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District 3 – Lt. Joe Senn (East County)

On October 26, Deputy Lawless was dispatched to the 18400 block of Rolling Hills Drive, for an assault call. Upon arrival, it was found a 24 year old female on scene had been drinking alcohol heavily which started an argument with her mother. During the argument, the female assaulted her mother by hitting her several times. The mother advised she was calling the police and the daughter took the phone away from her preventing her for calling for assistance. The daughter was arrested for assault, interfering with an emergency call and transported to jail.

On October 27, Deputy Lawless was patrolling the area of South Kings Manor Drive and Towerguard Drive, when he drove upon a truck sitting in the roadway with the doors open. Upon stopping to investigate, Deputy Lawless met the 18 year old male driver and smelled the distinct odor of burnt marijuana emitting from inside the vehicle. Sitting on the front seat of the vehicle, in plain sight, was two baggies of marijuana. The driver was detained and charged with possession of marijuana.

On October 27, Deputy Voris was dispatched to the 23600 block of Elmwood, in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, the home owner advised an 18 year old male, who was a prior tenant, broke into the location, stealing numerous items (including a firearm) that he had no claim of ownership. The male was later located and had possession of the listed items. He was arrested for burglary of a habitation and theft of a firearm.

On October 28, Deputy O’Connor was dispatched to the 19200 block of Jenny Lane, to assist Animal Control Officers with an investigation. Upon arrival, it was discovered that several dogs on location had not been properly cared for and did not have adequate food or water. One dog on location was so severely malnourished and dehydrated that it could nether stand or move around and was completely covered in fleas. The 32 year old homeowner and owner of the dogs was arrested for cruelty to non-livestock animals and transported to jail.

On November 1, Deputy Bartoskewitz was dispatched to a truck in the ditch in the 21400 block of Punkin Street. Upon arrival, it was discovered a 26 year old male driver had crashed a truck and trailer into a culvert on location. Upon investigation, the male was found to be driving while intoxicated and was placed under arrest. The male was treated by medical personnel and then taken to jail in Conroe.

Five other people were arrested on outstanding warrants.

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