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On Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 10:54am Officer Erica Fleming was dispatched to the 2200 block of US 59 in regards to a welfare concern.

The Police Cleveland Department received a report that a female who was at the residence was possibly suicidal and may have a firearm in her possession.

Upon arriving Officer Fleming knocked on the front door of the residence and announced her presence. A short time later, the woman came to the door carrying a handgun. Officer Fleming quickly used the brick outer wall for cover and ran to her patrol unit while advising Dispatch the woman had a gun. As Officer Fleming ran to seek cover, the female exited the residence screaming “shoot me” as she held her gun up.

The female was actively looking for Officer Fleming who was now behind the cover of her patrol unit. Officer Fleming verbally engaged the female by commanding her to “drop the gun”, “don’t make me shoot you”. The female pointed the handgun toward Officer Fleming’s location, Officer Fleming lowered her stance and continued to shout at the female to drop the gun. The female then fell to the ground screaming and threw the gun to her side.

Officer Fleming exited cover and secured the handgun that was lying on the ground approximately 10 feet from the woman. Officer Fleming then attempted to take the female into custody, the female continued to scream and struggled with Officer Fleming. Back-up Officers arrived and they were able to place the female into handcuffs.

The female continued to struggle and later kicked EMS personnel. The female was transported to the Kingwood Medical Center where an Emergency Detention Warrant was signed by CPD Officer Geoffrey Silva. The female was held for a mental health evaluation.

We are very lucky that this situation worked out the way it did, advises Chief Broussard. At this time we are unsure if the woman was attempting to commit “suicide by cop”. An ongoing investigation is being conducted. Anytime someone displays a gun in a threatening manner, Officers have the right to use deadly force. Officer Fleming exhibited great restraint during this encounter. Officer Fleming reverted to her training and took a position of safety. I am grateful our Officer is safe and is able to go home to her family. This was a very bad situation that worked out for all involved.

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