At about 1:45 am calls started coming into 911 operators of an Acura passenger car southbound in the northbound HOV lane of I-45 near SH 242. Units began searching. Within minutes calls started to come in of a head-on crash on I-45 northbound just north of Rayford Road with one of the vehicles on fire. Sheriff’s Deputies and several wreckers responded to the scene and using fire extinguishers, extinguished the blaze on the firewall of the Dodge pickup with five-person in it. As they worked to get victims out the fire reignited just as South Montgomery County Fire Department arrived on the scene. It was quickly extinguished. Firefighters immediately requested five ambulances. MCHD started arriving on the scene. The 25, year-old female driving the Acura was deceased. Crews went to work on the pickup. The driver was critical as well as one of the back seat passengers. Two of the back seat passengers were critical but stable. The 22-year-old female passenger in the pickup was entrapped. Crews worked close to 20-minutes to free her. She was pronounced deceased on the scene when life-saving measures failed. There were no passengers in the Acura. Both the deceased victims were from the Conroe area. One of the critical male patients is from outside of the United States. DPS worked the crash and reopened the freeway at 5:30 am. DPS is asking for anyone who may have seen this vehicle traveling the wrong way to contact DPS as they are trying to determine where the female got on the freeway.

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