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Sunday afternoon two males walked into the Porter Wal-Mart, one male selected several headphones from the shelf and after handing it off to the other, fled the store. All this was under the watchful eye of Wal-Mart’s Loss Prevention Officers.

As they left the store Jason Riley Suire, 34, of 95 N. Hawkhurst Circle in The Woodlands was confronted by one of the Loss Prevention Officers who identified himself as such. Suire then assaulted the officer and fled along with James Lawrence Steagall, 36, of 1767 Woodway in New Caney. Both jumped into a Suburban driven by a white female and left the parking lot.

By Suire assaulting the officer the shoplifting charge by state law turned to robbery. An attempt to locate was put out to law enforcement units in the area.

A short time later Deputy Smith who was enroute to a call spotted a Suburban traveling west on Antique Lane from Loop 494. As he got closer he realized he was looking at the Suburban the attempt to locate was issued on. He stopped the vehicle and as other units arrived they were able to get the female driver and one passenger out of the vehicle. After interviewing the pair they learned the third suspect was at the Lake Houston Campground.

Units went to that location off FM 1485 and were able to take the other suspect into custody.

Deputies then returned to the Wal-Mart where Loss Prevention Officers identified the two males as the ones involved in the theft of almost $500 worth of headphones.

Suire was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on robbery charges.

Steagall was also booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a charge of Organized retail theft due to previous theft history.



Suire, Jason RileySteagall, James Lawrence

                              SUIRE                                                               STEAGALL


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