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Wanted Subject Struggle leads to end of Criminal Activity


On Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 Captain Scott Felts and Sergeant David Edwards acted on a tip that a wanted fugitive was staying at the Super 8 Motel in Cleveland, Texas.

Officers were advised that Todd Parker Neuwirth (age 36) of Huntsville, Texas was wanted by the US Marshal’s Office for a Federal Probation Violation. Upon confirming the arrest warrant and motel room Neuwirth was staying in, Officers made entry into the room to apprehend Neuwirth for the Felony Warrant (Federal Probation Violation). Upon gaining entry Officers was able to identify Todd Neuwirth and his girlfriend who was later identified as Melissa Mae Davis-Stokola (age 18) of Splendora, Texas.

Officers advised Neuwirth he had an active warrant for his arrest, upon attempting to secure him into handcuffs, Neuwirth began struggling with Officers. As the struggle ensued, Officers had to instruct Melissa Davis-Stokola to keep her distance as Neuwirth begged her to assist him with resisting Officers; Melissa Davis-Stokola left the room at this time. Captain Felts and Sergeant Edwards continued to struggle with Neuwirth in the room, the struggle carried them into the bathroom area as Neuwirth tried to escape the Officers. Sergeant Edwards was able to deploy pepper spray into Neuwirth’s facial area, but the pepper spray did not have any effect on Neuwirth.

Officers were eventually able to get Neuwirth onto the ground and hold him until back-up Officers arrived to assist. Officers heard someone knock on the motel room, Sergeant Edwards was able to gain control over Neuwirth as Captain Felts opened the motel door for what they believed to be back up Officers. Upon doing so, Melissa Davis-Stokola attempted to rush into the room screaming; Captain Felts pushed her back into the hallway area and locked her out of the room. “We had our hands full with Neuwirth; it was obvious she was not there to assist us, so she was kept out of the fray”.

Officers continued to struggle with Neuwirth as back-up arrived to assist the Officers with detaining Neuwirth by placing him in handcuffs. Upon securing Neuwirth, EMS was called to assist Neuwirth with decontamination in regards to the pepper spray that was deployed.

Sergeant Edwards stated “From the very beginning, Neuwirth exhibited an abnormal amount of strength, I immediately began to think Neuwirth may be under the influence of methamphetamine” “It took all we had to keep Neuwirth detained until back-up arrived”.

After concluding the arrest, Officers discovered Crystal Methamphetamine, Xanax Pills, Marihuana and Digital Scales inside of the room. In addition to the drugs, Officers found several computers, printer, a laminate machine, numerous credit cards with various names; notebooks/flash drives with citizens identifying information, fake paper license plates, gift cards, prepaid credit cards and a fictitious US Navy ID with Neuwirth’s photo.

A check of the parking lot area, found a 4 door truck reported stolen out of Polk County containing fake paper license plates.

Todd Nuewirth was charged with Resisting Arrest (Misdemeanor A), Possession of Marihuana (Misdemeanor B), Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 3 (Misdemeanor A), Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 (Felony 3) in addition to the Federal Warrant for his arrest.

Melissa Mae Davis-Stokola was charged with Possession of Marihuana (Misdemeanor B), Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 3 (Misdemeanor A), and Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 (Felony 3).

A joint investigation is being conducted by the Cleveland Police Department and the US Postal Inspections Service, additional charges are pending.

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