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What You Need To Know About Mark Bosma

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Most Montgomery County residents know Mark Bosma as the county’s Director of Infrastructure and the lone county government “insider” willing to stand up in that now infamous Commissioners Court session and express his frustration at how he says commissioners bypassed established protocol and forced the county into the quagmire known as the Joe Corley Detention Center, and the dubious financial dealings with associated parties.

However, Mr. Bosma may soon be known as something else – County Judge.

On November 26, Mark Edward Bosma officially signed up to run for the county’s top spot, being vacated by Judge Alan “Barb” Sadler after six consecutive terms. Unlike Craig Doyal, Bosma’s most well-known opponent, Mark Bosma is not a politician. He has been a public servant his entire adult life and is first time candidate. Bosma has such a strong conviction that he is the best man for the job of Montgomery County Judge, he is willing to take a $25,000 per year pay cut upon taking that position. When he approached his wife of 15 years regarding the pay cut, Kathy Bosma agreed without hesitation.  As a Registered Nurse at an area hospital, Kathy Bosma also understands the meaning of public service and says she fully supports her husband’s quest.

He has served Montgomery County since 1992, when he became the county’s Purchasing Agent.

During his tenure as Purchasing Agent, he took on additional County responsibilities such as project management of new building construction and remodeling, implementation of  proven actions and programs used by comparable government agencies, utility audits (the Energy Savings Program has saved approximately $400,000 since 2010), and in-house management of the Inmate Phone System.   By taking on these additional tasks, he was able to save the taxpayers of Montgomery County thousands of dollars.  The Inmate Phone System and Direct Dial Phone System have netted the County approximately $9 million since 1997.

Bosma also implemented a credit card procurement system that is used County-wide for purchases that stream-lines billing and reduces handling fees.  He has worked with numerous engineering firms, reviewing and soliciting specifications for multiple road projects.  Bosma has continually sought ways to improve production and save the county money.

In 2002 Bosma was voted Boss of the Year out of all those in supervisory positions in Montgomery County.

In 2006, the Montgomery County “Director of Infrastructure” position was created specifically for Mark Bosma, when his outstanding performance and productivity prompted County Commissioners to give him more responsibilities. In addition to the Purchasing Department, he is now accountable for seven other county departments.

Bosma gives a helping hand to elected officials and department heads in devising project plans related to building construction, space planning, budgetary controls, and security coordination for the county.

Being Director of Infrastructure, he has also regularly assisted in delegating road projects for County transportation.

Bosma has Bachelor of Science in Geography from Sam Houston State University and 21 college credit hours in English he earned for the sake of strengthening his writing. Additionally, he is a certified Public Manager, Dispute Resolution certified, and often takes continuing education courses that he believes will broaden his knowledge in his work.

Mark Bosma is currently a member of several organizations, holding a position on the board for five of them, including the Lone Star Family Health Center, Deerwood Community Center, Montgomery County Animal Shelter, and the Montgomery County Mental Health Treatment Facility. In the past, he has held leadership positions for multiple organizations including Chairman for Review of the Deregulation of Electricity, Texas County Purchasing Association Legislator Chairperson, and Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator.

In all, Bosma has 28 years in public service, with 21 of those in Montgomery County.

His first fundraiser is scheduled for Thursday, January 9, at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe.

To learn more visit his website at


Mark Bosma with Dr. Wally Wilkerson, Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman, as Bosma officially became a candidate for Montgomery County Judge.


Bosma at the EMC Fair & Rodeo with Pct. 4 Officials and the student whose winning entry he purchased at auction.
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