Just after 1 am Saturday morning Porter Fire Department responded to a major accident on US 59 between FM 1314 and Community Drive. They arrived to find a female lying on the freeway in the southbound lanes and a Smart Car also in the southbound lanes with heavy damage. In the northbound lanes was a Freightliner 18-wheeler owned by the Kroger Company with heavy front end and side damage.

The female was immediately taken by MCHD to Hermann Hospital in Houston in critical condition.

Masters Environmental was dispatched to clear the diesel fuel spilled as the trucks fuel tank was ripped off.

DPS who investigated the crash said the driver of the 18-wheeler which was northbound changed lanes from right to left. He did not see the vehicle next to him as the truck pushed the Smart Car into the concrete barrier. It was then the Smart Car went over the concrete wall into the southbound lanes and the driver was ejected from the rear of the vehicle,

Charges are pending on the 18-wheeler driver as the investigation  continues.



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  1. texasmomof2

    @CRABBIE15 – I DID READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE.. I was referring to my personal comments not the article when I said that “No one said it was either drivers fault.” I was trying to make it clear that “I” and the few other commenters were not talking about who was at fault but the size of the Smart Car. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  2. mallen70

    Hello everyone! They lady driving the smart car is my mother. She is in icu and still very critical condition, she was wearing a seatbelt for all those inquiring minds because the seatbelt is still strapped and buckled in the car……… the problem is that she was EJECTED FROM THE BACK OF THE CAR….we all know that seatbelts only protect you from going forward not backwards!!!!!!!! According to witness and people who actually got out to help and seen everything, she was not in the blind spot of the driver she was in front of the driver which clearly means that he seen her, he ran into the back of my mothers car which pushed her into the concrete barrier, he then failed to stop and keep going and the car flipped of the barrier which ejected her out the back…… either which way it go im not her to point fingers im just praying my mama makes it out being ok. I hope and pray. That the driver recovers and is ok, and to the lady who saw and got out and helped and stayed with my mom until help got there I truly appreciate you 100% words can not express how much I appreciate you. I wish I could meet you in person!! But you were truly a blessing!

  3. DGA

    I’d like to add, if I may….

    Some commented on the cost of gas. That’s not the thought that we smart/eco car owners have. It’s CONSUMPTION. We would like to reduce our consumption… Oil, food, chemicals, medication, you name it. We feel that the American standard of over-consuming is out of hand. I, for one, prefer to under compensate. I have nothing to prove to you.

    To the ones who listed their gas guzzling pickup trucks and the safety… It is probably YOU that we in the smarts should fear the most. You purchase the biggest car you think you can afford because it makes you feel safe. Therefore you drive without fear or thought. You plow your 2 ton pile of metal along the roads without a care in the world, cell phone in one hand, fast food in the other, while screaming over the seat at your obnoxious kids in the back and listening to Despicable Me 2 for the 200th time. And you criticize us. Just my opinion.

    And, Go Neon Go! You’re the best!

    I’m not afraid of my smart, I’m afraid of you.

  4. Neon

    I think what you commenters are missing here is NOT the fact that she was driving a smart, but the fact that she was EJECTED!

    There’s no damage on the top section of the vehicle’s safety cell and practically zero footwell intrusion. This car was launched, but it did not roll. The windscreen is also 100% intact.

    I’d wager she was ejected because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt, not because the car is supposedly a deathtrap.

    Also, regarding that, show me one car that’ll do good when crushed by a semi.

    Hope they pull through okay.

  5. Mr. Smartypants

    I drive a truck for a living. This was the truck driver’s fault. Folks with small cars (actually any vehicle) should pass large vehicles quickly and not hang out beside them long. The worst place blind spot is beside the front wheel, right where this truck caught the little car. The right side is worse. The truck driver should have been watching.

  6. LocalDrifter

    Never a good idea to drive synchronized next to a semi no matter the gender of your wheels. You never know when the driver might need to take evasive action your direction and you’re forced to take an escape trajectory which, in this case, turned out to be no-wheres-ville except into the Jersey curb and over the wall.

  7. rad

    Just a note on Smart cars. I’m not personally a fan of them, but they have been tested extensively and shown to be as safe as other passenger cars. There are several Youtube videos showing these being tested, and they’ve been built so the passenger compartment is essentially like a cage to protect the occupants. Considering that this vehicle collided with a semi, then crashed over a wall, it is actually in really good shape, or at least it appears the passenger compartment is. What I’m curious of, is how the driver was ejected? Were they wearing a seat belt?

  8. crabbie15

    I normally dont get on here and leave comments alot. But I am this time 1st I hope the lady of the car makes a full recovery and 2nd this is @ TEXASMOMOF2 if U would read the last sentence of the article it says WHO the charges are leaning towards. I am only replying back to your 2nd comment on here. I dont want to step on no toes or hurt no feelings, but please read the entire articles before posting when your answer is in the article.

  9. texasmomof2

    No one has said that it was either drivers fault!! I commented on the size of the car…PERIOD!! An 18 wheeler vs any car is pretty darn scary. Most cars on the road are bigger and heavier than those LITTLE, TINY CARS. They are dangerous because of their SIZE. I have never owned nor will I ever own a car that looks like it can be pushed off the road by the wind from a passing vehicle. Maybe it was the ladies fault or maybe it’s truck drivers fault..I don’t know. All that I do know is that I am praying for them both.

  10. hctr154

    I guess we should just ban Smart cars, scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, ATVs etc….because if a truck driver isn’t paying attention you might get badly injured or killed in a crash with one.

  11. mitch079

    brandonisi, the damage to the truck occurred at the front wheel area, so the truck’s mirrors aren’t going to be of any use. The Smart Car definitely could have been in a spot where you wouldn’t see it in an 18 wheeler. I will never drive one as I don’t feel they are safe. Hope she recovers.

  12. brandonisi

    Oh, please. If you’ve never owned a smart car, don’t blame the Smart car. This is obviously the fault of the truck driver. You can still see this car in your mirrors. It may be short but it is much taller than the average car. Now, if it is the woman’s fault because she was driving in his blind spot, then fine. But that’s not the cars fault. That’s her fault.

    It doesn’t matter what you’re driving. If you are in an accident with an 18 wheeler, you’re likely going to be in the same situation as this poor woman.

  13. rustyfords

    Terrible for the young lady. I hope she makes it.

    But these little cars are just not a good idea for several reasons…and this is one good example.

  14. yukonjack

    I pray for the full recovery of the driver .
    Now these cars are to small to be on the road
    I drive a F250 you can not see these cars they are
    Almost less visible than motor cycle
    They are a death trap

  15. Legion

    I saw the Smart car in Europe,long before they came to the states.I didn’t like them then,i don’t like them now.They are nothing but a rolling coffin.

  16. texasmomof2

    This is exactly why I would never own or drive a Smart Car!. They are too little!! It’s a death trap on wheels. Those cars are more like an overgrown golf cart that shouldn’t be allowed on Texas roadways!! My biggest fear of owning a car like that would be having an accident and losing my life.
    I’ll be praying for this young lady…..

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