are investigating the crash with assistance from DPS. HAZMAT International is on the scene as is Miller Wrecker Service who is working at securing the truck to move it.