November 26, 2022 6:34 am

Posted: 2.4.2011 23:53

woodlands man killed in fatal accident

At 2:20a.m. Saturday morning Christopher Anthony Marietta was driving his BMW SUV northbound on Interstate 45. According to witnesses, just past the exit ramp north of Rayford he stopped in the right moving lane of traffic. Moments later he accelerated at a high rate of speed across the median leaving almost one hundred yards of tracks. He then went over the curb, across the service road and continued on the grass on the right side of the service road.

It was there that he struck a pole holding TXDOT equipment to control the five large illumination towers along the freeway. At that point he started to roll the vehicle striking several posts and another illumination fixture for the small business park.

South Montgomery County Fire Department and MCHD work on forty-nine-year-old Marietta for over twenty-minutes before transporting him to Hemann Woodlands where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

DPS Trooper Gray is continuing the investigation.