NOVEMBER 26, 2007

NOVEMBER 26, 2008
Two Pit Bulls mauled an 8-year-old Willis area boy Wednesday afternoon as he rode his bicycle in the Royal Forest subdivision. Witnesses said the one dog had one of the child’s legs and the other had an arm and they were tearing his flesh as the boy screamed until his father came running and the dogs fled into a wooded area.
It was just before 5 p.m. when Cynthia Barcus was inside her nearby house when she began to hear the boy’s screams over the television.
“I ran to the kitchen window and I saw a man running, which happened to be his father,” Barcus said. “And (the child) was on the ground.”
“The man was beside himself,” she said. “He’d just chase two Pit Bulls off of the boy.”
The boy was crying loudly as his father dialed 9-1-1 and his fear turned to anger.
“He was asking if anyone had a gun- he was going to shoot the dogs, but no one had one,” Barcus said. “He calmed down a little bit just to keep his son calm.”
Montgomery County EMS responded to the scene and called for a PHI Air Ambulance to transport the child to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery County Animal Control also responded and began searching for the dogs, whose owners were not home.
The Animal Control unit that responded, led by Albert Richard, eventually captured the pair of Pit Bulls believed to have attacked the boy along with a third Pit Bull whose owner was on location. The third dog’s owner said hers was harmless.
She identified the first two as “Camo” and “Dee Dee” but denied knowing who owned them. The woman further stated one of the accused dogs had not only killed other dogs but “ripped them in half.”
“She’s literally decapitated them,” she said.
Neighbors said there were usually so many dogs loose in the area that many people were afraid to walk the streets.
Barcus said she’d called authorities a few days earlier after she was working in her yard and saw the two dogs suspected of attacking the child threaten a woman who was walking with her baby in a stroller and her dog on a leash. The frightened woman turned around and went back toward her house, Barcus said.
When Animal Control arrived, she said, one dog was tied and the other was gone, so nothing could be done.
“I hope (authorities) will take this initiative to do something before something like this happens again,” she said.

NOVEMBER 26, 2013
Saturday Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office was notified of a large cash embezzling scheme which had taken place at New Caney Recyclers on US 59. Employers reported that a trusted employee was working in the cash room.

The employee Shabbir Hussain, was discovered to have been using fake money receipts and using Texas ID’s which were already on file which is required when selling scrap. He was found to be using the fake payout receipts and pocketing the money, Monet which investigators say could reach $300,000.

After locating Hussain late Saturday and many hours of interrogation he admitted to sending over $100,000 to his family in Karachi, Pakistan. The money was said to have been used to purchase homes for his family there. Investigators found no evidence to lead them to any type of terrorism.

The remainder was used to buy electronics, televisions, computers, and stereo equipment. Also jewelry for his wife who was told by Hussain that he had won the lottery.

Over $30,000 was also in accounts and safety deposit boxes in several different banks around the Houston area.

Monday investigators removed Hussain from his jail cell where he is being held on a $600,000 bond for theft of property over $100,000 and for money laundering.

After removing him he was transported to his home in west Houston when he gave deputies access to the equipment and the location in the home of the jewelry.

Again on Tuesday investigators with Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables, Office took Hussain to Bank of America on West Belfort. Once there he was escorted inside complete in jail striped clothing, handcuffs, and shackles. Almost $30,000 was recovered therefrom safety deposit boxes and accounts. Bank of America officials cooperated with the unusual request and Hussain being brought into the bank.

Next, they traveled to Amergy Bank on West Belfort and US 59. There bank officials were not very accommodating After over an hour they refused to allow Hussain to remove the funds from his accounts due to him being in custody.

A warrant will now have to be issued to recover those stolen funds.

Owners of the business in New Caney were not able to believe how quickly investigators were able to recover the number of funds they did.

Hussain, who is an American citizen has no prior records was deeply trusted by his employer

NOVEMBER 26, 2014
Just before midnight, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office began receiving calls from motorists on the southbound lanes of Interstate 45. The reports were the freeway was collapsing and over a dozen vehicles were on the side of the road with flats. Multiple units responded and first blocked the center lanes of the freeway immediately south of the Hardy Toll Road. Deputies found a hole deep enough to stand in and several feet wide by several feet long. Steel rebar was protruding from to crater.

Last year TXDOT gave all maintenance duties to Australian-based Transfield Services. Transfield contracts highway maintenance in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, the Philippines and the United States. Transfield responded with one crew member who emptied fifty-pound bags of cold patch (asphalt in not heated state) into the holes. The section of the freeway had been repaired before with a concrete patch. Most of the patch had given way to at least a dozen holes in the freeway within a one hundred foot stretch.

The Transfield worker said that it was the only way to patch it until crews came back on duty to make a permanent repair,.He stated they needed to make the freeway ready for the heavy Holiday traffic.

Just before Spring Cypress was the first shoulder vehicle were able to pull to the side. Almost thirty vehicles had flats and had to change them.

Terry Hurd was one of those drivers heading south. He said he saw a patrol unit on the left shoulder and a flashlight and then hit something, which he thought was a hole in the road. That is when his tire went flat.It was over a mile before he was able to get to the right shoulder to join the other vehicles either fixing tires or waiting on wreckers.

About 130am the freeway reopened after the Transfield worker rolled the cold patch into place using his utility truck.

NOVEMBER 26. 2015
The First annual Thanksgiving Feast fed hundreds of people Thursday, free of charge, at the North Montgomery County Community Center in Willis. The amazing spread was prepared by the Red Onion Catering Company, owned by Joey Ashton, a Special Investigator with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

Ashton said the event was called the “first annual” because there would definitely be a second and a third, and so on. Around three dozen volunteers helped bring it all together and run smoothly. The event was extremely organized, despite being put together in less than two weeks.

Ashton said every year, the DA’s Office adopts a family for Thanksgiving and a family for Christmas. This year, nobody had a family in mind, so they turned to the internet and at first thought they would be providing Thanksgiving for a specific number of families, but then they decided to open the doors to everyone. That decision was met with great enthusiasm, as Ashton put it, “It just exploded.” They had lots of sponsors and volunteers, serving all of the traditional dishes, and then some. They severed community members from all walks of life, and they gave away 10 bicycles. They also gave gift cards to needy families to help with Christmas or groceries, or whatever they needed.

District Attorney Brett Ligon and his wife and kids were among the volunteers, and afterward, they delivered food to homeless camps and delivered leftover desserts to North Montgomery County Fire Department and Montgomery County Youth Services, as well as Bridgeway House.

Ligon, who was among the officials participating in the Homeless Coalition’s recent Homeless Simulation at the Conroe Tower, said the dinner was an example of why that organization’s efforts to bring awareness to homelessness in Montgomery County are so important.

“Even though this is Montgomery County and we’re an affluent community, we still have homelessness,” Ligon said. “It’s a problem that’s not going away, with the community growing at the pace it is.”

Montgomery County is the seventh fastest-growing county in the United States, he said, and infrastructure simply isn’t keeping up.

“We’re on a crisis mission, to get out and not only reach people within the community but also make sure that they’re fed and they’ve got coats on their backs for the winter,” Ligon said.

The DA said efforts will continue to make people aware of how prevalent the problem is, and of how they can help.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015
Just after 730pm Harris County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the intersection of Battle Oak at Fairbanks North Houston in northwest Harris County for a reported auto-pedestrian crash. Once on scene, they found a 57-year-old male had walked across the northbound lanes of Fairbanks North Houston in a very poorly lit and non-designated crossing area. He was struck by a northbound Ford SUV. EMS arrived on the scene and performed CPR, however, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Deputies did find a beer can in his possession and believe he was intoxicated. There were no other injuries and no charges are being filed at this time. The male has not yet been identified

NOVEMBER 26, 2015
Houston Police were dispatched to a Cantina in the 7700 block of Harrisburg late Thursday evening. When they arrived they found a male shot in the men’s bathroom. All patrons including the bartender fled the scene leaving an empty building. One witness returned later to tell police two unknown men shot the male when he went to the restroom but he was unable to provide a description of the suspects. Police are asking any witnesses to come forward.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015
Thursday afternoon just before 2 pm Houston Fire Fighters battled a house fire on Palm at Saver in southeast Houston. Fire damaged some of the attic and an upstairs room. At 11:12 pm they were again dispatched to the same house for a reported house fire. When they arrived they had heavy fire from the roof and second floor of the home. Firefighters spent over an hour trying to contain the blaze. According to a Senior Captain, the home was an older home built with heavy timbers and the roof made of tongue and groove wood, not light construction as done in the modern-day. With this type of construction, a fire burns longer and hotter. There were no injuries, however, it was evident as firefighters exited the structure how hard they had been working. The fire is under investigation.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

NOVEMBER 26, 2019
Just after 5 pm, Montogmery County dispatchers received a call from a man on US 59 northbound near Splendora. The Splendora resident reported a Hispanic male in a white Tahoe who was attempting to run him off the road. As he talked with dispatchers he slowed down and sped up but the Tahoe did the same. The reportee was driving a Volkswagen Jetta. With him were his wife and infant child. As they approached the FM 2090 exit the Tahoe came over again, striking the Jetta in the right front fender, and attempted to force him into the center wall. The Tahoe then cut across all lanes of the freeway, Crossed the gore point(area of white stripes between the freeway and exit ramp) and attempted to exit. What he didn’t see was the male driver, just off work and heading home on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. As the motorcycle was exiting the Tahoe struck him causing the motorcycle to flip and ejecting the driver. MCHD along with Splendora Police responded to the scene. The motorcyclist was transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, but a lot of road rash. The driver of the Jetta provided Splendora Police with video from the entire incident including the motorcycle being struck. Splendora Police arrested Armando Montes of Cleveland. With him in the vehicle was his wife and 7-year-old child. He now faces aggravated assault charges and child endangerment.