Crews continued to search for two-year-old Devon Davis, the little red head that went missing Tuesday afternoon as his mother napped in northern Liberty County. The mother has told deputies that she put the child to bed along with his sister. She then locked the door and went to sleep herself.

Not long after she awoke and found the child gone.

The family which moved from Virginia six days ago moved in with a friend of which the child’s father and homeowner served in Airborne together.

Liberty County deputies responded within minutes and started a search. Liberty County Captain Rex Evans quickly assembled search parties and started contacting every available resource.

Fire fighters were called in from Tarkington, Cypress Lake Estates, Highway 321 and Hardin. Needham Road Fire Department brought an 8-wheel ATV capable of maneuvering in the water.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Lt. Seals and Sgt. Warwick responded with “Oliver”, their bloodhound, spending most of the night tracking but not finding the child. Other tracking dogs were brought in from College Station with the same results.

Today Houston Police responded with both a cadaver dog and a bloodhound. Once again nothing. Divers spent the better part of the day searching the alligator  infested waters around the home. EquuSearch was also called in Wednesday morning and are actively searching.

Wednesday afternoon Texas Rangers and the FBI joined Liberty County in the search,.

An Amber Alert was issued Tuesday but did not produce any tips either.

Devon, who is 30 inches tall ands weighs about 40 pounds.He was last seen wearing a red and gray t-shirt and jeans and is believed to be barefoot.

Meanwhile detectives collected evidence from behind the home but are not revealing what was found. They do say they do not expect foul play.

A neighbor who has lived in the area for several years and has several dogs said that since the drought the alligators are hungry, she has lost several dogs to the gators which come up out of the water to claim a meal.

Tuesday night Montgomery County Precinct 4 Lt, Mark Seals came eye-to-eye with one as he searched the bank of one of the tributaries of the Trinity River.

The water level I the tributary has actually dropped even with the National Weather issued a flood warning through Saturday as Lake Livingston which last year was at a record low is almost two feet above normal and the dam is releasing water.

The search will continue through the night and into Thursday.


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  1. conroecuttie

    Is there any new information on Baby Devin. My heart is bleeding for this family. I pray that he will soon be found and safe.I just can’t imagine what his parents are going through. God bless everyone involved.

  2. numberfive

    This is so very heart breaking; I pray they find this child and that God keeps his hand on everyone involved in the search for him: Prayers for the family and friends as well.

    I would like to say thank you to Captain Evans and each individual who has searched so much this year trying to locate the missing in our area. I do not understand the why of such things, it makes no sense but I pray for closure for the family and friends. Dennis, wherever you are I pray you know there are so many people who, love and think of you every day: We have not given up on finding you.

  3. nana1henry

    My heart and prayers go out to these parents and sister.Anything that is put in front of us, the Lord will be with us all the way. God Bless each of you.

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