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OCTOBER 9, 2007

OCTOBER 9, 2013
After 11 a.m. Wednesday morning Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Lambert initiated a traffic stop of a Ford pickup on Waukegan Road at the railroad tracks. The driver of the truck sped up heading north and failed to stop for the deputy. When the truck then attempted to turn right on Schank Road. To fast for the turn the truck rolled over landing upside down on top of a fence post. The fence boards protruded through the front windshield striking the passenger who was entrapped. Caney Creek Fire Department and Cut and Shoot Fire Department responded to the scene to extricate the passenger.

Both have been transported to the hospital.

The names of the pair have not yet been released.

OCTOBER 9, 2013
On July 24, 2013 a grandmother and her 18-month old grandson were found dead in a home in western Walker County. The woman was beaten to death. The baby, Aiyden Benjamin Lewis, was found hanging from a door knob, He was also deceased. It was determined he died of asphyxiation.

For 48 hours detectives with Walker County, Montgomery County and the Texas Rangers combed the property for evidence.

This morning Howard Wayne Lewis was summoned to the Walker County Grand Jury. After he was finished he was taken into custody by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. He is currently being held in the Walker County Jail on charges of murder.

According to Sheriff McRae, DNA of Lewis was found on the object used to kill his former mother-in-law, 55-year-old Shanta Faye Crawford.

Lewis has no prior criminal history and currently was living with his fiance in the Dallas area. Like his former mother in-law, he too worked as a guard for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Dallas until recently.

A motive was not disclosed but Lewis and his former wife were going through court proceedings on custody of the child and there were issues over child support.

OCTOBER 9, 2013
Early Wednesday evening three utility workers arrived at a Tomball home on Huffsmith Road. One of the workers walked out to the rear of the property with the homeowner to show her where they would be digging to bury the underground cable. . As he did this the other two entered her home and stole close to $70,000 in jewelry.

That’s when neighbors saw what was going on and called Tomball Police. Several units were just down the street working an accident in which a dump truck overturned. As they arrived the trio was attempting to leave the driveway of the home but traffic had backed up from the dump truck accident and had blocked the thieves in.

That’s when the homeowner came running out screaming that her jewelry was missing.

Police took all three into custody and determined they were not utility workers but thieves from the Baytown area.

This has happened in The Woodlands area just a few short weeks ago.

Victims, especially the elderly need to be made aware of these scams.

OCTOBER 9, 2014
Harris County Precinct 4 deputies say a grandmother, identified as Donna Johnson, 53, was taken into custody Thursday evening after leaving a child in the car.

The grandmother was arrested on the scene after her four-year-old grandson was allegedly left unattended in a car outside a gaming room in the 2100 block of 1960 East near Briar Creek.

Police say the woman would go outside to check on the boy, but it was over an hour between the times she was checking on the child. The grandmother had the windows rolled down but as a precaution, EMS was dispatched to the scene to check the child.

The mother of the child was contacted and responded to the scene to take custody of the child.

She was taken to the Harris County Jail where she remains on a $2,000 bond.

OCTOBER 9, 2015

Just after San Jacinto Elementary School let out for the week a call came in for a school bus crash with fifty students from that school on board. EMS crews, DPS, and Porter and Caney Creek Fire Departments rushed to the scene on FM 1314 near Village Way. They arrived to find a school bus with heavy left front damage wedged between a 1-ton truck and a gooseneck trailer. Several students were injured, two were taken to hospitals. Crews worked to contact parents of the other children which proved difficult for many. Many parents arrived at the scene to pick their children up. Some were going to their doctors with children. Besides, the two transported many others received bruises and minor cuts to their faces as they hit the seats in front of them upon impact.

According to DPS, the bus driver was southbound in the right lane. The truck pulling the trailer was turning into the private business driveway. The truck had made it in and the trailer had not yet cleared the moving lane of traffic on FM 1314. Investigators believe the bus driver was distracted by an unruly student when she slammed into the rear of the trailer. There were no skid marks prior to impact. The impact jack-knifed the truck and trailer shearing the trailer of the hitch on the bed of the truck.

The bus driver was cited for failure to control speed.

OCTOBER 9, 2016

OCTOBER 9, 2018
Just after 10 pm, an explosion was reported on Timberloch Trail in the Timberloch Estates Subdivision in the Magnolia area. Magnolia Fire units arrived to find a male critically burned head to toe. The back wall of the mobile home was blown out as well as some windows. A female was on location but disappeared. The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office Bomb Squad was alerted and the team responded along with Woodlands and Needham Road Fire Hazmat Units. After searching the home, the bomb squad declared all clear. The Fire Marshals will investigate to find the cause of the explosion. At this time it is believed to be accidental but the Fire Marshal’s Office will make a final determination. The male occupant was transported in critical condition by Montgomery County Hospital
District to the Memorial Hermann Burn Center in Houston.

OCTOBER 9, 2018
Hundreds attended Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon’s 50th birthday bash at the Willis Community Center Tuesday night. The theme was 50’s and it showed throughout, hot dogs, hamburgers, hula hoops, and milkshakes.
With the intense storm outside it was hardly noticed by the well-wishers. Servers were dressed as 50’s waitresses from the ’50s and 60’s complete with roller skates. Besides a dance team making it look like the Montgomery County Version of Dancing With the Stars a hula hoop contest was held. After five minutes of non-stop, it was called a draw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRETT LIGION.

OCTOBER 9, 2019
A babysitter could face charges after a massive fire erupted at a Spring motel as children inside were playing with a lighter. The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office traced the cause of the fire at Motel 6 near Cypresswood and I-45 to a 3- and 6-year-old. Seven people, including two children, were transported to hospitals for smoke inhalation after the blaze engulfed the building, leaving a massive hole in the roof. Investigators said the children who started the fire were left alone by the bysitter.
When firefighters arrived, they found heavy flames penetrating the roof, sending a thick column of black smoke into the sky that could be seen for miles. Several persons were rescued by firefighters from third-floor windows. The fire later spread to an adjacent building through a common attic space. As night fell, guests became frustrated. The motel was a temporary home for several families, who were scrambling for a place to stay Wednesday night. The 3-alarm fire which broke out at 3:15 pm brought departments from Harris and Montgomery County. Almost 13 years to the day Spring tackled another massive motel fire. On October 1, 2006, the Spring Lodge fire on Interstate 45 near Spring Cypress erupted in flames.

OCTOBER 9, 2020
FM 830 has reopened and the manhunt for the three shooting suspects has ended in Panorama. Three black males are still on the loose, one being the actual shooter. Two have been captured. The shooting happened in Huntsville at a motel off Montgomery Road and I-45 just after 5 pm. The male was shot in the leg. The white Mercedes fled the scene. At Long Street Road a Precinct 2 Constable spotted the vehicle and got behind it. As he did a gun was thrown out. It was recovered by DPS at FM 1097 and I-45. The Precinct 2 deputy stayed behind the suspects never activating his emergency equipment, at which time they exited FM 830. The suspects saw the deputy exit behind them and accelerated through the red light at I-45 and FM 830 striking another vehicle and an 18-wheeler. A male driver of the vehicle struck and three children were injured but not serious. Five black males jumped out of the Mercedes and fled into the woods behind Panorama. Two have been taken into custody. Three are still on the loose and believed to be armed. Several K-9 units from Conroe, MCSO, Splendora, Precinct 3, and Precinct 4 are searching the area. Residents in the area are asked to stay alert to suspicious activity make sure cars are locked and keys not left in them. If you spot any of these males call 911 immediately. They are only described as black males in black clothing except one had a blue windbreaker with a white stripe.

OCTOBER 9, 2021
Saturday morning the search for Christopher continued in Grimes County. But as many thought he was abducted investigators kept on searching. Blake Jarvis a Grimes County Constable assisted the Sheriff in the investigation part of the case. He work side by side since the beginning with state and federal officials. Teary-eyed he said the main reason they kept up the search was due to the neighbor across the street from Christopher’s home. Joyce Gramm, who had lost her home in the 2011 wildfires relocated to a place that helped investigators. She was the one who witnessed Christopher running down the street after the dog. In addition, a door camera had a glimpse of him. Investigators ruled out all family members. Last night a resident near the Crown Ranch Subdivision Off FM 1486 heard of the story at bible study. He came home with it on his mind. This morning he said he had a word that told him to search the back of his property. He had walked back and heard what he thought was a wounded animal but heard it several times. He then called Grimes County and units responded. Over the past several days there have been many tip calls all of which turned up nothing including one they thought would pan out in Brewster County. As units got to the location Tim found out the boy’s name and once again started calling. That is when he heard the boy respond. He had to chop his way into the brush from the pipeline and found little Christopher completely naked, no shoes, and bruised and scratched, and very thirsty. He was transported to the road where Sheriff Sowell took the mother to meet them. Magnolia Fire responded along with MCHD who transported the child in stable condition. Like Joyce Gramm, Tim also said it was the man above responsible. He would not go on camera but agreed to an interview as he said he was just guided to Christopher by the man above. Tim Miller with Equusearch said this has been one of the hardest since he started after the death and discovery of his daughter’s body. Sheriff Sowell who had been out there since the beginning was very relieved as he hugged his investigators after the reunion. Sheriff Sowell thanked everyone involved. He said he wasn’t going to give up as he knew the child was out there. He said he was going to wait several more days before making a decision. When asked about the child with no clothes he said the thorns and brush and many times as children get hot they come out of their clothes.