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Posted: 19.6.2011 12:19

wildfire growing as firefighters pray for rain and try to get an upper hand on it.

A massive wildfire in Polk and Trinity Counties has now consumed 13, 600 acres. The fire started Friday close to noon when a vehicle pulling a trailer broke down in Corrigan. The wheel bearing of that trailer is believed to have ignited the extremely dry grass.

The US Forest Service, Texas Forest Service and fire departments from Apple Springs, Trinity, Groveton, Highway 356, Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation and multiple other departments are battling the blaze.

Driving into Groveton on highway 19 from the Huntsville/Trinity area the sky looks like a volcano has erupted with huge plumes of smoke. 

Saturday night firefighters tried to take a stand on FM 2262 near Griffin Ranch Road where in the trees looked like a beautiful sunset at 8pm. That quickly turned into a wall of fire erupting from the pine plantation and jumping across the road setting off trees and grass and quickly consuming yet another pine plantation. As the fire got closer the already strong winds grew stronger as the fire was basically creating it’s own wind.

The command post was moved to Centerville School where plans were in the works all night on the next step. All this while dozers were still working in the woods cutting fire breaks and fire departments were taking a defensive stand on some of the evacuated homes.

According to the Trinity County Judge they are now closely watching the town of Apple Springs as the next town to evacuate. Helmic and Trevat areas were already evacuated last night.

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