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Where are the Registered Voters of EMC???


An important message from Mark Linabury-

I have recently been asked to serve on a non-partisan Voter Engagement Community Council project. Porter/New Caney had been identified as one of the areas with low voter turnout in our region. The purpose of this council is to help increase registered voter turnout.

I have also been asked why some elected officials may or may not participate in or pay as much attention to our area as they may do in others. I had been told it was due to our low voter turnout and I wanted to quantify what that looked like.

I showed the following slide at our October luncheon which surprised many including myself. These percentages are the registered voters who cast ballots in the 2020 general election:

As you can see, Porter/New Caney did not fare well compared to our Montgomery County neighbors. I know we can do better.

The Porter/New Caney Voter Turnout Challenge

This is the final week of Early Voting before the November 7th election. If you are a registered voter in Porter/New Caney, please take the time to vote and share this email with others.

If you are an employer with staff from Porter/New Caney, please encourage them to vote and even provide them the opportunity to do so during business hours if possible.

Before voting, please take the time to learn about your status, where to vote, and what you are voting on.

Voter Registration Status

Early Voting Locations & Times

Sample Ballot

Proposed Texas Constitutional Amendments

We hear the phrases “Your Vote Matters” and “Your Vote Counts” so often that it may not have a call-to-action effect. My hope is that this challenge will.

Thank you registered voters for continuing to cast your ballots and encouraging others to do the same. For those that have not voted recently, this is your time.

Let’s increase our Porter/New Caney registered voter turnout for this and future elections so we can all be Proud to Be EMC and have a greater voice.







Proud to be EMC,
Mark Linabury
Greater EMC Chamber

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    • I doubt illegals participate in the census for fear of the tide turning and there being a record of them. However, the number of people who are registered to vote and never go and vote is astounding and disappointing. The people who don’t even register don’t deserve the freedom they have.

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