Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Crews from TXDOT, Conroe Police, Milstead Heavy Duty and Masters HazMat remain on the scene attempting to move an 18-wheeler bulk tanker that crashed just after noon.

Just before noon Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office began receiving calls of an 18-wheeler pulling a tank northbound on I-45 and was all over the road.

A short time later the truck loaded with over 60,000 pounds of drilling mud slammed into the divider wall between the freeway and Wilson exit. The tanker also ripped open dumping its powdered contents onto the exit ramp. Moments later the heavy rains moved in turning the powder  to an extremely slick mud.

The driver for Zeke’s Trucking of Huntsville appeared to be impaired but was transported to the hospital with a minor neck and shoulder injury.

Milstead Heavy Duty arrived on the scene with multiple wreckers. They firs had to remove the axle from the front of the tractor of the 18-wheeler.

After that a truck and trailer were brought in and using two wreckers, cradled the bulk tanker onto the flatbed. It was at that point it was discovered the actual weight of the product. Not feeling safe hauling the tanker on the trailer down the freeway with a chance of it rolling over, Milstead requested a vacuum truck to remove the contents of the tanker,

At 7pm they were awaiting the arrival of that vacuum truck.

The exit ramp is expected to be closed to at least 10 pm.

The freeway is moving at posted speeds.


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