OCTOBER 18, 2006

OCTOBER 18, 2007

OCTOBER 18, 2007
To Jeremy Burris the word “liberty” was more than the name of his hometown. It was something worth fighting for.

An all-American kid from a little all-American town, the 22-year-old Marine lance corporal died heroically in Iraq. More than a thousand people turned out Wednesday as a white hearse carried his body to burial in the historic 1800s Cooke Memorial Cemetery.

Within hours, the grave was desecrated. About 30 sprays of flowers were ripped apart, petals strewn over the loose earth. Flags decorating the gravesite were also torn down and sentimental notes and posters shredded.

OCTOBER 18, 2007

OCTOBER 18, 2009
MEDIA RELEASE October 19, 2009LAKE CONROE — The Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC), held October 16 — 18 on Lake Conroe, successfully wrapped up Sunday evening with the crowning of the inaugural Professional Anglers Association (PAA) Tournament Series World Champion. Dave Lefebre won the Toyota Texas Bass Classic in dramatic fashion, catching only four ounces more than second-place Andy Montgomery. The unique professional angling tournament focuses on conservation and features a catch and release program that highlights the efforts of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD). A generous donation of $250,000 was given to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department from the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. Lefebre (46 lbs. 12 oz. caught) was the mark of consistency, holding the lead for all three days. However, he was met with stiff competition on the final day and saw his 5 lb. 8 oz. lead quickly evaporate. Second place Montgomery (46 lbs. 8 oz.), third place Todd Auten (46 lbs. 4 oz.), and fourth place Aaron Martens (45 lbs. 12 oz.) all finished within one pound of Lefebre. Lefebre caught his last bass of the day with only 15 minutes left on the lake. It was all he needed to separate himself from the rest of the pack. “I’m trying to think of a new word to explain how I feel,” said Lefebre. “One notch on the Boca-Grip scales is what separated me. I’d trade all that (missing out on FLW Angler of the Year and FLW Cup) for this.” The TTBC featured an elite field of 60 anglers from around the world. For the first year, the TTBC was positioned as the world championship of the PAA Tournament Series, a three-event professional series that took place throughout 2009. All anglers were qualified members of the PAA. The tournament was a no-entry-fee event with a purse of $500,000. This event highlights the conservation efforts of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, the other big winner from the weekend tournament and music festival. TPWD was presented with a $250,000 donation prior to the final day’s weigh-in. The donation will go towards youth fishing and outreach programs across Texas. The Toyota Texas Bass Classic is sanctioned by the Professional Anglers Association with technical assistance and support from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Inland Fisheries Division. The title sponsor for the event is Toyota. Dick’s Sporting Goods is the official sporting goods provider. The Saturday Concert is presented by Evan Williams, the official bourbon of the TTBC. MillerCoors is the official beer. 100.3 KILT and SportsRadio 610 are the official radio partners. Phoenix Boats is the official boat of the TTBC. Waste Management is the official trash and recycling partner. The tournament will be held on Buffalo Springs, a planned development in the City of Montgomery. Corporate partnership opportunities are available for 2009.

OCTOBER 18, 2010
Monday representatives from the Houston Police Officers Union and the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association announced their profound disappointment in Montgomery County District Judge Cara Woods decision to impose a much lighter 20-year prison sentence on a previously convicted and deported criminal illegal alien who during a crime spree on March 7, 2010, terrorized victims and attempted to shoot and kill a Houston Police Officer who was attempting to apprehend him.

“Last Friday Judge Wood sentenced Moises Roman Mendez, 29 to 20 years for aggravated assault of a public servant when the sentence should have been 99 years,” said Ray Hunt of the HPOU. It is unbelievable, especially given the suspect’s background, illegal status in our country, and his terroristic actions toward store employees that this particular judge would give him such a gift.”

The lives of numerous HPD Officers responding to the aggravated robbery spree, as well as the lives of the store employees and citizens who were put at risk by the actions of Mendez, were worth more than the paltry-20 year sentence. Judge Wood’s decision is beyond disappointing and it sends a terrible message of weakness to all segments of people who depend on police officers and the criminal justice system safe,” added Mr. Hunt.

“We live in a time where people question the actions of elected officials and wonder if they are in touch with the realities of what matters most to regular people. Judge Wood’s decision and judgment in this matter only pours gasoline on that particular fire and it is unbelievable to those of us in law enforcement that she should make such a decision given the level of danger everyone faced when confronted by Mendez,” concluded Mr. Hunt.

OCTOBER 18, 2011
Liberty County Crime Suppression Unit had information of a large marijuana growing field in the northeast part of the county near CR 2058 and CR 2055. This morning deputies moved in with the assistance of DPS and ICE. When they arrived on the scene a camp was found deep inside the woods which had abandon within a very short time. As deputies began a systematic search of the area they discovered an irrigation pond that had been recently dug at approximately twenty feet deep and almost a football field in length. In addition pumps and hoses were found.

Once behind the pond, they started finding sections of the woods with full-grown marijuana plants, some over six feet in height, and many budding. Five separate fields were found. Each plant was supported by three small trees with twine so as to not let the plant fall as it grew.

Officials started cutting plants with machetes and by the time they finished there were almost 3,000 plants valued at $5 million-plus dollars. The property had been for sale however the transaction had not yet been finalized. Officials feel that since not many people had come out to the land it was the perfect set-up.

On an adjoining piece of land, they found several trailers and makeshift homes with drying operations for the plants and additional potted plants and another field.

OCTOBER 18, 2012
District Attorney Brett Ligon appeared in District Judge Edwards Court Thursday morning and told the court that after looking at the case they have decided to prosecute the case as a Capital Murder Case seeking the Death Penalty. With Judge Edwards leaving the bench at the end of the year the case will most likely get handled in Judge Case’s Court with the trial starting around March. Additional Details later today.

OCTOBER 18, 2013
Just after 3:45 a.m. Caney Creek Fire Department was dispatched to a major accident on Creighton Road between FM 3083/Moorhead and FM 1314. When they arrived on the scene they found a 2009 Dodge pickup had struck a large pine tree. The driver, Roxanne Michelle Thacker, 20, of Conroe. was injured and transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition. Her passenger, Rafael Hogan Brewer, age 52 was deceased on the scene, he was not wearing his seatbelt. Both were within a mile of their home.

According to DPS Trooper Reece, Thacker was northbound on Creighton Road over the 45 mph speed limit when she failed to negotiate the curve which is well marked. It was at that point she impacted the tree with very little braking action.

Thacker has been admitted to the Conroe Regional Hospital.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office also assisted in the investigation. It is possible alcohol is involved.

OCTOBER 18, 2013
Thursday evening just before 8 p.m. several cyclists were riding down Lake Forest Drive in single file when Sherman Ralph Clark, 74 passed them and a verbal altercation took place. According to one of the cyclists, Steve Schoger, Clark drove past them and along with a few cuss words told the cyclists to get off his street.

Clark then pulled in front of the cyclists and slowed down to about 15 mph. With the cyclists already peddling close to 25 mph, one of the riders went to pass Clark. That is when Clark began to drive to the left running the cyclist to the shoulder of the road. Another cyclist then came around Clarks right side in an attempt to go around. That is when Clark slammed his brakes on causing cyclist Rick Sauvageau to slam into the back of Clark’s truck. Sauvageau fractured his wrist, dislocated his shoulder, and injured his left knee in the incident.

Clark then got out of the truck with a baseball bat and started another verbal altercation swinging the bat at the riders. The incident ended when Clark got back in his truck and drove off running over one of the cyclist’s $5,000 bicycles.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the scene and Clark was arrested for criminal mischief $1,500 to $20,000 and for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

He was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on the criminal mischief charge and it is expected the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge may go to the Grand Jury.

Schoger said they have been riding the peaceful two-mile loop off Old Conroe Road in the Red Oak Estates Subdivision for almost 15 years with no problems except for one several years ago.

In that incident, almost 20 cyclists were riding the loop when Clark was backing out of his driveway. Schoger waited a short time and when the cyclists approached he backed out in front of them causing them to have to stop.

Schoger said the group participates in many cycling events throughout the year including the MS 150 and several others.

At 6 pm a bond was made for Clark who was going to be released sometime tonight from the Montgomery County Jail.

Just after 7:30 Sunday evening, Conroe Police received a call from Walmart on North Loop 336 in Conroe regarding a bomb threat and a device that was discovered. Conroe Police and fire responded along with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. The store was evacuated and the parking lot closed. Conroe Police then contacted the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office Bomb Unit to respond. The bomb unit suited up and made entry to inspect a knapsack found near the self-serve check-out stand.

As they were doing that Gary Davis and his girlfriend Madeleine rode through the Lowes parking lot adjoining the Walmart lot. It was then they saw the POLICE LINE tape across the driveway. Montgomery County Police Reporter, Scott Engle was standing at that location shooting video of the scene when they approached. They inquired about what was happening. When they were told, Davis commented, “Oh I hope it is not my backpack, it’s orange and black.” Conroe Police were alerted about the incident and conversation and responded to meet with them near the Lowes lot. Davis was detained along with his girlfriend,

Snider stated they live on the eastside of Conroe and were in the store earlier on Sunday. As usual, when they come in, she said Davis has his backpack and leaves it at the front of the store so he would not be accused of stealing anything. On their Sunday trip, they bought a bicycle for each of them. Just prior to checking out, Snider received a call that her teenage son who had been staying in Nebraska with his father and had run away over a month earlier had been located. In their excitement of the news and the haste to leave the store, Davis forgot his backpack.

Snider said when they returned home they realized they had forgotten the backpack and called the store, not once but twice. She stated the store had even called them back to verify it was there. This information had never been revealed by Walmart to the police.

It is still undetermined how a call to Walmart for a missing backpack was interpreted as a device and causing the notification to police.

Inside the pack was a can of bicycle tire inflator and some miscellaneous tools and a cell phone charger.

Close to 11:30m as investigators talked with Davis and Snider they were able to verify their story. They were both released.

Davis then had to put his backpack together as during the search by technicians they were forced to cut seams to verify there were no explosives.

The store reopened at approximately 11:30 pm.

OCTOBER 18, 2017
Just after 830 am Wednesday Harris County Precinct 4 Constables responded to a disturbance call on Marratt Ln. just off North Eldridge and Spring Cypress. They arrived to find a family member had been in the home when the 61-year-old homeowner fired three shots into the ceiling. Precinct 4 Deputies were unable to make contact with the male. The family member did leave the home prior to police arrival. Precinct 4 notified Harris County Sheriff’s Office who responded with a mental health unit. The Mental Health unit then requested SWAT since weapons were involved. When SWAT arrived they attempted to make contact with the male. After several unsuccessful attempts tear gas was put into the home, A family pet then exited the home. Just after 1 p.m. SWAT entered the home and found the male deceased with what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Harris County Homicide is now on the scene.

OCTOBER 18, 2017
Sheriff’s Office Looking for Suspect in Numerous Car Burglaries
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating numerous burglaries of a motor vehicle that are occurring in the Woodforest Subdivision off of Fishcreek Thoroughfare. In all instances, vehicles were left unlocked with valuable property such as keys, wallets, and, most concerning, firearms being left in the vehicles.
From September 28, 2017, through October 11, 2017, Deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office have been investigating a surge in burglaries of motor vehicles that are occurring in the Woodforest Subdivision in Montgomery, Texas. Deputies and Detectives are following up on numerous leads and conducting interviews at this time. In total nine vehicles had been left unlocked and numerous items taken including wallets, electronics, and firearms.
Sheriff Rand Henderson wants to remind residents to remember and practice TLC. “T”=Take your keys, “L”=Lock your car, “C”=Conceal/Hide your valuables out of sight.
If you see any suspicious activity please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office immediately. If you have any information about these burglaries, please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 and refer to case#17A307627.
Lieutenant Scott Spencer
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Executive Division

OCTOBER 18, 2017
On July 21, 2017, representatives of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office conducted an inventory of the contents of Shore’s cell, in anticipation of a potential claim regarding Shore’s mental health. They discovered a folder contain- ing approximately ten items pertaining to the murder of Melissa Trotter, including copies of court exhibits and scene photographs; a hand-drawn page of a calendar for the month of December 1998, with handwritten notations regarding weather conditions; and a hand-drawn map which appears to depict the location where Melissa Trotter’s body was found. The handwriting on the map is dissimilar to Shore’s distinctive handwriting but bears similarities to Swearingen’s handwriting.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office informed the Montgomery County District Attorney of the discovery of the material in Shore’s cell on September 1, 2017—after the District Court for the Ninth Judicial District issued an order setting an execution date for Swearingen.

District Attorney Brett Ligon immediately commenced an investigation that led to an interview with a woman who had visited Shore at the Polunsky Unit. She said that Shore told her that he expected to take responsibility for Melissa Trotter’s murder shortly before Shore’s execution. She also said that Shore was aware of the location of physical evidence pertaining to Trotter’s murder.

Upon receiving that information, on October 16, 2017, Ligon asked the governor to grant Shore a thirty-day reprieve, in order to allow Ligon time to complete the investigation while Shore was still available to be interviewed.

Ligon does not plan on commenting further on this ongoing investigation until any legal proceedings pertaining to Shore’s execution have been resolved.

Two suspects are in custody after allegedly robbing a Sprint store, stealing the clerk’s pants and carjacking another driver.

Earlier Wednesday, Harris County Precinct 4 Constables said the suspects stole cell phones and then took the clerk’s pants. Deputies believe they stole his pants so he would not chase after them.

The suspects took off in a vehicle. Soon after, a constable spotted the car and chased the suspects. The chase ended on a dead-end street in the 4100 block of Wyanngate Drive. The driver, 35-year-old Justice Toran, was arrested immediately while the other suspect fled on foot.

Investigators called off the search to find the second suspect due to safety concerns, Harris County Precinct 4 said.

According to deputies, the second suspect carjacked an individual Wednesday night. Investigators were able to track him down to an apartment complex in the 13000 block of Ella. The suspect fired several shots at deputies, who returned fire.

The suspect was struck at least three times before he was taken into custody, investigators said. He is currently receiving medical treatment for his injuries.

No deputies were injured.

Three Spring ISD schools were placed on precautionary lockdown while police investigated the robbery. The lockdown at Hirsch Elementary, Winship Elementary and Twin Creeks Middle School was lifted just after 4 p.m.

Investigators believe the two suspects could be tied to other robberies, including some that happened Tuesday night.

OCTOBER 18, 2018
Just before 11 pm, Montgomery County deputies responded to a reported shooting on Winchester Drive in the Huntington Estates Subdivision just off SH 242. They arrived to find two-person deceased and a pregnant female shot and in critical condition. She was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition. At this time detectives are on the scene combing an extensive area for evidence. Most of the streets in the area of the scene have been closed off. We will update as soon as we have additional information.

OCTOBER 18, 2018
Just before 11 pm, Montgomery County deputies responded to a reported shooting on Winchester Drive in the Huntington Estates Subdivision just off SH 242. They arrived to find two persons deceased and a female shot and in critical condition. The female was taken by MCHD to Memorial Hermann Woodlands in critical condition. She is currently in surgery. Detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office have learned that Daniel Outlaw, 35, Jeffifer Lee 29, and the best friend of Jennifer, a 28-year-old female yet to be identified became involved in a confrontation. The unidentified female is a former girlfriend of Outlaw. Outlaw then produced a handgun and shot the two women before turning the gun on himself. Lee and Outlaw were both deceased in the street. The 28-year-old female was taken in critical condition to Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands in critical condition where she remains in surgery. Over a city block around the crime scene is closed off as investigators search for evidence.

OCTOBER 18, 2019
Friday morning a Chevrolet Equinox was westbound on SH 242 near Mossey Oaks when for unknown reasons the driver turned left hitting a Ducati motorcycle head-on. The drivers have not yet been identified. The motorcycle driver was pronounced deceased on the scene. The driver of the Equinox was transported in stable condition.

OCTOBER 18, 2019
At 3:15 pm Friday a white Mercury Grand Marquis was traveling west on Seven Coves Road. When the female driver crossed the center line. A white Cadilac Escalade went to the ditch to avoid a collision but once on the Crystal Creek bridge, a Jeep SUV had nowhere to go. They collided head-on. The two females in the Jeep were transported in stable condition. The female lone occupant in the Mercury was trapped in the vehicle when it went into flames. She was pronounced deceased on the scene. NMCFD extinguished the blaze and were able to extricate the female after some time due to her being entrapped. Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack responded to the scene for the inquest and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

OCTOBER 18, 2019
Just after noon Friday, Montgomery County Firefighters responded to a report of a fire in the bedroom of a home in the 13500 block of Pinewood Village in southeast Montgomery County. The first arriving units from the Caney Creek and Needham Fire Departments encountered heavy fire conditions in the home, but fortunately, the residents were awake at the time of the fire and were able to escape. While there were no injuries, the family of 5 lost their home and possessions to the fire.

Fire Investigators from the MCFMO determined that the fire was started by a space heater in the bedroom. Family members stated that they had used the space heater last night and forgot to turn it off when they left the room. The home did not appear to have any working smoke alarms and had this fire broke out while the residents were sleeping, the outcome could have been tragic.

Space heater fires can be especially deadly and are responsible for over 80% of all fatal home heating fires. They should be plugged in directly to the wall, and should not be plugged in on an electrical circuit with other items as they may cause an overload and fire.

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